The best books on women in fiction taking center stage

Who am I?

I personally love to draw attention to not only books in women’s literature but also to encourage and support my fellow female authors whom I see as the best company a girl can ask for. Knowing that these strong individuals are living out their dreams while also filling page after page of stories varying anywhere from mystery, intrigue, love, loss, grief, etc. fills me with such gratitude and hope for the future. Because their stories are just the beginning. I'm a proud indie author and female author who enjoys writing mysteries and thrillers. I'm forever encouraging my fellow author colleagues to embrace their dreams and unique skillsets as it’s one no one else has. 

I wrote...

The Next Right Thing

By Céline Perron,

Book cover of The Next Right Thing

What is my book about?

How far would you go to do the right thing?

Twenty-seven-year-old Rena Moretti has lived her life the only way she knows how: by being a good girl and avoiding scrutiny. As the by-product of an illicit affair gone wrong, she figures she doesn't have much room for error. A budding journalist with an ambition for big things, Rena is comfortable in her own skin, enjoying the simple pleasures of her comfy apartment and the confidence of her best friend. But when Rena becomes the victim of a random hit-and-run accident, her life gets turned upside down on all fronts. The Next Right Thing is a moral crime thriller which proves to be equal parts dangerous and thought provoking.

The books I picked & why

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We're All a Little Broken

By Tiffany Andrea,

Book cover of We're All a Little Broken

Why this book?

I am recommending this book as it was written by a dear friend and colleague of mine who is also an incredibly talented author who doesn’t shy away from writing about matters such as mental illness, family dynamics, and what makes us human. Her book is the first in a beautifully written series.

The Field Agent

By R. S. Twells,

Book cover of The Field Agent

Why this book?

R. S. Twells is a phenomenal new writer and has already taken great leaps and bounds not only when it comes to her writing but also with her author platforms where she aids other writers and aspiring authors learn the tools of the trade. Her book is the first in a series. 

Maddox Files: Down The Rabbit Hole

By R. J. Davies,

Book cover of Maddox Files: Down The Rabbit Hole

Why this book?

This series is an edge of your seat page-turner that keeps readers getting till the very end. Written by the ever-talented Rhonda Davies in her first ever series, this author doesn’t hold back. As the series grows the mysteries deepen with countless twists and turns.

The Arrangement

By Kiersten Modglin,

Book cover of The Arrangement

Why this book?

Kiersten is a phenomenal author who is famously known for her countless twists and turns and for endings you never saw coming. I’ve loved every book I’ve read by her but a definite favourite is The Arrangement (the book that was never meant to be a trilogy until the world demanded more). 

Renegade Hearts

By Nikki J. Summers,

Book cover of Renegade Hearts

Why this book?

Nikki is a talented writer. Her characters leap off the page as you learn more and more about them. Their quirks and pasts giving you small glimpses of what lies underneath. Mysterious and fast past, I am one of many who’ve read one of her books only to go out and purchase the rest. 

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