Unicorns Are the Worst!

By Alex Willan,

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Perfect for fans of Dragons Love Tacos and Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great, this wildly funny and imaginative picture book celebrates the value of differences as a grumpy goblin gets to know his new unicorn neighbors.

It’s an undeniable fact that unicorns are the worst!

Magic is serious business, but…

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When a hardworking goblin gets a frivolous unicorn for a neighbor, it’s easy to understand why he’s a bit put out. After all, he knows many useful magical skills, like turning socks into slugs and making (broccoli-flavored) ice cream out of broccoli. So where are the kids begging for goblin-themed birthday parties, huh? What makes unicorns so special? Great for anyone who’s ever felt overlooked or a little jealous of the popular kids.

From Jess' list on unusual unicorns.

I love this book because it is a different take on a unicorn. In this book, a goblin explains why magic is a serious business. He also complains that “all unicorns do is frolic around, have tea parties, and leave glitter all over the place!” He doesn’t think unicorns are helpful until he gets into a pickle himself. This book shows kids that stereotypes and judgments we may have about others are not always correct. Never judge a book by its uni-horn.

From Shelli's list on unicorn in the uni-verse.

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