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Book cover of The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin

By George MacDonald,

Why this book?

I first discovered George MacDonald’s work in a church library, where his books took up several shelves! The Princess and the Goblin is a great introduction to his fantasy novels. This charming story builds on familiar fairy-tale tropes and offers us ingredients that fantasy readers love: homey characters, growing peril, mysterious magic, and events that require uncommon courage and sacrifice. Follow it up with The Princess and Curdie for more delight.

In doing so you will join a great company of beloved Christian authors who appreciated George MacDonald’s genius: C S Lewis felt that Phantastes “baptized [his] imagination.” My favorite…

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Book cover of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen

By Alan Garner,

Why this book?

When I first read this book I lived in London, so my mental landscape was fairly generic “countryside” from day trips. As an adult living in Greater Manchester I can now read this book in the place it was written, grounded in the actual landscape, and it’s so much better for it. This book has layers under layers, bits of local history, folklore, geology, and the imaginative world of children. I definitely got tons more out of this story from reading it as an adult with a deep knowledge of the folk tales and landscape that underpins it.

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Book cover of Spellmonger: Book One Of The Spellmonger Series

Spellmonger: Book One Of The Spellmonger Series

By Terry Lee Mancour,

Why this book?

The world-building in this series is simply spectacular. You can tell by reading just how much effort Mr. Mancour put into understanding how a medieval world works and how magic might have fit into it. Castles, cavalry, swordsmen, wizards, goblins, building a town, sieges, all of this and more is here. There is nothing else quite like it. It’s Game of Thrones for people tired of all the misery and your favorite characters snuffing it every fifteen pages.

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Book cover of The Goblin’s Bride

The Goblin’s Bride

By Leigh Kelsey, Lysandra Glass,

Why this book?

I loved this book because it is both captivating and well written with different worlds and forbidden romance. This story is based not only on enemies who become lovers but also has sizzling tension and an epic dark mystery element, all beautifully written and combined. 

This book immediately pulled me into the author's world. The tension inside was just as unique as the storyline itself. There is nothing quite like reading a book that has you on the edge of your seat but melting your heart at the same time; definitely, a surprising and unique twist combining many elements.

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Book cover of Unicorns Are the Worst!

Unicorns Are the Worst!

By Alex Willan,

Why this book?

When a hardworking goblin gets a frivolous unicorn for a neighbor, it’s easy to understand why he’s a bit put out. After all, he knows many useful magical skills, like turning socks into slugs and making (broccoli-flavored) ice cream out of broccoli. So where are the kids begging for goblin-themed birthday parties, huh? What makes unicorns so special? Great for anyone who’s ever felt overlooked or a little jealous of the popular kids.

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Book cover of Beetle & the Hollowbones

Beetle & the Hollowbones

By Aliza Layne,

Why this book?

This is a funny and beautifully drawn love story about two preteen witches– What else can you ask for? Beetle is a goblin living in a magical world and studying sorcery under her grandmother. The fast-paced plot revolves around her and her childhood BFF Kat trying to free Blob Ghost, who is spiritually bound to a local mall that is about to be demolished. Beetle and Kat sweetly and awkwardly fumble around as they try to solve the mystery behind Blob Ghost, and watching them navigate their feelings and work through their insecurities is the highlight of this book. 

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Book cover of Lingeria: Book One of One

Lingeria: Book One of One

By Daniel Kozuh, Rocky Negron (illustrator),

Why this book?

Lingeria is a sarcastic, humor-infused take on the portal fantasy, which forces the author of a beloved fantasy series into the world that he's written - and come to despise.

It's a solidly entertaining book that appropriately skewers a lot of the tropes of fantasy fiction and the associated fandom.

I enjoyed the world of Lingeria and it's definitely a fun read for people seeking to scratch that Discworld itch.

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Book cover of A Monster Like Me

A Monster Like Me

By Wendy S. Swore,

Why this book?

This is a story about a girl with a port-wine stain under her eye. Looking different, people treat her differently. The main character, Sophie, copes by carrying around a book called "The Big Book of Monsters" and identifying the monsters and humans around her. I found Sophie pretty knowledgeable on the subject of old legends! There were a few I hadn't heard of and had to look up myself. I also like her character development, and how she becomes more empathetic. Overall, it was entertaining and informative.
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Book cover of Guilty Pleasures: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel

Guilty Pleasures: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel

By Laurell K. Hamilton,

Why this book?

One of the things I like about the Anita Blake series is that the stories are contemporary and vampires are now legal citizens... some of them even own nightclubs.

The books are set in St. Louis, where Anita’s primary job is as an animator... not the kind who draws cartoons... the kind who raises corpses as zombies. Her secondary job is as the official slayer, but unlike Buffy she gets paid for it.

In this first novel, the Master of the City needs her help, and calls a truce—for the time being. The Master’s second—charismatic vampire, Jean Claude, appears to…

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Book cover of Hedgewitch


By Skye McKenna,

Why this book?

I was lucky enough to be given an advance copy of this book written by debut author, Skye Mackenna and I instantly fell in love with the characters and the story. Perfect reading for middle-grade readers who like longer, more challenging magic books. It is set in a world similar to ours which also has witches, scary fairies, goblins, and talking animals. Cassie, the heroine, sets out to discover why her mother disappeared seven years ago and in the process starts a new life, makes new friends (not least the wonderful talking cat, Montague), learns more about her witch-family heritage,…

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