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Jess Hernandez Author Of First Day of Unicorn School
By Jess Hernandez

Who am I?

No one would ever describe me as a unicorn. I’m not graceful. My mane of hair is half an inch long. And I rarely (if ever) prance. I’m a donkey in a party hat and that’s perfectly okay with me. But sometimes it can be kinda rough in a world that tells you that you must be gorgeous instead of goofy, fabulous instead of funny. So I love stories that make me feel a little less alone in my awkwardness – that remind me that all of us, from the most beautiful unicorn to the weirdest little goblin, are not quite what they seem.  

I wrote...

First Day of Unicorn School

By Jess Hernandez, Mariano Epelbaum (illustrator),

Book cover of First Day of Unicorn School

What is my book about?

Milly is incredibly excited to go to Unicorn School, a school that accepts only the best and the brightest. There's only one problem: she isn't a unicorn! She's a donkey in a party hat. Milly first feels uncomfortable but eventually learns that she and the others at the school have more in common than it might have seemed.

The books I picked & why

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You Don't Want a Unicorn!

By Ame Dyckman, Liz Climo (illustrator),

Book cover of You Don't Want a Unicorn!

Why this book?

An unsuspecting little boy wishes for a unicorn, only to discover that magical pet ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Unicorns leave holes in the ceiling and piles of (cupcake) poo on the floor. And don’t even mention the shedding! Both Ame Dyckman and Liz Climo are hilarious on their own, but as an author/illustrator team, they’re an absolute hoot!

Kevin the Unicorn: It's Not All Rainbows

By Jessika Von Innerebner,

Book cover of Kevin the Unicorn: It's Not All Rainbows

Why this book?

Kevin the Unicorn is having a disastrous, non-magical, totally not-sparkly day. And you know what? That’s okay. Uber-talented author/illustrator Jessika von Innerebner’s vibrant illustrations and sparkling prose are a delight. The book gives a playful plug for authenticity in a world where perceptions of people are too often filtered, edited, or curated.


By Andrew Root, Erin Kraan (illustrator),

Book cover of Nerdycorn

Why this book?

Fern the unicorn likes fixing and inventing more than prancing and dancing, a fact that gets her teased. When things fall apart at the party, her friends learn to see the value in her gifts. But will she want to help them after they call her names? 

I love this book because it pushes back on the idea that feminine can’t mean smart. Even better, it honors Fern’s reaction to the bullying rather than pushing the normal narrative of easy forgiveness. I admire its emotional honesty.

Unicorns Are the Worst!

By Alex Willan,

Book cover of Unicorns Are the Worst!

Why this book?

When a hardworking goblin gets a frivolous unicorn for a neighbor, it’s easy to understand why he’s a bit put out. After all, he knows many useful magical skills, like turning socks into slugs and making (broccoli-flavored) ice cream out of broccoli. So where are the kids begging for goblin-themed birthday parties, huh? What makes unicorns so special? Great for anyone who’s ever felt overlooked or a little jealous of the popular kids.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn: Volume 1

By Dana Simpson,

Book cover of Phoebe and Her Unicorn: Volume 1

Why this book?

When Phoebe accidentally rescues unicorn Marigold Heavenly Nostrils from a lifetime of staring at her own loveliness, the two become bonded for life. The graphic novel series gently pokes fun at popular culture as well as its characters’ petty foibles. It’s this generation’s version of Calvin and Hobbes, but with more sparkles and less casual misogyny. 

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