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When 17 year old Isabella Swan moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father she expects that her new life will be as dull as the town.

But in spite of her awkward manner and low expectations, she finds that her new classmates are drawn to this pale, dark-haired…

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This novel and the film captured the imagination of millions of readers and then moviegoers. In my local theater I was told that mature women were among the largest group of fans, which may have inspired me to write a fantasy novel. 

Fantasy allows us to include a "possible" world, satisfying dreams we may have had. The courtship of the sixteen-year-old Bella corresponds to the sixteen-year-old Adelyn. Their suitors are also similar, Edward may be eighteen when he became fixed in time, but he is worldly in his experiences which continued to grow as the years passed by. So Adelyn's…

From Renee's list on women with pasts and futures.

I was a teacher when I first heard of this book. My class was at the library. The librarian was giving book talks to pique the students’ interest. When she talked about Twilight, I couldn’t wait to read it. For those who somehow haven’t heard of Twilight yet, it’s about a girl who falls in love with a vampire.

I liked that Twilight was different from any other vampire story I’d ever known. It was fun to read about vampires who didn’t want to kill people. The characters were all very intriguing. When I came to the end of…

Let’s look at one of my other favorite things. Paranormal Romance was thrust back into the spotlight with the release of Twilight whose main focus is on a girl who discovers a handsome peer is a vampire. From there she’s taken through unimaginable danger and culture shock, but she doesn’t want to withdraw from him to save herself. The inevitable adventure just seems to cement her love for him. Of course, there are wolves as well later on in the series which is definitely where my heart rests. It’s a well-written story and is a unique take on vampires. 

From Toni's list on fantastic fantasy to get lost in.

Considering my first book on vampires, Twilight was the perfect choice, as the intoxicating romance between Bella and Edward completely swept me away. Even after a motley of vampire reads this still continues to be my top favourite. Bella’s quiet and reserved charm was like a breath of fresh air unlike the rebellious and know-it-all teenagers that we usually come across. Her personality was distinct wherein she didn’t feel the need to sway under peer pressure but was perfectly fine doing her own thing. This feminine aspect of her personality though was heavily criticized later on. In spite of…

Okay, I hear you. Maybe you’re saying that a hundred-year age gap is creepy and that the Twilight books are trite, overly dramatic, and way too hyped for what they truly are. Maybe. But c’mon, tell me you didn’t swoon when the century-old vampire with the mussed-up hair and sparkly skin fell for the klutzy outcast, Bella. I know I did. Twilight was a guilty pleasure that I read on a Bahamian beach with a drink in hand. It got me started on my love for YA fantasy romances, and most importantly, if I hadn’t picked up this book those…

Rewind to the time before all the Twilight mania. I bought this book when it first came out (the cover screamed at me from the shelves). I was absorbed by this simple story about a normal girl who falls in love with a vampire and the dangers that come with that forbidden romance. I mean, who hasn’t been stuck in a boring rut, wishing a love-struck sparkly vampire would interrupt the humdrum? This is daydream gold. Ignore the Hollywood drama and the airbrushed photos of a sparkly Rob-Pat and enjoy it for what it is—a classic story of girl meets…

From Casey's list on to escape the real world.

I know, I know. Twilight. Again? Still? But yes. For all of the hating some have done on this book, the truth is that it brought a lot of people back to reading. Including me. This is actually the book that inspired me to write, and for that, I am forever grateful. I loved the author’s take on shifters and how she incorporated the Quileute tribe into her werewolves—a culture I might never have learned about otherwise. If you’ve never read Twilight (where have you been??), you may just be surprised at how easily it sucks you in. 

From Heather's list on young adult shifter romance.

I enjoyed this story because I believe in love and believe it can last forever given the right circumstance, in this case, immortality. As a little girl, I had hoped that I would find that happily ever after, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. So, reading about Bella’s feelings towards Edward allows me to experience those affections that I feel I was robbed of having. 

The book creates a classic love triangle with the expected struggles of unrequited love and then sets the stage for an agreeable resolution between the three main characters with the introduction of the…

From S.T.'s list on love gone wrong.

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