The best children’s/young adult books that will make you love horses (no matter what your age)

Angela Dorsey Author Of Whinnies on the Wind: The Collection
By Angela Dorsey

Who am I?

As a child, I was obsessed with horses. My parents still shudder when they tell the story of how, when I was three, I wandered into a field and climbed on the back of a horse napping in the shade. To keep me out of trouble (and to save their sanity), they finally got me a horse. Ben and I had many adventures as we rode through the bush and I let my imagination roam free. Years later, those meanderings of hooves and minds culminated in more than 30 novels about horses and humans bonding, caring for each other, and saving each other. I hope you enjoy reading my favorite horse books! 

I wrote...

Whinnies on the Wind: The Collection

By Angela Dorsey,

Book cover of Whinnies on the Wind: The Collection

What is my book about?

Evy can telepathically understand horses, but she's not sure if it's a blessing or a curse. What she is sure of: her secret "gift" gets her in lots of trouble! Living in a remote cabin with her far-too-secretive hermit mother, surrounded by mustangs and other wild animals, Evy works at discovering her mother’s truth as she tries hard (but not too hard) to avoid trouble. 

Also available individually as paperbacks, these nine books have been enjoyed by both the young in age and the young at heart! “Blown away by such a wonderful series. I would recommend the series to all, even if they aren't horse lovers.” Ride along with Evy and her two horses, Rusty and Twilight, in this complete collection!

The books I picked & why

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The Scorpio Races

By Maggie Stiefvater,

Book cover of The Scorpio Races

Why this book?

The Scorpio Races, inspired by elements of Celtic mythology, has one of the most vivid, mysterious, intense atmospheres of any book I’ve ever read. Add to that that I love the characters, felt true sympathy for their challenges, love the bond shown between human and horse, and felt terrified by the kelpies or “water horses” – and The Scorpio Races is a truly unique reading experience that has stayed with me. In fact, I think it’s time to read this one again! 

Black Beauty

By Anna Sewell, Kristen Guest (editor),

Book cover of Black Beauty

Why this book?

This classic book was so important to me when I was a child. It not only was about horses, which I obsessed over at the time, but without me even knowing it, it solidified in me the belief that all creatures need and deserve kindness and compassion. As an adult, I see Black Beauty as one of the most influential books of my life, plus I absolutely adore how this book has been so instrumental in changing countless animals’ and humans’ lives for the better.

Hold the Rein Free

By Judy Van Der Veer,

Book cover of Hold the Rein Free

Why this book?

I have to admit that I haven’t reread this one as an adult, but it was pure gold in my childhood. It never grew old, and no matter how many times I read it, it always thrilled me. I felt like I was going through the ups and downs of saving the mare and foal with the two characters. And there’s a donkey! There simply aren’t enough books about donkeys, in my opinion. My copy fell apart years ago, I read it so many times. It’s sad today to see that there are no new releases or ebooks – but thankfully, you can still find used copies. 

The Blue Roan Child

By Jamieson Findlay,

Book cover of The Blue Roan Child

Why this book?

What’s not to love about a fantasy quest novel with horses as true characters, instead of being mere transportation on that quest!? A girl and a mare head off on an epic journey to reunite the mare with her stolen twin foals, and along the way, they encounter a bunch of strange and unusual characters. The Blue Roan Child was also beautifully written, has powerful imagery of an unusual world, and I love the intertwining themes of trust and friendship. A future classic, maybe?

Phoebe and Her Unicorn: Volume 1

By Dana Simpson,

Book cover of Phoebe and Her Unicorn: Volume 1

Why this book?

Unicorns are almost horses, right? I bought this book and a few more in the Phoebe and Her Unicorn series for a child that loved them. What I didn’t expect was to love them too! The books are graphic novels, and Phoebe and Marigold Heavenly Nostrils (the unicorn) are a fun, fresh, and thoroughly entertaining pair that made me smile again and again! 

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