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By Andrea J. Loney, Carmen Saldaña (illustrator),

Book cover of Bunnybear

Everyone looks at Bunnybear and only sees his outsides! As a person who struggled to feel good in my own skin and was often criticized by my peers as a child for being “weird,” I was moved to see Bunnybear on his journey to be comfortable exactly the way he is—which is perfect.

Who am I?

I’ve always identified as a weirdo and felt misunderstood, which led to lots of wasted time “trying to fit in.” As an adult, I’ve learned to love myself for exactly who I am, but it took a lot of work and self-reflecting. Looking back, I realize there were actually many kids who felt the same way as me and we just never managed to connect with each other! Finding people who “get you” is an important task—but I truly believe self-love and self-acceptance is the greatest goal for all humans. I hope my books speak to the “weirdos” and non-weirdos a like, and encourages all readers to love themselves just the way they are.

I wrote...

Jet the Cat (Is Not a Cat)

By Phaea Crede, Terry Runyan (illustrator),

Book cover of Jet the Cat (Is Not a Cat)

What is my book about?

Jet is not like any other cat. She loves to swim! But when other animals try to convince her that she’s really a bird or a frog or a goat, she learns to embrace her unique identity. This hilarious story teaches us to celebrate our differences.

The Velveteen Rabbit

By Margery Williams, Charles Santore (illustrator),

Book cover of The Velveteen Rabbit

This heart-warming story, which should be on every children’s reading list, illustrates how by being loved, one becomes “real,” or whole. I enjoyed how the author demonstrates to children the theme that being loved helps us feel alive. The straightforward story also shows the desire in all of us to have a community that invites inclusion. Also, the watercolor illustrations help bring the story to life.

Who am I?

I am a psychotherapist working with individuals and couples since 1974 and have had over 57,000 sessions. How people relate to one another has been a fascination of mine since I was a youngster growing up in a suburb of Chicago. I believe that we are “wired” for relationships of all kinds and it takes a conscious effort to see the best in each other for them to thrive. Differences can be the spice of a relationship, not the division of them. My book, my practice, and my life focuses on those concepts. In 2012, I co-authored a popular book on relationships, Togetherness: Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love.

I wrote...

A Surprising Friendship

By Andrew Wald,

Book cover of A Surprising Friendship

What is my book about?

In a world filled with so many different people and animals, friendships come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Because all people and animals are unique and special, no two friendships are the same.

A Surprising Friendship is a heartwarming story of Zoey the Canadian goose and Henry the Black bear that celebrates diversity. Their fun and shared adventures show how differences can be overcome with kindness, acceptance, and a willingness to discover what we have in common with others who are not like us. Also, unavoidable obstacles can be overcome with a strong desire to maintain the friendship.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

By Beatrix Potter,

Book cover of The Tale of Peter Rabbit

This was one of the first stories I remembered my parents reading to me when I was little. I liked Peter Rabbit immediately, despite his bad habit of disobeying his mother, and I loved the sweet and colorful illustrations that go along with the story. When poor Peter Rabbit became trapped in Mr. MacGregor's garden, I found myself riveted, unable to put the story down. Poor Peter, stuck in MacGregor's garden, not knowing how to get out! Children will love cheering for Peter as he is mercilessly pursued by the malicious MacGregor, trapped under a flower pot, frightened by a cat, and robbed of his coat and shoes, all while trying to find a way to escape the terrifying labyrinth of Mr. MacGregor’s garden! 

Who am I?

Some of my earliest memories are of sitting with my mom or dad while they read me stories like The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter or Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. These memories, along with many great teachers who got me excited about stories, are what helped me develop a love of reading and writing. I love stories with animal characters in them, whether they’re the main characters, or simply there in a supporting role.

I wrote...

Felicity and the Featherless Two-Foot

By Loralee Evans,

Book cover of Felicity and the Featherless Two-Foot

What is my book about?

Felicity hasn’t had an adventure in months, and the little sparrow thinks that danger and peril are behind her for good. Which is just fine with her! She would rather hang out with her friends the fairies, and read her books safe at home than go on dangerous quests. But Felicity didn’t count on one group of strangers showing up and causing more trouble than she ever imagined! 

An odd, troublesome bunch that the fairies call…people.

Bedtime for Rosie Rabbit

By Patrick Yee, Lucy Coats,

Book cover of Bedtime for Rosie Rabbit

My eldest daughter is called Rosie and she absolutely adored this book. It has lift-the-flaps inside which children always love. It's a simple story about a rabbit getting ready for bedtime, and it gently encourages children to have a bedtime routine. I read it every night and it wasn't long before my daughter knew the words and she started reading it to me. It is such a treasured book and I still have it in my family box of memories.

Who am I?

Since an early age, I loved getting lost in a good story and knew I wanted to be a writer one day. As an adult, I tried writing in many genres but it was when I had my children that I knew I wanted to write children’s bedtime stories. I loved that special time at the end of a busy day when I could snuggle down with my children and get lost in a story with them. I now write children's bedtime stories for a podcast called Koko Sleep. The stories are written in a soothing way and are designed to help the listeners drift easily to sleep.

I wrote...

You Can't Eat a Princess!

By Gillian Rogerson,

Book cover of You Can't Eat a Princess!

What is my book about?

When King Cupcake is captured by hungry aliens, it's up to his feisty daughter, Princess Spaghetti, to save him! So she blasts off into space to show those naughty aliens who's boss. But how can she stop them from having the king for dinner? Only by introducing them to something even tastier than people: chocolate! A laugh-out-loud funny, mouthwatering picture book that's truly out of this world!

Goodnight Moon

By Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd (illustrator),

Book cover of Goodnight Moon

I read this book to my children every night for years. As I read it then snuggled into my arms and began the sometimes difficult process of falling asleep. The story is calming and is a wonderful way to end a busy day. Very young children will understand this beloved book. 

Who am I?

I have an expertise in parenting topics because I work as a prevention advocate for children. I work to keep children safe from; school violence, child abuse, and domestic violence. Additionally I've written children’s books on friendship and race relations for preschoolers. I'm prevention central! Prevention is so much more fun than remiation which I did for 20 years as a middle school counselor. I'm skilled at taking a difficult social topic and breaking it down into language that toddlers and preschoolers can understand. I am ending school violence, child abuse and domestic violence one book at a time. Won’t you join me in making the world a safer place?

I wrote...

The Bad Guys: A Student's/Teacher's Guide to School Safety and Violence Prevention

By Julie K. Federico,

Book cover of The Bad Guys: A Student's/Teacher's Guide to School Safety and Violence Prevention

What is my book about?

The Bad Guys: A Student’s/Teacher’s Guide to School Safety and Violence Prevention is a much needed guide to promote school safety and violence prevention. This book directs students on recognizing potential danger and preparation if such an event occurs. The book offers students a pro-active approach to violence prevention. As a supplement, staff members are supported by a teacher’s guide for educators, and bonus student journal section. Parents and educators will appreciate the simple, nonthreating language that creates a school safety message that every child must hear. This book has the potential to save many lives. The partner book is Students Can Help Keeps Schools Safe for children in 3 to 8th grade.

Miffy's Birthday

By Dick Bruna,

Book cover of Miffy's Birthday

As a Dutch co-author, I highly recommend the books of Miffy, the very known rabbit in the Netherlands and worldwide, who shares his experiences in colourful, child friendly and short books. This copy is about celebrating birthdays. I love the good colorful illustrations and the imagination of Miffy. For children, this is the perfect combination, as a child loves birthdays, presents and especially from grandparents.

Who am I?

I am the co-author and CEO of The Wonder Weeks. I advise various global players in the field of babies and I'm a sought-after speaker at fairs and in daily exchange with mothers and fathers. With all this knowledge I know the needs of parents and their children like no other, with my books and apps I stand for power to the parents! 

I wrote...

The Wonder Weeks: A Stress-Free Guide to Your Baby's Behavior

By Hetty Van de Rijt, Frans X. Plooij, Xaviera Plooij

Book cover of The Wonder Weeks: A Stress-Free Guide to Your Baby's Behavior

What is my book about?

The Wonder Weeks describes in easy-to-understand terms the incredible development changes and regression periods that all babies go through during the first 20 months of their lives. How to stimulate your baby's mental development and help him turn his 10 predictable, great, fussy phases into magical leaps.

The book is based on the scientific- and parental-world-changing discovery of a phenomenon: all normal, healthy babies appear to be fussier at very nearly the same ages, regression periods, and sleep less in these phases.

Bunny Slopes

By Claudia Rueda,

Book cover of Bunny Slopes

This book encourages readers to turn, flip, and shake this book to help a bunny ski down a hill. Toddlers will love being able to “control” what happens in the story as the bunny gets covered in snow, crashes in a tree, and falls into a hole. There’s even an actual hole in the pages to match the hole in the illustrations. It’s a fun, interactive book sure to become a storytime favorite.

Who am I?

I am the author-illustrator of funny picture books for kids, including the interactive book, Animals Go Vroom!. As an illustrator, I revel in creating jokes and storylines in the pictures that kids can follow along with by themselves. And as a mother of two small children myself, I know first-hand the magical experience of reading books with toddlers that keep them guessing and giggling along the way.

I wrote...

Animals Go Vroom!

By Abi Cushman,

Book cover of Animals Go Vroom!

What is my book about?

With a nod to Richard Scarry, this interactive picture book surprises readers with every turn of the page!

Hiss! Screech! Roar! It’s a noisy day in Bumperville! But are the sounds what you think they are? That Honk! must surely be a goose. But turn the page and it’s the taxi that a goose is driving! Using cleverly placed die-cuts, this inventive book hints at what is making the sound, but with each turn of the page, it’s an eye-opening surprise and part of an unfolding story that is part guessing game and part giggle-inducing caper.


By Deborah Howe, James Howe, Alan Daniel (illustrator)

Book cover of Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery

Okay, this one’s an oldie but a goodie. I loved this book when I read it as a kid and it has stood the test of time. The concept itself is hilarious—a rabbit vampire? Genius! I particularly liked that the high-strung animal wasn’t the dog. Dogs always get stereotyped as dumb or weird and this time it’s the cat. It was recently adapted into a graphic novel which is equally delightful.

Who am I?

Writing children’s books from an animal’s point of view is a special art. You have to place yourself in both the mind of the child and the animal. It requires research and imagination. There aren’t many writers who like to tackle all of that. Personally, I love it! In fact, most of my books for young readers are written from an animal’s perspective.

I wrote...

Horace & Bunwinkle

By PJ Gardner Switzer, David Mottram (illustrator),

Book cover of Horace & Bunwinkle

What is my book about?

Horace Homer Higgins III despises dirt. And the outdoors. And ducks. But when his person, Ellie, moves to a farm called the Homestead, the anxious Boston Terrier is forced to adapt. As if that isn’t enough to strain his nerves, Ellie adopts a perpetually cheerful potbellied pig named Bunwinkle to be his baby sister. Bunwinkle is delighted to be on the farm despite the stuffiness of her new canine brother.

When the duo discovers that some neighborhood animals have been disappearing, they decide to use their new detective skills to team up to solve this barnyard mystery. Is it a mountain lion? Or their suspiciously shot-loving veterinarians? Only one thing seems certain: if they don’t figure it out soon, one of them might be next.

Creepy Carrots!

By Aaron Reynolds, Peter Brown (illustrator),

Book cover of Creepy Carrots!

Jasper Rabbit couldn’t get enough carrots until they started following him home. What could be funnier than the “soft sinister tunktunktunk of carrots creeping” and “terrible carroty breathing?” Jasper sees creepy carrots everywhere…but he’s a pretty sharp rabbit. He figures out just how to save the day!  My granddaughter requests this book over and over because it’s just so much fun. She loves to “read” it with me and giggles at the hilarious artwork. 

Who am I?

I have always loved hearing laughter from kids or adults. Most of my books are steeped in funny! Even the toughest challenges are easier if you can find a way to laugh. Now, as a grandmother, I reach for the books that will bring out the giggles. I’ve been published since 2000 and writing for kids is my dream job.  I’ve been happily married for more than 37 years with two married kids and a perfect granddaughter. I’m a former middle school teacher. Humor made it possible for me to enjoy that life and build a great relationship with my students. I also love playing ukulele and acting. 

I wrote...

How I Became a Pirate

By Melinda Long, David Shannon (illustrator),

Book cover of How I Became a Pirate

What is my book about?

In this New York Times bestseller illustrated by Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator David Shannon, a boy sets off on a pirate adventure—with surprising results!

When a pirate ship sails by, young Jeremy learns how to say “scurvy dog,” sing sea chanteys, and throw food...but he also learns that there are no books or good night kisses on board: “Pirates don’t tuck.” A swashbuckling adventure with fantastically silly illustrations.

No Bunnies Here!

By Tammi Sauer, Ross Burach (illustrator),

Book cover of No Bunnies Here!

It’s a silly rabbit book! Kids will love that the bunnies are trying to disguise themselves from what they think is a hungry wolf. But it turns out the wolf isn’t looking for bunnies to eat. The lone wolf wants friends. Great read-aloud story! The illustrations – part art and part cartoonare bursting with energy and saturated color. Don’t forget to read the funny signs in the artwork as well.

Who am I?

I have a thing about bunnies! My first plush toy was a rabbit named Boing Boing and I had a pet lop-eared bunny named Br’er. The first book I wrote in my series was The Night Before Easter because I wanted to write a story for kids who love bunnies and Easter - like me! When I was a child I also liked to read books by Beatrix Potter and hope to one day visit her house in England.

I wrote...

The Legend of Lop-eared Larry

By Natasha Wing, Hester Applebee, Brittany David (illustrator)

Book cover of The Legend of Lop-eared Larry

What is my book about?

When Larry is born with floppy ears he is an outcast. His mother and father try to get Larry’s ears to stand straight up, but they fall back down. Luckily, having lop ears helps Larry save the Easter celebration and Easter Bunny proclaims Larry the village hero! When some of Larry’s children are born with floppy ears, he lets them be. This is a tale about how differences can be strengths. 

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