The best science fiction books in aesthetic universes

The Books I Picked & Why

The Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins

Book cover of The Hunger Games

Why this book?

The Hunger Games rocketed off the dystopian genre with other series, such as, Divergent and The Maze Runner. I’ve always loved this book because of its aesthetic with the woods, and every character has their own unique, compelling trait. The book taught me that drama should always overtake action. You don’t need tons of action scenes to make an epic story, besides, it’s the drama between the characters that builds the suspense and entertains the audience. Have you ever rooted for a character in a movie because it was a favorite actor of yours?

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By Frank Herbert

Book cover of Dune

Why this book?

There’s no question when it comes to the success of the story Dune, which Hollywood produced as the top-grossing film in 2021. This book is a must-recommendation because of its beautiful, clever-constructed world in a strong aesthetic of desert life. Dune helped me realize the political side of storytelling, and a story can combine many characters when done the right way without confusing the readers. Plus, this novel was published in 1965 and still trends today. 

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The Shadow War

By Lindsay Smith

Book cover of The Shadow War

Why this book?

The Shadow War is a historical fiction story that takes place in the majestic, horrific era of World War II. The word choices and story pace interested me with this story. For the chapter heads, the author used character names to jump from one to the next, and while I believe that’s used a lot in books, I formatted mine quite uniquely from others, transforming the pages into what feels like a cinematic marvel, all thanks to studying the formats of other books.

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The Institute

By Stephen King

Book cover of The Institute

Why this book?

Stephen King is known for his artsy works, but The Institute felt different than the other stories. The book is divided up into sections, and in these sections were chapters. It was an interesting way to format a book, but what pulled me into the story was the fantasy magic of telekinesis, almost a runoff of his book The Shining. The psychology was captivating while the young characters were tormented for their punishments of betrayal against the mysterious school, but every kid had their own shine to them, a special talent or gift of nature inside.

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Slender Man

By Anonymous

Book cover of Slender Man

Why this book?

Weird, right? The author of the story is unknown. Some may say it’s just a narrative of the main character’s story, but no one really knows the truth behind the mythical monster. Slender Man was a decent book, a very quick read too for four-hundred pages. While the story was slow, it pitched in its genre of suspense, mystery, and terror. We live in the real world, but we’re also living in a world of wonders. I’d recommend this story to anyone who loves mysteries and evil entities, even gamers who run around the worlds of Fallout and Skyrim.

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