The best children’s books that capture the magic of unicorns

Kimberley Paterson Author Of Mysty the Mystical Unicorn
By Kimberley Paterson

Who am I?

My only granddaughter and her love and fascination with unicorns is the reason why I dedicated Mysty the Mystical Unicorn to her! I hope that Mysty inspires children everywhere to focus on their imagination, creativity and to always believe in themselves! My desire to write a children’s picture book started at a very young age, reading is a passion of mine that my own children inherited and now my grandchildren too! My wish is that all children will love Mysty and enjoy her adventures as well as the five books that I have recommended. Always keep on believing in magic, miracles, and yourselves!

I wrote...

Mysty the Mystical Unicorn

By Kimberley Paterson, Ava Jahani (illustrator),

Book cover of Mysty the Mystical Unicorn

What is my book about?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit a magical, mystical universe surrounded by rainbows, moonbeams, and shooting stars? How would you like to visit a mythical land where anything is possible? What if this beautiful, enchanting universe was the home to a mysterious, magical, and very beautiful unicorn as well, would you love to visit now? Come along with us as we share in the magical adventures of the amazing unicorn named Mysty, where the fun is never-ending and your imagination can soar to new heights! Mysty would love for you to join her! Will you?

The books I picked & why

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Today I Found a Unicorn

By Jack Lewis, Tanya Glebova (illustrator),

Book cover of Today I Found a Unicorn

Why this book?

This is a heartwarming story about a special friendship that developed between a little girl and the beautiful unicorn who came to visit her. They shared a wonderful day together playing hide-and-seek and enjoying a picnic lunch on a gorgeous summer day. My granddaughter’s love of unicorns along with the colours pink and purple make this book an excellent choice for her, I am sure plenty of children will love it too!  

The Little Llama Meets a Unicorn

By Isla Wynter,

Book cover of The Little Llama Meets a Unicorn

Why this book?

Everyone loves llamas and unicorns so being able to read a book that combines these two beautiful creatures is amazing. Lila the Llama knew if she wanted to find a unicorn, she needed to find a rainbow, so off she went. The creature she found was incredible. Children will love the imagination, creativity, and surprise ending!

I'm a Unicorn

By Mallory Loehr, Joey Chou (illustrator),

Book cover of I'm a Unicorn

Why this book?

As a child, we loved to read a Golden Book story before bedtime every night and this book is just as inspiring. Children will fall in love with the little unicorn who is magical, brave, and strong. They will enter a fantastical world of magic and fantasy where everything is possible, all you have to do is believe!  

My Sister Is a Unicorn

By Elaine Heney,

Book cover of My Sister Is a Unicorn

Why this book?

This book is a very fun, rhyming story about a little girl who meets her new baby sister, but surprise, she is not just any sister, she is a unicorn! Follow along with the adventures of Ciara and her unicorn sister Tilly as they go from one adventure to another. They take the bus to school, go swimming, travel by airplane, and on and on, their adventures are endless. Children will love this book about sibling friends having fun together and just enjoying being together.

Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn

By Once Upon a Dance, Ethan Roffler (illustrator),

Book cover of Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn

Why this book?

This is a beautiful story about the friendship and bonds between sisters, not just ordinary sisters, but Princess sisters Naomi and Miranda. They were very close but like all siblings, sometimes, they did not get along so Princess Naomi left their castle where she came upon a beautiful little unicorn that had fallen asleep among the red poppies (known for putting unicorns to sleep). She managed to wake the unicorn and they started out to find the unicorn’s baby that was missing. After her fun-filled adventure, she realized she was no longer angry with her sister and could not wait to share her story with Princess Miranda! The bond between family is strong and a wonderful thing.

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