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Book cover of How Mirka Got Her Sword

Sylvie Kantorovitz Author Of Sylvie

From my list on middle-grade depicting different cultures.

Who am I?

When I was five, my family moved from Morocco to France. We were Jewish in a very homogeneously Catholic world. My French upbringing didn’t include much exposure to other cultures and I often felt uncomfortably different. I would have liked to know more about various lifestyles, cultures, and traditions than those I observed around me. I now love to learn about other cultures through personal accounts, stories, and memoirs. I feel engaged and interested in a way I never experienced with textbooks. Reading about people who live a different life from our own can be an eye-opening experience.

Sylvie's book list on middle-grade depicting different cultures

Sylvie Kantorovitz Why did Sylvie love this book?

Mirka is a dreamer, unlike what her Orthodox Jewish family expects of her: to prepare herself for a future husband, to help around the house, to knit, to study. She dreams of witches, of trolls, and of fighting dragons. 

I loved the character of Mirka: bravely standing up to local bullies, cleverly outwitting the giant knitting troll, and also dealing—more or less successfully—with parental expectations and a large number of siblings. 

I found the mix of fantasy and cultural traditions delightful. I loved the few words of Yiddish sprinkled here and there (with their translation), and the cozy world of the Sabbath during which even concerns about trolls must stop. This is a really fun and funny book.

By Barry Deutsch,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked How Mirka Got Her Sword as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Spunky, strong-willed eleven-year-old Mirka Herschberg isn't interested in knitting lessons from her stepmother, or how-to-find-a-husband advice from her sister, or you-better-not warnings from her brother. There's only one thing she does want: to fight dragons! Granted, no dragons have been breathing fire around Hereville, the Orthodox Jewish community where Mirka lives, but that doesn't stop the plucky girl from honing her skills. She fearlessly stands up to local bullies. She battles a very large, very menacing pig. And she boldly accepts a challenge from a mysterious witch, a challenge that could bring Mirka her heart's desire: a dragon-slaying sword! All…

Book cover of The Snow Queen: With Original Illustrations

Teresa Anne Power Author Of Yoga at the Zoo: Little Mouse Adventures

From my list on books for preschoolers that they'll want you to read over...and over...and over....

Who am I?

Years ago, as I began teaching kids yoga, I noticed a lack of quality yoga-inspired children’s books. So, I took matters into my own hands and published my first book, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids, filling a void and sparking a series published in five languages. This success led to my Little Mouse Adventures series, blending storytelling with yoga and life skills. I believe in subtly imparting positive messages through playful storytelling, weaving in lessons along the way. My hope is young readers not only enjoy my stories but develop a lasting love for yoga and valuable life skills, just like the impact stories had on my own children. 

Teresa's book list on books for preschoolers that they'll want you to read over...and over...and over...

Teresa Anne Power Why did Teresa love this book?

This book is like stepping into a time machine with your little ones and emerging into a time long ago.

One of the things I love about this story is the timeless quality and rich layers of storytelling. Kids love it because of the characters, magical settings, and adventures, while adults will relate to the universal themes and find something new to relate to with every reading.

In a fast-paced world, sometimes it’s nice to escape into the classics. 

By Hans Christian Andersen, Vilhelm Pedersen (illustrator), H.B. Paull (translator)

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Snow Queen as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

"The Snow Queen" is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s longest and most popular tales. It’s about Gerda and her friend Kai growing up through many adventures. Exploring the struggle between good and evil, it’s a story of a magic mirror, trolls, sorceresses, and power.

Book cover of Elf Killers

Bruce A. Borders Author Of Over My Dead Body

From my list on entertaining a restless mind.

Who am I?

While the subject matter of the books on my list may vary, the thing that ties them together is the suspenseful tension that builds and keeps the reader on edge. The unexpected twists and turns are the "secret sauce"  that adds flavor and fervor. I like the way each of these books keeps your mind from wandering by combining vivid imagery with a compelling storyline. As an author myself, I am always fascinated by those who make it look so easy and effortless. And as an avid reader, I constantly search for these kind of books; the kind that make you feel as if you just have to keep reading.

Bruce's book list on entertaining a restless mind

Bruce A. Borders Why did Bruce love this book?

Welcome to the world of elves. It's a different world, one that takes a little getting used to. The language of the Trolls is, at first, a bit confusing. But I thought it was interesting how quickly the reader's mind can adapt, making the unfamiliar words meaningful and understandable. (The included glossary helps). The story of the elves is told very well and kept me interested to the end. An enjoyable read!

By Carol Phipps, Tom Phipps, Marija Vilotijevic (illustrator)

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Elf Killers as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

“Not for the fainthearted! Kids die horribly, and amid the trolls jockeying for leadership is trial by head bashing.”
For the Elves, it's the very worst time to be in the woods.
Trolls are hunting them down.
Will they live long enough to reach a safe place to live?
"Elf Killers is a fast-moving Fantasy Adventure with a ton of heart and boundless imagination."

Oisin’s plan is to come with his bow to help Aedan and Doona lead a party of children into the forest to gather the maidenhair seedlings his people would take across the sea as they flee…

Book cover of Is There Any Hope For Advertising?

Chris Orzechowski Author Of Make it Rain: The Secret to Generating Massive Paydays from Your Email List

From my list on copywriting.

Who am I?

I started my adult life as a bouncer and a school teacher. A few years later, I was running one of the most well-known email marketing agencies in the industry. The reason this happened is because I dedicated my life to becoming a master copywriter. Learning how to write copy was the key that unlocked a level of freedom I didn’t know existed, both personal and financial. It’s also allowed me to write two bestselling books on email marketing, work with 250+ brands, and coach 2,200+ students around the world. I hope this list helps you take your writing skills up a notch.

Chris' book list on copywriting

Chris Orzechowski Why did Chris love this book?

Howard Gossage was not your typical ad man. He was cut from a different cloth. His love/hate relationship with the profession led to some innovative ad campaigns. He once ran an ad that ended mid-sentence (people were dying to know what happened next). He advertised Finna Gas by offering free balloons - filled with PINK air. He was part troll, part genius. And his style and flair are things I try to emulate with my own work.

You’ll eventually get to a point in your copy career where you feel jaded. Where you’re tired of selling your soul one sentence at a time. When you reach that point, this book will bring you back to life. That’s what it did for me.

By Howard Gossage,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Is There Any Hope For Advertising? as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Gathers Gossage's essays on important issues in advertising as well as a selection of copy from some of his unconventional campaigns

Book cover of Stolen Songbird

Emily Layne Author Of Of Starlight and Bone

From Emily's 3 favorite reads in 2023.

Who am I?

Author Stay at home mom Introvert Romantic Coffee connoisseur

Emily's 3 favorite reads in 2023

Emily Layne Why did Emily love this book?

I first wanted to read The Stolen Songbird when I was 16, but my local library didn't buy a copy, and I eventually forgot about the book. But a few months ago, I stumbled upon it again… and immediately remembered how much younger I wanted to read it! Was it worth the fourteen-year wait? ABSOLUTELY!

If you're looking for a forced marriage and bond to an otherworldly creature (without instalove or spice), I would highly recommend this book. The characters were fleshed out and complex, as is the world-building.

And as for the "trolls?" They may not be what you assume them to be... But that's all I'll say!

By Danielle L. Jensen,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Stolen Songbird as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it. This book is for kids age 14, 15, 16, and 17.

What is this book about?

USA Today bestseller

For five centuries, a witch’s curse has bound the trolls to their city beneath the ruins of Forsaken Mountain—time enough for their nefarious magic to fade from human memory and into myth. But a prophecy has spoken of a union that will set the trolls free, and when Cécile de Troyes is taken beneath the mountain, she learns there is far more to the myth than she could have imagined.

Cécile has only one thing on her mind after she is brought to Trollus: escape. But if she is to succeed, she must bide her time and…

Book cover of Monstrous Regiment

Mercedes Lackey Author Of Gryphon in Light

From Mercedes' 3 favorite reads in 2023.

Who am I?

Author Mother of Parrots (in the “Mother of Dragons” sense) Doll costumer Jewelry maker Extrovert on paper, introvert in reality Car guy

Mercedes' 3 favorite reads in 2023

Mercedes Lackey Why did Mercedes love this book?

Oh God, how I love Terry Pratchett. Lots of people think they can write comedy. Very few actually manage, much less manage to write it well.

I came to Pratchett only very recently, and I am reading his books very slowly, because he is no longer with us, and once I read the last one, there will be no more new books by him for me, and I will cry. The book takes its name from a horribly misogynistic tract by the religious leader John Knox, The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women, and pretty much eviscerates said tract in the first chapter.

Don’t worry if you never read anything by Pratchett before this; although it does (presumably) take place in his Discworld ‘verse, there is nothing you need to know beforehand, and it’s quite standalone. Pratchett is well known for taking fantasy tropes and…

By Terry Pratchett,

Why should I read it?

6 authors picked Monstrous Regiment as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

A new stage adaptation of one of Pratchett's best-selling novels The Monstrous Regiment in question is made up of a vampire (reformed and off the blood, thank you), a troll, Igor (who is only too happy to sew you a new leg if you aren't too particular about previous ownership), a collection of misfits and a young woman discovers that a pair of socks shoved down her pants is a good way to open up doors in a man's army."One of the funniest English authors alive" (Independent)

Book cover of I am a Troll: Inside the Secret World of the BJP's Digital Army

Shivam Shankar Singh Author Of How to Win an Indian Election

From my list on understanding Indian politics.

Who am I?

I graduated early from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor to come back to my home country and work in Indian politics. Since then I’ve worked with a Member of Parliament, handled campaign design in states across India, and headed data analytics for India’s largest political party. This experience gave me an inside view of how politics operates and how elections are actually won. The fact that this was at a time when Indian politics was going through massive changes with micro-targeting, digital technologies and disinformation gaining ground made the experience even more unique. Based on this experience, my books detail how power is gained, (mis)used, and lost.

Shivam's book list on understanding Indian politics

Shivam Shankar Singh Why did Shivam love this book?

When I started working in Indian politics, I believed fixing issues that people faced was the prime driver of votes. It soon became obvious that it wasn’t facts and issues that determined election results, it was emotions. It was also clear that emotions could be manipulated, and the information people chose to believe in wasn't necessarily based in reality. This book details how troll farms built by political parties can be used to shape the conversation on social media, generate fake outrage, and derail rational thought, and how this influences election results. 

By Swati Chaturvedi,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked I am a Troll as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Social media in India is awash with right-wing trolls who incite online communal tension and abuse and sexually harass journalists, opposition politicians and anyone who questions them. But who are they? Why do they do what they do? And how are they organized? In this explosive investigation conducted over two years and including interviews with top politicians, bureaucrats, marketeers and trolls, Swati Chaturvedi finally lifts the veil over this murky subject. Riveting, urgent and deeply shocking, I Am a Troll is an essential read.

Book cover of Hilda and the Troll

Joshua Hauke Author Of Doom's Day Camp

From my list on monster loving middle grade reads.

Who am I?

I always used to want to sleep with a nightlight. Then one night my dad said, “what does it matter, if when you close your eyes it’s dark anyway?” That’s when I realized, he was completely right. I'd been vulnerable to monsters this whole time and since none of them had tried to snack on me yet, then that must mean some were friendly… right? The only way to be sure was to learn more about them. So, I did. Here's a list of some of my favorite middle grade books featuring monsters. Because the only thing better than a book about a monster, is a book about kiddos that they scare or befriend.

Joshua's book list on monster loving middle grade reads

Joshua Hauke Why did Joshua love this book?

There are so many things to love about Hilda and the Troll that it is hard to pin down why I enjoy it so much.

Is there an awesome monster? Of course. Amazing art work? Sure. A magical adventure? Absolutely. But, probably the best thing about this book is Hilda. She is the type of character that is downright infectious. All she wants to do is help.

From tiny invisible people trying to kick her out of her own house, to enormous giants that can crush cities, Hilda does her best to make sure everyone… or, rather everything she meets is heard and cared for.

By Luke Pearson,

Why should I read it?

3 authors picked Hilda and the Troll as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it. This book is for kids age 8, 9, 10, and 11.

What is this book about?

While on an expedition to seek out the magical creatures of the mountains around her home, Hilda spots a mountain troll. As she draws it the blue-haired explorer starts to nod off. when she wakes, she finds herself lost in a snowstorm and her troll has totally disappeared. On her way home, Hilda ventures deep into the woods, befriends a lonely wooden man and narrowly avoids getting squashed by a lost giant.

Book cover of The Troll Inside You: Paranormal Activity in the Medieval North

William R. Short and Reynir A. Óskarson Author Of Men of Terror: A Comprehensive Analysis of Viking Combat

From my list on to make your inner viking geek battle ready.

Who are we?

In the Viking age, one could not escape destiny, and so it is with William and Reynir, men from two vastly different fields who met by chance and shared a passion for discovery. Their research on Viking combat has led to many groundbreaking discoveries and never before done testing. Their work has been accepted by leading museums, universities, and professional societies, and they regularly share their research findings in lectures, classes, and presentations at these venues. The National Museum of Iceland recently opened a special exhibit that features their research. In many ways, their work has changed our understanding of Vikings and shown a new approach to Viking research.

William's book list on to make your inner viking geek battle ready

William R. Short and Reynir A. Óskarson Why did William love this book?

Ármann breaks the mold to show us how to understand and research Vikings in general. The essence of the supernatural being that Vikings called tröll shows us clearly that what we think is the norm today is unlikely to be that of the Viking age. 

His book is a warning that we modern people need a ground penetrating radar to reveal all the landmines that our modern mindset places in our path to learning about Vikings.

By Ármann Jakobsson,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Troll Inside You as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

What do medieval Icelanders mean when they say “troll”? What did they see when they saw a troll? What did the troll signify to them? And why did they see them?

The principal subject of this book is the Norse idea of the troll, which the author uses to engage with the larger topic of paranormal experiences in the medieval North. The texts under study are from 13th-, 14th-, and 15th-century Iceland. The focus of the book is on the ways in which paranormal experiences are related and defined in these texts and how those definitions have framed and continue…

Book cover of The Scions of Shannara

J.D. Edwards Author Of The Scions of Faerie: The Faerie Chronicles Book 1

From my list on epic fantasies with immersive world building.

Who am I?

I was bullied throughout grade school until my senior year of high school. As a child, I only read Hardy Boy mysteries, so my mother tried to expand my range of literature by having me read The Hobbit. Reading epic fantasies allowed me to escape into another world and set my imagination on fire. ADHD has always been a part of my life, but fantasy novels helped to channel my creativity, allowing me to sit down and focus on something for hours on end. Readers will find themes from several fantasy authors in my books. They say to write what you know. I know epic fantasy and teen fiction.

J.D.'s book list on epic fantasies with immersive world building

J.D. Edwards Why did J.D. love this book?

I first read The Scions of Shannara when I was 13 years old. At the time, this book was the first in a new series from Terry Brooks. In less than a year, I devoured his first series, The Shannara Chronicles, and wanted more. Terry did not disappoint. This book picked up 300 years after the original series and expanded his initial world-building of the Four Lands. While it contained Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Trolls, like most fantasy books, Terry developed his world based on a post-apocalyptic Earth. The sign of a good series is its ability to connect to the reader’s soul. With The Scions of Shannara, I connected to the story to the point where I became emotional and could not put the book down.

By Terry Brooks,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Scions of Shannara as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?



'Terry's place is at the head of the fantasy world' Philip Pullman

Three hundred years have passed in the Four Lands. The Federation now controls all of the Southland. In the West, the Elves have vanished. In the East, the dwarves are enslaved. Par Ohmsford has retained some of the magical powers of his ancestors, although he does not fully understand the way they work. He is troubled by dreams of Allanon, the Druid whose fate has always seemed linked with that…