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Blood Heir

By Ilona Andrews,

Book cover of Blood Heir

Amara Mae Author Of Pack of Secrets

From the list on urban fantasy with kick-ass world building.

Who am I?

I’m a bit of an anomaly in the author world because I didn’t find my passion for reading until I was a newly married adult. My husband, who is the coolest geek ever, introduced me to the DragonLance Chronicles, opening my eyes to the wonder that is the fantasy genre and turning me into an insatiable reader. It’s taken more than ten years to craft my own urban fantasy world, outline my first 6-book series in the world, and write the first book, but none of that would have been possible without the urban fantasy trailblazers listed above. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I have! 

Amara's book list on urban fantasy with kick-ass world building

Discover why each book is one of Amara's favorite books.

Why did Amara love this book?

Ilona Andrews is a husband-and-wife team that writes realistic, diverse characters and edgy, complex storylines. From the unique, somewhat sci-fi Innkeeper Chronicles to the gritty post-shift world of the Kate Daniels series and the powerful families of the Hidden Legacy series, the Andrews team excels at next level world building, flawed, relatable characters, and I love every one of their books, but Blood Heir is my favorite because it has a strong grown-up street kid with a found family vibes and is a tension-filled slow burn romance, with a strong, intelligent, compassionate, witty female protagonist. 

By Ilona Andrews,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Blood Heir as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

From award-winning author, Ilona Andrews, an all-new novel set in the New York Times #1 bestselling Kate Daniels World and featuring Julie Lennart-Olsen, Kate and Curran's ward.

Atlanta was always a dangerous city. Now, as waves of magic and technology compete for supremacy, it’s a place caught in a slow apocalypse, where monsters spawn among the crumbling skyscrapers and supernatural factions struggle for power and survival.

Eight years ago, Julie Lennart left Atlanta to find out who she was. Now she’s back with a new face, a new magic, and a new name—Aurelia Ryder—drawn by the urgent need to protect…

The Seventh Year Trials

By Alexis D. Johnson,

Book cover of The Seventh Year Trials

Mandi Oyster Author Of Dacia Wolf & the Prophecy

From the list on fantasy to take you away.

Who am I?

Picking up a fantasy novel and getting away from real-world problems is an escape for me. Even though many of these issues don’t exist in our lives, we can still learn from the way the characters deal with their struggles. We can find compassion and empathy and maybe see that there are two sides to every story. Along the way, we also get to see stunning vistas and amazing, mythical creatures.

Mandi's book list on fantasy to take you away

Discover why each book is one of Mandi's favorite books.

Why did Mandi love this book?

Alexis is an incredible storyteller. She takes her readers on an amazing journey filled with fantastic descriptions that use all of the senses. Her characters are real, well-developed, believable people with problems, insecurities, and the hope to make things better. Her settings are stunning. And the plot is amazing!

By Alexis D. Johnson,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Seventh Year Trials as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

If my father finds out I’m secretly raising an orphaned dragon, he’ll kill it. Thank the gods for my brother’s help. In the same breath, curse him for sticking by me as I likely dig our graves deeper with each desperate decision.

My name is Mirren, and until now, my greatest ambition has been to stay clear of our father’s temper as best I can. But all that’s changed with my dragon’s life on the line. I only have one option to keep her from starving to death...


Desperate choices must be made with the approaching Seventh Year Trials…

Emmie and the Tudor King

By Natalie Murray,

Book cover of Emmie and the Tudor King

Jenny Hickman Author Of A Cursed Kiss

From the list on romance with cursed love.

Who am I?

I’ve been a lover and reader of the romance genre ever since I graduated high school and borrowed one of my mother’s paperback novels during our annual beach vacation (which may have been twenty years ago... Yikes!). While I read everything from contemporary to historical, paranormal to fantasy, I’ve always had a particular fondness for stories with a touch of magic—specifically the cursed kind. There’s something extra angsty and tragic about cursed love that makes overcoming obstacles that much sweeter. I hope you fall in love with the books on this list as much as I have. 

Jenny's book list on romance with cursed love

Discover why each book is one of Jenny's favorite books.

Why did Jenny love this book?

Modern girl finds a cursed ring, goes back in time to the deadly Tudor era, and falls for the king. What could go wrong? This book has everything, cursed rings, time travel, swoon-worthy romance, forbidden love, and a drop-dead gorgeous Tudor King. There’s also a murder mystery as well, which adds so much depth to the plot. And I love, love, love how Murray treated the time travel aspect. There are dire consequences for changing the past and those consequences could be the worst curse of all. EATTK is YA and is suitable for younger readers and the first book in a heart-stopping trilogy.

By Natalie Murray,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Emmie and the Tudor King as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

"This book will grab you and won't let go until you've reached the final page. And then it will leave you wanting more. You've been warned." - YA Books Central

One moment, eighteen-year-old Emmie Grace is writing her final high school history paper before graduation; the next, she's lost in 16th century England, where she meets a dreamy but dangerous Tudor king who is destined for a dreadful fate.

Able to travel back to her own time but intensely drawn to King Nick and the mysterious death of his sister, Emmie finds herself solving the murder of a young princess…

The Raven Heir

By Stephanie Burgis,

Book cover of The Raven Heir

Maggie Freeman Author Of Castles

From the list on the magic of castles.

Who am I?

I’m a writer of historical novels and primary literacy books, and a poet. I was born in Trinidad and live in London. So why am I writing about the magic of castles? I’ve loved visiting them since I was a child, when I’d run round them and imagine what had happened there. Back home, I’d immerse myself in reading legends and fairy stories—at bedtime, lying in my top bunk, I'd make up stories to entertain my sister in her bottom bunk. So it was natural to move on to writing fictionthe novel I’ve just completed is about King Canute. I’ve written primary literacy books for Collins, Oxford, and Ransom.

Maggie's book list on the magic of castles

Discover why each book is one of Maggie's favorite books.

Why did Maggie love this book?

This is fantasy right up to date: for 8 to 12-year-olds, it was published in 2021. Its castle setting immediately defines it as fantasy: "Beyond the castle’s moat, the deep, dark forest was shot through with trails of sunlight, tracing golden paths of possibility…. The dark-haired girl… sat, bare feet dangling against stone, on the windowsill of her tower bedroom." It’s a vivid picture, instantly engaging us in a world where family is very important. The heroine, Cordelia, is one of three triplets. Their task is to use their magical powers to find and mend the Raven Crown so that the parched land beyond the forest can be healed of the fighting that rampages across it, and people and the natural world live in peacethemes I feel very much in sympathy with.

By Stephanie Burgis,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Raven Heir as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Cordelia and her triplets Rosalind and Giles have lived safely in the castle at the centre of the forest all their lives, protected by the spells their mother has woven. The only time Cordelia feels truly free is when she turns into a dragonfly or a blackbird and can fly beyond the great stone walls. But then one day the outside world comes to them. Two rival dukes and their soldiers have come for the triplets - because whoever is the eldest is the heir to the throne.

But their mother knows that since the Raven Crown was broken, no…

The Adventures of Lily Monroe

By Jessica Cantwell,

Book cover of The Adventures of Lily Monroe

Elena Carter Author Of Follow the Hummingbird

From the list on with a perfect escape into a different reality.

Who am I?

I have a crazy theory. I believe that the worlds and characters created by writers are much more than just a product of someone’s imagination. We all possess unlimited creative power (something that most of us take for granted). So what if I told you that all the characters, worlds, realities, and dimensions, ever created in writing or other forms of art, came to life somewhere in this endless Universe? That’s what I write about. Fascinating worlds and realms that exist out there. Lucky travelers that were granted a chance to visit those worlds. It’s what I’m most drawn to as a reader. Because it makes me one of those lucky travelers.

Elena's book list on with a perfect escape into a different reality

Discover why each book is one of Elena's favorite books.

Why did Elena love this book?

Have you ever felt out of place? Like you don’t belong in this world? 

That’s how Lily Monroe used to feel—until she discovered she was right. 

When Lily is thrown into a parallel world filled with magic, mythological creatures, and people with amazing superpowers, she embarks on a rollercoaster of a journey and takes you along. 

She finds family. She finds loyal friends. And maybe even love.

I highly recommend all three books of the Realm Saga. In fact, after you read the first one, you’ll definitely want to read the rest, and you won’t regret it.

By Jessica Cantwell,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Adventures of Lily Monroe as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?


Lily Monroe didn’t intend on breaking the law. Her troublesome ways began the day a mysterious shapeshifter pulled her through a portal into Realm, Earth’s alternate dimension. A land full of mythological creatures and humans with supernatural powers. At first, Lily yearned to go back home, a place comfortable yet intolerable all the same. But she changed her mind the moment she fell into the company of a copper-haired centaur named Blaze.

A dreamy girl, Lily longed for adventure that seemed to be just out of her reach. All of that changes the…

Legends of the Dragonrealm

By Richard A. Knaak,

Book cover of Legends of the Dragonrealm

Mikayla Deely Author Of The Rise of Surge: Of Fire and Fate

From the list on ferocious and fantastic dragons.

Who am I?

I’ve read books about dragons ever since I can remember. If I couldn’t read it, my dad read it to me. Outside of books, I’d seek out movies or shows with the magical beasts in them. I was a bit obsessed, really. From cruel-hearted and devious to kind-natured and intelligent, I was writing and reading about it all. My favorite, however, is dragons that are as smart as they are deadly. This reflects a lot in the books I chose, as they all contain some pretty ferocious dragons!

Mikayla's book list on ferocious and fantastic dragons

Discover why each book is one of Mikayla's favorite books.

Why did Mikayla love this book?

When I first picked up this book, I couldn’t put it down. Our story follows Cabe, the son of a Dragon Master, as he is thrust into adventure when the Brown Dragon himself comes and demands Cabe go with him. What really intrigued me about this book was how Knaak wrote his dragons. They are shape-changing beasts that rule the land under their own council led by the Gold Dragon. This was the first book I read that portrayed dragons as having a leadership similar to that of a monarchy, and once I delved into their world, I didn’t want to stop reading.

By Richard A. Knaak,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Legends of the Dragonrealm as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Dragonrealm, is an ombinus of the first three novels in Richard A. Knaak's original fantasy series.

FIREDRAKE: In the ultimate war between humans and fiery shape-shifting beings, Duke Toma has unleashed every conceivable evil upon the world of the Dragon Kings. Only one dares to challenge him: Cabe Bedlam, a youth cast adrift in a world where none can be trusted. Yet at his command us a formidable arsenal...a fierce warrior tradition imparted by his regal forebears...the fabulous gifts of the witch Gwen, the lady of the Amber...and the magical Horned Blade, the sword that promises its bearer total mastery…

Conscious Femininity

By Marion Woodman,

Book cover of Conscious Femininity

Anita Johnston Author Of Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationship with Food Through Myths, Metaphors, and Storytelling

From the list on the archetypal feminine.

Who am I?

I’m a clinical psychologist who has specialized in women’s issues and disordered eating for over thirty years. Born on the island of Guam, I was raised in a matriarchal and multicultural household where storytelling was a means of transmitting important concepts, traditions, and values, and was a way to experience meaningful and joyful connections with others. Because I was raised by strong women and my indigenous ancestors were Chamorro, a matrilineal culture that honored the motherline, I have always been interested in the archetypal feminine rooted in these stories, although I didn’t discover the term until I began to study psychology.

Anita's book list on the archetypal feminine

Discover why each book is one of Anita's favorite books.

Why did Anita love this book?

Marian Woodman has been my shero ever since I attended a workshop of hers. I recall sitting in the audience listening to her speak and blinking my eyes. How could it be that she could shape-shift from a coy flirtatious maiden, into a warm nurturing mother, and then moments later appear as a regal, confident, and sovereign queen and then a deeply wise crone? She clearly understood and embodied the full range of the conscious feminine in its various aspects.

Of her many books, this is the one I love the most because, in this collection of interviews with her, the passion of her speaking voice comes through the written word loud and clear. Her phrasing is so delicious, my tattered copy is underlined throughout.

By Marion Woodman,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Conscious Femininity as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?


Book cover of Lord of Snow and Shadows

Baiculescu Ovidiu Nicolae Author Of Winterhorn

From the list on adventure fantasy that inspire my work.

Who am I?

Being of Eastern European origins, and also a child of the 80s, definitely had a say in what my likings and my character would become growing up. From the cold long winters and the white landscapes, Fantasy genre, and everything Might and Magic have shaped my childhood, my studies, my art (traditional oil painting and clay sculpting) and lingered until now (and definitely beyond).

Baiculescu's book list on adventure fantasy that inspire my work

Discover why each book is one of Baiculescu's favorite books.

Why did Baiculescu love this book?

Besides the intriguing adventure and plot, this series is the masterpiece of Sarah Ash (the first books especially – and the last chapter is still being written). You’d soon fall in love with her and her exquisite and rich way of describing her magical worlds.

By Sarah Ash,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Lord of Snow and Shadows as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Three kingdoms. One man.
A destiny written in blood.
An epic new fantasy series begins . . .

Seemingly always the outsider, Gavril Andar - an impoverished young painter - yearns to join the privileged circles of Muscobar polite society. However, unbeknownst to him, he does have royal blood in his veins: the dark and powerful blood of a father he never knew - the Drakhaon, ruler of the isolated northern kingdom of Azhkendir. And when the Drakhaon is brutally murdered, an unwilling Gavril is forced to take up the mantle of both his father's rule - and his power.…


By Jada Fisher,

Book cover of Oracle

K.B. Thorne Author Of Bad Blood

From the list on if first person snark is your style.

Who am I?

I’ve adored reading a good snarky first-person story since I first read Bloodlist, so long as the snark doesn’t go too far and become total unlikeable jerk… It can be a fine line! I hope I stay on the right side of it, but having read it enough and written in it for years with my Blood Rights Series, I feel qualified to say I’m a…snark connoisseur. (If you ask my family, this is how my own internal/life narrator speaks! My mother says that my character Dakota is me if I “said everything aloud that I think in my head.” She’s probably right, and I’m okay with that.)

K.B.'s book list on if first person snark is your style

Discover why each book is one of K.B.'s favorite books.

Why did K.B. love this book?

The final book on my list rolls into epic fantasy, with oracles and dragons and magic and prophecies… All sorts of stuff to really make the life of a girl who works at a coffee shop very confusing and difficult. Poor Davie gets thrown into the deep end but works to keep her head above water. Savvy and snarky, she got to me right away, but again, it’s the heart. She’s one of those characters that inspires loyalty from the people around her and you understand why. You want to be by her side too, even if she’s got a totally sardonic inner and outer voice.

By Jada Fisher,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Oracle as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

I hate fire. It nearly destroyed me. Now, my only chance at survival is a fire-breathing, shape-shifting dragon.
An urban fantasy adventure full of mystical creatures and sassy heroines

Davie is a normal girl trying to live a normal life. Except that she can see the future and has visions that make her seem crazy. When she meets a man who immediately seems too perfect to be real, her quest for a normal life quickly ends. She soon learns the world is full of mythical creatures including shapeshifting dragons, dwarves, and mystical oracles. Can Davie adapt to the new world…


By Faith Hunter,

Book cover of Skinwalker

C.R. Fladmark Author Of The Gatekeeper's Son

From the list on urban fantasy with Japan-focused themes.

Who am I?

I’ve been interested in Japanese culture, mythology, and martial arts since I was a teenager. My favorite books are those where I become completely submerged, losing myself in the story and forgetting where the main character ends and I begin. Stories that focus on an ordinary person who gets pulled into another world while remaining firmly planted in their current world. Stories where the character has to learn new skills or discover special talents; a connection to the past or to another realm; or becomes part of some mysterious group operating outside of society. When I couldn’t find enough books that fulfilled my hunger for this specific genre, I decided to write some myself!

C.R.'s book list on urban fantasy with Japan-focused themes

Discover why each book is one of C.R.'s favorite books.

Why did C.R. love this book?

While this urban fantasy series isn’t Japanese per se, it’s full of realistic martial arts action. I love this series because of the unique mixture of concepts, and the well-imagined and likeable characters, even the bad guys. Jane Yellowrock is a shotgun-toting, motorbike riding, kick ass woman. She’s also a Cherokee Skinwalker (shapeshifter) and a security professional who works for vampire organizations to hunt down and kill their rogues; those who can't control themselves from biting humans. The books are set in modern New Orleans, which is quite an interesting location for me. I just don’t think you can get a better or weirder combination of ideas: Cherokee mythology and vampires. It may sound like a weird concept, but there are 13 books in the series. It works. 

By Faith Hunter,

Why should I read it?

4 authors picked Skinwalker as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Meet shapeshifting skinwalker Jane Yellowrock in the first novel in the New York Times bestselling series that captures “the essence of urban fantasy” (SF Site).

Jane Yellowrock is the last of her kind—a skinwalker of Cherokee descent who can turn into any creature she desires and hunts vampires for a living. But now she’s been hired by Katherine Fontaneau, one of the oldest vampires in New Orleans and the madam of Katies’s Ladies, to hunt a powerful rogue vampire who’s killing other vamps.

Amidst a bordello full of real “ladies of the night,” and a hot Cajun biker with a…

The Riddlemaster of Hed

By Patricia A. McKillip,

Book cover of The Riddlemaster of Hed

Maetreyii Ma Nolan Author Of Living Love the Yoga of Yama & Niyama: Timeless Teachings for Transformation and Awakening

From the list on spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

Who am I?

My passion for spiritual books is a result of my meditation and the love I have for the Divine. I feel that my life has been touched by the grace of the Infinite. My books are from this communion I feel. I have an extensive history of journeys to India to see my guru, being a clinical psychologist, developing and teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Therapy Trainings, being an ordained yogic minister, or Acharya, and of many years of meditation, but all of that is only the outer trappings. The real inspiration for my writings is the Infinite Self, the Divine Beloved in which all that is abides.

Maetreyii's book list on spiritual awakening and personal transformation

Discover why each book is one of Maetreyii's favorite books.

Why did Maetreyii love this book?

This trilogy, in the fantasy novels genre, goes into the quest to discover mystical answers in story form.

What is outstanding about these books, and all of McKillip’s writings, is her amazing ability to use words in a poetic and visually expressive fashion. When she describes something, like shapeshifting, for example, you actually see and feel the experience due to her fluency with descriptive imagery.

These books are archetypal to the hero’s journey and the search for the Divine Guide. I have read them over and over. There is something powerful and deep about them.

By Patricia A. McKillip,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Riddlemaster of Hed as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Long ago, the wizards had vanished from the world, and all knowledge was left hidden in riddles. Morgon, prince of the simple farmers of Hed, proved himself a master of such riddles when he staked his life to win a crown from the dead Lord of Aum.
But now ancient, evil forces were threatening him. Shape changers began replacing friends until no man could be trusted. So Morgon was forced to flee to hostile kingdoms, seeking the High One who ruled from mysterious Erlenstar Mountain.
Beside him went Deth, the High One's Harper. Ahead lay strange encounters and terrifying adventures.…

Cloaked in Shadow

By Ben Alderson,

Book cover of Cloaked in Shadow

Lori Powell Author Of The Hunter's Companion

From the list on British YA fantasy with characters to love.

Who am I?

I love fantasy books and I love the wonderful array of British authors out there, so I wanted to showcase some of them in my small selection of books. Some are well known, some less so but all have their own unique and fascinating way of creating fantasy worlds. There are so many good books to choose from but these five are real must-reads as far as I’m concerned.

Lori's book list on British YA fantasy with characters to love

Discover why each book is one of Lori's favorite books.

Why did Lori love this book?

This has a quite classic theme of good versus bad. I was really rooting for Zacriah from the start. He was more of your “has hidden magic” hero, but he came from humble beginnings. I do like an underdog, but more than that I like everyday people (or elves!) and seeing how they rise against adversity. Maybe because, especially in the current climate, it feels like we need to do this more and more. Zacriah is an everyday hero. Hadrian, the other protagonist is, however, a prince. The writing is such though that I was rooting for him too. Maybe because it was obvious that he cared for Zac from the start and I’m a sucker for a love story. 

By Ben Alderson,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Cloaked in Shadow as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

A M/M Dragon Shifter Romance with powerful magic, an kingdom in danger and creatures beyond your imagination.

Zacriah Trovirn is concerned with two things in life: hunting and dodging Petrer, the boy who broke his heart.

Heartbreak becomes a distant concern when Zacriah is taken to the Elven capital of Thessolina, where he is forced into King Dalior’s new legion of shapeshifters. But Zacriah isn’t a shapeshifter. In truth, he doesn't know what he is.

Zacriah joins forces with new friends and they soon find themselves embroiled in a clash between the three Elven continents. With war on the horizon,…

The Frenzy

By Francesca Lia Block,

Book cover of The Frenzy

Michael Griffo Author Of Moonglow

From the list on changelings and their friends.

Who am I?

As a writer I like to explore many genres, and one of my favorites is young adult supernatural.  I think I was destined to write in this world because the first book I took out of the library was Where the Wild Things Are. My favorite books as a teenager all dealt with supernatural themes – Summer of Fear, Carrie, and Audrey Rose. Writing about changelings allows me to explore the tenuous connection between what lies inside of us – our psyche, our minds, our souls – and what might exist on the other side of our known world.  It’s the search for that missing link that keeps me writing.  

Michael's book list on changelings and their friends

Discover why each book is one of Michael's favorite books.

Why did Michael love this book?

You might not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can judge it by its opening sentences. I loved the opening of The Frenzy. The protagonist doesn’t ask “Who am I?” but “What am I?” One word makes all the difference, and it hooked me immediately. 

The story is engrossing and there’s a lot going on, but the best part is that Block does a great job of bringing the 17-year-old protagonist, Liv, to life. Her relationship with her mother is totally real and the love she and her boyfriend, Corey, share, is inspirational. 

By Francesca Lia Block,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Frenzy as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Love is a werewolf, influenced by the moon and terror, and always about to change.

Liv has a secret.

Something happened to her when she was thirteen. Something that changed everything. Liv knows she doesn’t belong anymore—not in her own skin, not in her family . . . not anywhere. The only time she truly feels like herself is when she’s with her boyfriend, Corey, and in the woods that surround her town.

But in the woods, a mysterious woman watches Liv. In the woods, a pack of wild boys lurks. In the woods, Liv learns about the curse that…

She Who Rides the Storm

By Caitlin Sangster,

Book cover of She Who Rides the Storm

Gillian Grant Author Of Where the Shadows Beckon

From the list on fantasy with worlds to get lost in.

Who am I?

I’ve always sought to escape this world for another; one more exciting. Whether it was reading, or playing D&D, I constantly looked for new places to explore. Building my own has become one of my favorite things about writing. What starts as a simple ‘What if...’ turns into a place I find myself in daily. I’m no longer just an explorer, but a builder, and my craving for unique worlds hasn’t gone away. I’m still learning, still creating new worlds beyond my first, and always still walking new ones. I hope you love escapism as much as I do, because these books will transport you.

Gillian's book list on fantasy with worlds to get lost in

Discover why each book is one of Gillian's favorite books.

Why did Gillian love this book?

This book promised me high fantasy with tomb raiding and boy, did it deliver! Sangster’s world is simply named the Commonwealth, but it is anything but simple. Twin moons, ancient lore circling around monstrous shapeshifters, a forbidden magic opposing a heavily religious relegated one, carnivorous unicorns, deadly tombs, and swords carrying the souls of those it killed, She Who Rides the Storm is chock full of detailed worldbuilding. With a beautiful cast of four amazingly well-written characters you actually grow to care about, their individual heists to get into the tomb of the shapeshifter king are loaded with high stakes and dangers. Even better? The plot twists that connect them are glorious and had my jaw on the floor. Conclusion: a humble epic waiting to be discovered.

By Caitlin Sangster,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked She Who Rides the Storm as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

In this atmospheric YA fantasy that is Wicked Saints meets There Will Come a Darkness, four teens are drawn into a high-stakes heist in the perilous tomb of an ancient shapeshifter king.

Long ago, shapeshifting monsters ruled the Commonwealth using blasphemous magic that fed on the souls of their subjects. Now, hundreds of years later, a new tomb has been uncovered, and despite the legends that disturbing a shapeshifter's final resting place will wake them once again, the Warlord is determined to dig it up.

But it isn't just the Warlord who means to brave the traps and pitfalls guarding…

The Changeling of Fenlen Forest

By Katherine Magyarody,

Book cover of The Changeling of Fenlen Forest

Natasha Deen Author Of The Signs and Wonders of Tuna Rashad

From the list on kickbutt heroines.

Who am I?

I grew up in the 1980s when there wasn’t consideration for representation or diversity in literature or media. If I wanted to read about a Girl of Color, inevitably, she was a slave. If I wanted to watch a TV show featuring women (of any color), they were inevitably rescued in the climactic moment by a man. As such, I grew into a reader who loves kickbutt girls of all stripes. Give me a chance to cheer on a female who’s looking for her happy ending and not about to let the world dictate how she finds that happiness (and with whom), and boy, you got me!

Natasha's book list on kickbutt heroines

Discover why each book is one of Natasha's favorite books.

Why did Natasha love this book?

A herd of wild unicorns, a gloomy forest, a changeling, and magicThe Changeling of Fenlen Forest is a perfect choice for a cozy day of reading. The book opens with Elizabeth as she searches for her lost unicorn fawn. But her search takes her to a strange land where Elizabeth resembles a missing girl. So much so, that the town’s people think she’s a changeling—and dangerous. Elizabeth, with the help of a handsome shepherd, searches for the answer behind the missing girl. But is she prepared for the secrets her search will uncover? The Changeling of Fenlen Forest is a journey into loss and identity, and it’s the perfect read for days when readers want to inhabit a mysterious new world that’s full of intrigue.

By Katherine Magyarody,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked The Changeling of Fenlen Forest as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Elizabeth thinks she knows the gloomy Fenlen Forest. But when her treasured unicorn fawn, Sida, goes missing, Elizabeth tracks her into a strange land where the people think Elizabeth is a changeling, a malignant being who too-closely resembles a missing girl. If Elizabeth can find her fawn and uncover the fate of her lost double, can she stop the fear from turning into hate? To solve the deepening mystery, Elizabeth befriends a handsome, skeptical young shepherd whose stories hint at a dark secret lurking at the forest’s edge, and tame a herd of wild unicorns with the ability to unlock…


By Travis Bagwell,

Book cover of Unity

Shemer Kuznits Author Of Life Reset

From the list on engaging LitRPG.

Who am I?

I’ve been a huge fan of D&D and RPG games since I’ve been old enough to play them. The idea of grooming a character, growing it in terms of strength and levels until it becomes powerful enough to take on gods always captured my imagination. LitRPG is a relatively new book genre, and reading it (the good ones at least) makes you feel like you’re playing those games yourselves. Following a new protagonist growth and journey, often illustrated by actual numeric values you can easily keep track of (like skills and levels) is so much fun, and I think more people should be aware it exists.

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Why did Shemer love this book?

A great story about the underdog bullied kid who rises up to become a necromancer builds up an undead nation, and rises up to contend with powerful forces against all odds. Great storytelling and compelling character, it’s a pleasure watching Jason grows up from a timid teen to a confident leader – and by using the dark arts. It's a great coming-of-age \ underdog reach the top kind of story except the underdog does it by embracing necromancy and his tools are the undead soul-wilting powers yet you can't stop rooting for him to win.

By Travis Bagwell,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Unity as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

A side quest adventure in the best selling world of Awaken Online!In the aftermath of Thorn's attack on the Twilight Throne, Frank is in an awkward position. Jason and Riley have outpaced him and everyone is hard at work rebuilding the Twilight Throne, establishing new towns, and trying to get their fledgling manufacturing operation off the ground. Everyone except Frank - who finds himself with no immediate task or goal.So Frank decides to strike off on his own. He sets his eyes on the north, heading toward the snow-capped mountains that loom over the undead kingdom's border in the hope…

Lord of Scoundrels

By Loretta Chase,

Book cover of Lord of Scoundrels

Jeri Black Author Of The Dangers of Loving a Rogue

From the list on lively characters and witty banter.

Who am I?

I love to laugh. I don’t think there’s anything better than the sound of laughter. I’m originally from the Midwest and we tend to have a self-deprecating sense of humor—we like to laugh at ourselves. I’ve been in love with romance novels since I read my first Kathleen Woodiwiss book in my twenties. Although there are many sub-genres within romance, I prefer historical and contemporary (which I also write). My favorite stories have entertaining characters, witty banter, and lots of humor. For me, reading is like taking a vacation to the world within the pages of a book, and I want my vacation to be fun!

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Why did Jeri love this book?

Loretta Chase presents a thoroughly entertaining Beauty and the Beast story in Lord of Scoundrels, book three of her Scoundrels series. Miss Jessica Trent attempts to negotiate with the Marquess of Dain in order to extract her idiot brother from Dain’s unhealthy influence. But Dain dislikes the species known as “ladies” and trusts them even less. He offers Jessica his own self-serving terms, which she roundly rejects. They’re horribly attracted to one another, which Dain refuses to acknowledge, and Jessica knows is the road to ruin. Experiencing this big, powerful, beastly man’s taming at the hands of a small, beautiful, fiercely intelligent woman is delightful. Their dialogue and banter are stellar and their constant battles a thing of beauty. Truly, one of the best Regency’s out there.  

By Loretta Chase,

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2 authors picked Lord of Scoundrels as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Loretta Chase is one of romance's most beloved authors, and now that she's returned to the Avon Family, we're repackaging one of her most popular books with an updated and fresh cover that will attract old and new readers alike. Determined Lady tough-minded Jessica Trent's sole intention is to free her nitwit brother from the destructive influence of Sebastian Ballister, the notorious Marquis of Dain. She never expects to desire the arrogant, amoral cad.And when Dain's reciprocal passion places them in a scandalously compromising, and public, position, Jessica is left with no choice but to seek satisfaction. "Lord of Scounderls"…

Can't Get Enough

By G.A. Aiken,

Book cover of Can't Get Enough

Evette Davis Author Of Woman King

From the list on dystopian stories for the bada** feminist in us all.

Who am I?

I’ve worked in journalism, politics, and public policy for 30-plus years and watched as the extreme voices gained the most traction on either side of a debate. On social media, these minority views often dominate the discussion. 48 States is a stand-alone novel highlighting the problems of extremist viewpoints in a civil society. I also have another book series that features a political consultant who discovers she's a witch and joins a secret society that uses magic to manipulate elections to protect humanity. Bottom line: if I can’t fix political discourse for a living, I can write science fiction novels that contemplate how to do it.

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Why did Evette love this book?

I don't remember how I found this series, but I was immediately taken with the fast-paced romance stories featuring tough-as-nails women who find dragons as their mates. It’s tough to combine blood-thirsty and sexy, but somehow she pulls it off while mixing the species. Of all the series I’ve come across this one probably has the most raw sex, but it seems to work and isn’t too much to take. Sex is such a tricky thing in novels., it really needs to be done well or it’s a distraction. Again what I like in this series, is that the women drive the narrative. 

By G.A. Aiken,

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1 author picked Can't Get Enough as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Visit the world of New York Timesbestselling author G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series in this hilarious and thrilling companion story that’s not to be missed! Also the author of The Blacksmith Queen, Aiken  combines zany humor, unparalleled world-building, and unconventional love in her captivating and unforgettable series.
Renowned for his fighting prowess, Ailean the Wicked has a new conquest in mind—the gorgeous dragoness Shalin the Innocent. While he’s saving her from her enemies, he plans to prove that even in human form a bad-boy dragon can show a girl a good time that’s truly off the scale . . .…

Becoming Alpha

By Aileen Erin,

Book cover of Becoming Alpha

Chris Cannon Author Of Going Down in Flames

From the list on supernatural kick-butt girls who don’t take crap.

Who am I?

Being a petite person, I can’t move furniture by myself or lift heavy boxes. It’s freaking annoying. I dream of having a magic wand or some sort of power that would make me stronger. If there was a potion to turn me into a Buffy the Vampire Slayer, kick-butt type of girl I’d drink it in a second. Since there is no such potion, I write and read books about supernatural girls who don’t take crap from anyone, especially the guys in their lives. 

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Why did Chris love this book?

Whenever Tessa touches someone’s skin she hears their thoughts and experiences their emotions which makes having friends and dating difficult. When she finally meets the guy of her dreams, he bites her. Not in a fun, sexy way but in an I’m about turn you into a werewolf kind of way. To keep her from going feral, she’s forced to attend St. Ailbea’s Academy aka werewolf school. I love academy books and this one has all the feels.  

By Aileen Erin,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Becoming Alpha as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

One stupid party. One stupid boy. One stupid kiss. And my life was virtually over.

Tessa McCaide has a unique talent for getting into trouble. Then again, it isn’t easy for a girl with visions to ignore what she sees. Luckily Tessa and her family are leaving California and moving halfway across the country, giving her the perfect opportunity to leave her reputation as “Freaky Tessa” behind.

But Tessa doesn’t realize that kissing the wrong guy in her new Texas town could land her in far more trouble than she ever imagined. Like being forced to attend St. Ailbe’s Academy,…

Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy

By Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman,

Book cover of Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy

Brock E. Deskins Author Of The Sorcerer's Ascension

From the list on to travel the best path to magic and adventure.

Who am I?

Fantasy has always intrigued me since I read The Once and Future King in grade school. The number of fantasy books I’ve read number in the hundreds if not topping a thousand. In my twenties, you never saw me without a book in my hand, my nose pressed into the pages. If I wasn’t reading, I was dreaming up fantasy stories in my head, and this was long before I ever thought of writing my first book. I was a dreamer from birth and will die as one if I live to be 100 like my granny.

Brock's book list on to travel the best path to magic and adventure

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Why did Brock love this book?

The Dragonlance Chronicles, while not the first fantasy novel I read, is the one that put me onto my love of, and even addiction to, fantasy adventure. There are several characters, each with their own distinct and compelling stories and personalities. The story itself is just amazing and had me devouring every book in this expansive series as quickly as I could. Twice! The mixing of not just heroics and good intentions but the darker and even self-serving side of people and seeing how their experiences shaped them to be the way they are. Even in their darkest times, you can understand, if not relate to them, and still see them with compassion.

By Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

More than three million readers have witnessed the return of the dragons... And now the books that began the best-selling "dragonlance" saga are collected in their entirety in this special edition, along with all of the artwork from the trilogy. This splendid collector's edition is a must for the millions of readers who fell in love with the fantasy world of Krynn.