The best books on love gone wrong

The Books I Picked & Why


By Stephenie Meyer

Book cover of Twilight

Why this book?

I enjoyed this story because I believe in love and believe it can last forever given the right circumstance, in this case, immortality. As a little girl, I had hoped that I would find that happily ever after, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. So, reading about Bella’s feelings towards Edward allows me to experience those affections that I feel I was robbed of having. 

The book creates a classic love triangle with the expected struggles of unrequited love and then sets the stage for an agreeable resolution between the three main characters with the introduction of the half-vampire, half-human child. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.

The value I got from the book was to fall in love and think it will be forever is a great idea.  That doesn’t happen nowadays, and it appears that the only way for it to happen for this couple was to become immortal. Then the word “forever” truly has a more infinite meaning. So if you are into love stories with unlikely characters, this is a good book.

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The Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins

Book cover of The Hunger Games

Why this book?

I like this story because it focuses on a strong woman taking charge to challenge the evils of society, similar to a Joan of Arc character. Katniss is more concerned with saving her family and protecting her sister rather than being the heroine to unite the districts. However, during the entire ordeal, she realizes that her male companion, Peter Mellark, is not just another competitor representing their district, but he has a selfish interest in volunteering to compete in the games. He would do anything to be with her, including taking a beating from his family for sharing food with her all for the sake of love.

The best part of this story for me is when Katniss says “Peter, stay with me”, and he responds, “always”. This touching moment is done a couple of times during the series but it is very heart-wrenching for me. Because no matter how much adversity Peter encounters, he still loves Katniss and as he says, he will always be with her.

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Sense and Sensibility

By Jane Austen

Book cover of Sense and Sensibility

Why this book?

I love, love period pieces especially when they include historical events along with a good story. Jane Austen’s stories tell of a time when women were treated almost as property or second-class citizens and the ordeals they had to endure for love or just survival. Women had to swallow their pride and sense of accomplishment if they wanted to survive. If they happened to marry for love, then they were fortunate, but most married out of duty, financial need, or some other loyalty.

I like the book because it shows that women can survive and make the best out of a bad situation. It’s not just a disadvantage for women here but as the story goes, Willoughby also lost the love of his life (Marianne Dashwood) in order to keep his family property. I also like this story because while things may appear to be worked out for everyone, It shows that not every story has a happy ending.

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Wuthering Heights

By Emily Bronte

Book cover of Wuthering Heights

Why this book?

I like this story because, like Romeo and Juliet, it is a love story that ends in tragedy. Heathcliff is this tortured and tortuous soul that struggles to understand his emotions and the persona he has adopted. He is a rake, by choice, and wanting to change that behavior and become a dutiful husband, as expected, creates all kinds of conflict. Love, in this book, is the enemy. 

The reason I would recommend this book is for readers to see another side of love, that it is not all rainbows and roses. There is a dark side of love that makes people do, say, or become someone or something that isn’t good.

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Devil's Bride

By Stephanie Laurens

Book cover of Devil's Bride

Why this book?

I love all of Stephanie Laurens’ books about historical London and high society during the Regency period or “the ton”, as it was called. The Bar Cynster series doesn’t disappoint. These books are fun to read and in keeping with the true romance books of boy meets girl themes and girl tames the cagy, self-proclaimed bachelor. Each book deals with a different brother or cousin in the Cynster dynasty and a specific event around their daily lives. The reader gets a sense of current events and the lifestyle of the rich during this period and how money and power can evade or remove any adverse effects on the family. 

There are six books in this series and I highly recommend reading all six. They are fun, light-hearted, and easy to read. I even like their nicknames of “scandal”, “rake”, and “devil”. It makes them seem like the bad boys of their day. A great pick-me-up series. Sometimes I re-read them just for the fun of it.

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