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Canine Communication

By Sally Gutteridge, Dayle Smith (illustrator),

Book cover of Canine Communication: The Language of a Species

I am incredibly fortunate to count Sally as a mentor and friend. Her understanding of dogs and their needs is wonderful and this book is one of the easiest to read references on interpreting canine body language that I have ever seen. Our dogs cannot speak to us so it is up to us to learn how to understand the communication they do offer and, importantly, to respect and heed it. This process of reading their communication signals and really listening to the dog goes a long way towards understanding their needs and creating the best possible lives together.

Who am I?

At least one dog has accompanied me almost my entire life. Much of that time has revolved around working Border Collies, training them, and working sheep together. One particular young dog turned my perceptions upside down when he arrived, proving to be like no other dog I had ever encountered. Through the learning about fearful and anxious dogs I needed to understand him, I found myself developing a new passion – helping others to understand dogs. Since that dog entered my life, I have been on an intense educational journey and sharing my learning and experience with others, both on the topics of ‘reactive’ dogs and dogs in general.

I wrote...

Understanding Reactive Dogs: Why Dogs React and How to Help

By Jay Gurden,

Book cover of Understanding Reactive Dogs: Why Dogs React and How to Help

What is my book about?

Many dogs go through life confident and happy in the world. A significant number do not - scared or anxious dogs, terrified when approached by another dog, person, or a whole range of possible things. They react in different ways, all of which combine to make 'reactive dogs', those who cannot cope. They may be labelled 'bad’, ‘aggressive’, or 'vicious' when they are none of those things. They are scared, and it is up to us to learn and to help. 

Learn how stress affects dogs and potential causes. Learn how to help a puppy avoid reactivity as they grow and mature. Discover how to create a better relationship for them with the world. Finish reading this book to better understand reactive dogs.

Digital Body Language

By Erica Dhawan,

Book cover of Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance

Have you ever found that you unintentionally offended someone with an innocuous message? Or perhaps no one responds to your emails, even when you think they should.

We lose so much meaning and context when we interact online rather than in person. In a world of virtual and hybrid work, it’s not enough to write well. We must also master the non-verbal signals that accompany our words. This book is an essential guide to mastering the subtle ins and outs of writing emails, messages, texts, social media posts, and more.

Who am I?

After spending years as a freelance writer and content marketer, I turned my attention to exploring the inner workings of why writing works and how it fails. I’m an unabashed nonfiction geek on a mission to help people make a positive impact with their words—whether they’re writing emails, blog posts, or nonfiction books. 

I wrote...

33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business Emails

By Anne H. Janzer,

Book cover of 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business Emails

What is my book about?

Love them or hate them, everyone writes business emails. Too often, we screw them up. We move too fast, leaving out necessary or sending them to the wrong people. Our messages are misunderstood, misfiled, or ignored.

If you do nothing else to improve your business writing, work on your email skills. This short book is stuffed with practical advice and tips you can use immediately. Learn how to rise above the inbox clutter. Your teammates, clients, and everyone will appreciate it. Your career may thank you, too.

The Science of Influence

By Kevin Hogan,

Book cover of The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say "yes" in 8 Minutes or Less!

How do you feel about being a salesperson and influencer? Because if you’re going to be a real estate investor you must have basic sales and marketing skills. You’ll need them to raise capital, negotiate with buyers and sellers, and even to lease your properties if you’re a landlord. In Kevin Hogan’s book you’ll discover how people think and make their decisions. He writes, “once we know our prospects’ needs, wants, and desires are, we can use this information to prepare a message that firmly impresses on the mind how we can help them.”

Who am I?

I built a 7-figure business buying foreclosures in multiple states and with my book you’ll discover how to duplicate my success and drastically reduce your learning curve.  I've flipped hundreds of houses buying directly from homeowners in foreclosure and at auctions in Arizona, Illinois, and Wisconsin. I was guest #1 on the popular BiggerPockets podcast as well as a featured contributor to the website. I've also been featured in numerous real estate articles for USA Today, Reuters, and the Arizona Republic. And I'm the founder of, a real estate education company that has helped hundreds of real estate entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses.

I wrote...

Foreclosure Secrets: How I Built a 7-Figure Business Flipping Houses Most Investors Are Too Afraid to Buy

By Marty Boardman,

Book cover of Foreclosure Secrets: How I Built a 7-Figure Business Flipping Houses Most Investors Are Too Afraid to Buy

What is my book about?

Many believe that buying foreclosures is a mysterious and risky enterprise that requires cash and inside sources with banks and lenders. They think only investors with deep pockets and specialized experience can take advantage of these opportunities.

In this book you’ll learn how it’s possible for anyone to buy houses from homeowners in foreclosure (even on the day of the auction)… How to buy at trustee’s sales or sheriff’s sales (depending on where you live)… And how to buy bank-owned homes… Without any special skills, tools, expensive software, or a lot of your own cash. Foreclosure Secrets is your blueprint for how to start and scale a foreclosure buying business in your hometown, or from long distance in another real estate market without making costly mistakes.

The Trouble with Trying to Date a Murderer

By Jennifer Cody,

Book cover of The Trouble with Trying to Date a Murderer

This is actually a humorous fantasy book, but I only discovered the fantasy elements about halfway through. It's also M/M romance. The MC lost his voice as a baby when his father cut his vocal cords. Pretty gruesome. He usually communicates with his phone, nonverbal cues, and lots of body language.

Who am I?

Writing a protagonist who can't talk out loud is quite a challenge. I talk constantly as I'm both an extrovert and a public speaker for my day job, but I have had several bouts of severe laryngitis and have been under severe no speaking orders from the doctor. People react differently when you can't talk. Nowadays, we all have a convenient mobile device on hand to help, but that isn't always the case in the fantasy books we read. In Speechless in Achten Tan my main character Mila can't talk because magic took her voice. Her magic power is connected to her ability to speak, so she's pretty desperate to regain her ability to speak.

I wrote...

Speechless in Achten Tan

By Debbie Iancu-Haddad,

Book cover of Speechless in Achten Tan

What is my book about?

Eighteen-year-old Mila hasn't spoken in the five years since she became an Onra, a first-level Everfall witch. After failing the test to reclaim her voice and control her magic, her mentor sends Mila to Achten Tan—City of Dust—a dangerous desert town, built inside ancient bones. To reclaim her power, Mila must steal a magical staff capable of releasing it, from the sky-high lair of the Bone Master, Chief Opu Haku. Her only resources are the magical luminous elixirs of the cursed caverns where she grew up, and a band of unlikely allies; a quirky inventor, a giant-ant rider, a healer, a librarian's assistant, a Tar-tule rider, and the chief's playboy son. If Mila fails she will never speak again and her bones may be added to the wasteland.

The Red Badge of Courage

By Stephen Crane,

Book cover of The Red Badge of Courage: An Episode of the American Civil War

Stephen Crane was born in 1871; his father was a minister; his mother-daughter of a minister. His Christian background prepared him to write about the Civil War, which was understood by soldiers on both sides as a moral test of manly status. Despite having no personal experience of battle, Crane wrote a classic novel that includes both battle scenes and the interior story of a young man’s fight against fear. His young protagonist, Henry Fleming, begins in cowardice and ends in heroism. I love this book for its insight into the constant stress of men in combat—facing the pain of wounds and the finality of death.

Who am I?

Research Professor of Psychology at Bryn Mawr College. Since the 9/11 attacks I have tried to understand how normal individuals, people like you and me, can move to terrorism in particular and political violence more generally. I retired from teaching in 2015 to have more time to write. I’ve written about genocide (Why Not Kill Them All? The Logic and Prevention of Mass Political Murder), about self-sacrifice (The Marvel of Martyrdom: The Power of Self Sacrifice in a Selfish World), and about terrorism (Friction: How Conflict Radicalizes Them and Us). 

I wrote...

Radicalization to Terrorism: What Everyone Needs to Know

By Sophia Moskalenko, Clark McCauley,

Book cover of Radicalization to Terrorism: What Everyone Needs to Know

What is my book about?

Our book uses a question-and-answer format to tell everything we have learned about violence in intergroup conflict. Political violence requires individual motivations, small group dynamics, and a mass political base of sympathizers and supporters—all of these, and their interactions, contribute to the escalation of conflict to violent conflict. Individuals join a violent group for many reasons, including personal and political grievance, thrill and adventure, status, escape, and personal connection with individuals already fighting. Once engaged in a violent struggle, reasons for joining fade, and killing becomes an act of love, to save comrades now closer than brothers. This psychology of violent conflict can be found, not only in radicalization to terrorism, but in five classic books about soldiers in combat.

On Talking Terms with Dogs

By Turid Rugaas,

Book cover of On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

This book had a huge impact on me many years ago when I started training Psychiatric Service Dogs. Turid opened my eyes to a complex understanding of how dogs communicate with us through subtle and not-so-subtle body language. I recommend this book highly to all of my friends that have dogs and my clients. You will learn to identify when your dog is stressed, how to recognize it, and then take appropriate action to help decrease and alleviate the dog’s stress. 

Who am I?

It all began at a very young age when I aspired to be Jane Goodall and save the lives of animals. Since then, her wisdom, courage, and activism have guided me throughout my life. Through my childhood, I nursed fledglings with eyedroppers, adopted turtles left on the curbside, and became an advocate for “Save our Seals”. In college, I immersed myself in the study of animal behavior. I explored the behavior of Red Kangaroos, "Megalia Rufas" in captivity, exploring ways in which zoos could improve their facilities to respect the needs of the animals. These experiences set the landscape for my work as a holistic psychotherapist with the healing power of dogs.

I wrote...

Healing Companions: Ordinary Dogs and Their Extraordinary Power to Transform Lives

By Jane Miller,

Book cover of Healing Companions: Ordinary Dogs and Their Extraordinary Power to Transform Lives

What is my book about?

The role that service dogs can play in the lives of people with invisible disabilities has started to receive national media attention in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, and on Oprah. Service dogs have been assisting the blind, the hearing impaired, those in wheelchairs, and with other disabilities for decades. More recently, they’ve helped many veterans returning from combat to overcome the effects of PTSD and return to more fulfilling lives.

We are proud to say that Healing Companions: Ordinary Dogs and Their Extraordinary Power to Transform Lives is the first book to profile the power that these extraordinary dogs have to transform lives. This groundbreaking book provides a window into the new world of Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs), and how they can offer a second chance at life to some of society’s most vulnerable people.

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