Hilda and the Troll

By Luke Pearson,

Book cover of Hilda and the Troll

Book description

While on an expedition to seek out the magical creatures of the mountains around her home, Hilda spots a mountain troll. As she draws it the blue-haired explorer starts to nod off. when she wakes, she finds herself lost in a snowstorm and her troll has totally disappeared. On her…

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Why read it?

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There are so many things to love about Hilda and the Troll that it is hard to pin down why I enjoy it so much.

Is there an awesome monster? Of course. Amazing art work? Sure. A magical adventure? Absolutely. But, probably the best thing about this book is Hilda. She is the type of character that is downright infectious. All she wants to do is help.

From tiny invisible people trying to kick her out of her own house, to enormous giants that can crush cities, Hilda does her best to make sure everyone… or, rather everything she meets…

From Joshua's list on monster loving middle grade reads.

This is the first graphic novel in the Hilda series by Luke Pearson. If I had to choose one world from a book to be a part of it would be Pearson’s.

It’s a world that feels as recognizable as it does fantastic. All Hilda’s adventures take place in her home town where there is no shortage of adventures to be had as long as you are on the lookout. Often, she stumbles upon new communities or magical worlds within her own city that most people overlook. It makes you want to explore the unknown and overlooked parts of your…

From Brandon's list on finding adventure in your backyard.

This book is an absolute joy. It’s charming, funny, adorable, and filled with wondrous and odd creatures. This first book, in what became a series, is a short read at 25 pages, but spins such a wonderful tale that you can’t help but be impressed. It’s exactly as long as it needs to be. The world that it occupies is wonderful and strange and its cast is rich with characterization. If you don’t immediately fall in love with it when the “wood man” enters the scene that’s on you.  I’ll connect with any story involving a four-legged friend, a forest,…

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