Our Story

Hi 🤪,
My name is Ben Fox and I am an entrepreneur who LOVES to read. I can remember the exact moment when I learned to read. I was trying to read The Snow Baby by Margaret Hillert and I was jumping from word to word. There was this magical moment where the words came alive and it all clicked. It was one of the most amazing feelings in my life.

What is the idea based on and why are you doing this? 

As a reader, I am incredibly frustrated with online book discovery. Goodreads has not built features that help readers find amazing books or to help authors find readers for their books. Meanwhile, Amazon is selling books the same way they sell toothpaste.

A book is an experience and it should be a magical experience to discover that book. My goal with Shepherd is twofold: 

For Readers - I love wandering around bookstores and letting random books capture my attention. Nothing will ever replace the “bookstore experience”, but I want to reimagine book discovery online with a lot more serendipity and delight. 

For Authors - I want to help authors meet more readers. Authors illuminate our world, take us on faraway journeys, and entertain us. There is a growing trend that authors have to become their own marketing team. That concerns me because it is very difficult to do. I want to make it easier for authors to meet the readers who are most likely to be interested in their books. 

Here is a much longer version with more info on me and why I started this website. And, if you are interested here is more info on our business model and marketing plan

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