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Crash & Burn

By Savannah Kade,

Book cover of Crash & Burn

JB Schroeder Author Of Runaway

From the list on women confronting danger to reclaim their lives.

Who am I?

I love stories about everyday people ripped out of their normal lives and forced to face the craziest situations head-on. I mean, can you even imagine? Could you find a way to survive and win? To face down life-threatening danger and evil people and rise from the ashes stronger and smarter? I’m pretty sure I’d kill if it meant protecting my children…but strand me in the wilderness and I’d likely perish from eating the wrong berries. I hate to be hungry, but I love to bring edgy romantic suspense and twisty psychological suspense to readers. Enjoy!

JB's book list on women confronting danger to reclaim their lives

Discover why each book is one of JB's favorite books.

Why did JB love this book?

Savannah Kade always delivers smart, savvy heroines—it’s her thing! But you’ll also find an alpha hero who is equal parts protective, sexy, and sweet. Oh yeah—and he’s a firefighter, too! Hot, hot, hot! This heroine is fighting for her new beginning and confronting danger she didn’t see coming. Creepy twists in the serial killer plot are left as hooks to be resolved later in the series—but trust me, the ending will satisfy.

By Savannah Kade,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Crash & Burn as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

He knew from the moment he saw her…

Sebastian Kane felt that visceral punch to the gut the first time Maggie Willis walked into his fire station. But his hesitation cost him dearly and new-in-town Maggie is already dating fellow firefighter, Rex. Even his loyalty to the brotherhood can’t keep Sebastian away when danger is on Maggie’s doorstep. Or maybe already inside her house…

Maggie fled to tiny Redemption hoping to leave behind a painful betrayal she’d rather keep hidden, but her hopes for a fresh start are quickly dying. None of the town’s residents are willing to trust a…


By David A. Simpson, Wesley R. Norris,

Book cover of Animals

Chris Philbrook Author Of Dark Recollections

From the list on zompoc (zombie + apocalypse).

Who am I?

Chris Philbrook spent almost two decades figuring out he didn’t want to use his business degree for business, and his psychology degree for mental health. Instead, he started writing books about zombies, several of which went on to hit bestseller status, and life has been far better as a result. He has authored over 25 books now, spanning multiple genres.

Chris' book list on zompoc (zombie + apocalypse)

Discover why each book is one of Chris' favorite books.

Why did Chris love this book?

Zompoc novels that involve kids are a tough pill to swallow, but David and Wesley have done something totally different with their story of a field trip gone awry in the early days of the apocalypse. One part Lord of the Flies, one part Night of the Living Dead, the three books in the Feral Children series sees school kids surviving the zombie apocalypse trapped in the city zoo, and it follows them as they befriend the animals there, and then step out with those animals at their backs. The Feral Children gives you the opportunity to read about clever kids surviving the horrors of the undead, as well as getting the chance to read about what a bear might do when faced with the undead.

By David A. Simpson, Wesley R. Norris,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Animals as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

The bears were hungry and the panther was pacing her cage.

It was supposed to be a fun field trip to the zoo. Instead, it turned into a nightmare of blood.

The zombie virus spread like wildfire. By noon, they were all alone. Abandoned. Safe inside the fences, a group of school kids are the only survivors. Like the animals, they’ve spent their whole lives being cared for and fed, pampered and loved. Now they have to learn how to survive, how to hunt, and how to kill.

A wild ride that will keep you on the edge of your…

True Story

By Kate Reed Petty,

Book cover of True Story

Chris Pavone Author Of Two Nights in Lisbon

From the list on suspense that is actually about something bigger.

Who am I?

I love crime fiction—mysteries, thrillers, espionage, you name it, plots and puzzles that excite and confound and ultimately gratify. I also love the non-genre called literary fiction, sharply observed and beautifully written books that move me, and leave me with a slightly better understanding of humanity. And I think the sweetest spot of all is the intersection of the two, with sparkling prose, fully realized characters, and interesting settings combined with an insistent, credible plot that makes it a matter of urgency to turn the page, presenting the exquisite dilemma of wanting to race through the excitement but also the opposite urge to slow down and enjoy it all.

Chris' book list on suspense that is actually about something bigger

Discover why each book is one of Chris' favorite books.

Why did Chris love this book?

A rumor about teenage sexual assault has long-term repercussions on a handful of characters in this superb novel that toggles among different genres—thriller, mystery, women’s fiction, coming-of-age literary, even screenplays—with voices in first, second, and third person, a fascinating way of looking at a single event from every angle. The characters are astoundingly well-drawn, in particular the spot-on portraits of teenaged boys, which are a master class on how to write credible, realistic, and true characters that are well beyond the novelist’s own experience. Even the title itself is a clever subversion.

By Kate Reed Petty,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked True Story as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

"A gripping, ripped-from-headlines tale." -People

"Spellbinding." -Megan Abbott, The New York Times Book Review

Tracing the fifteen-year fallout of a toxic high school rumor, a riveting, astonishingly original debut novel about the power of stories-and who gets to tell them

2015. A gifted and reclusive ghostwriter, Alice Lovett makes a living helping other people tell their stories. But she is haunted by the one story she can't tell: the story of, as she puts it, "the things that happened while I was asleep."

1999. Nick Brothers and his lacrosse teammates return for their senior year at their wealthy Maryland high…

A Fiery Match

By Natalie Bright, Denise F. McAllister,

Book cover of A Fiery Match

Carmen Peone Author Of Captured Secrets

From the list on romance that rope you into cowboys and love.

Who am I?

Because I have lived on an Indian reservation for more than three decades, own and train horses, have competed in horse shows and competitions, have worked with one of my sons on a cattle ranch, and I’ve been happily married for almost forty years, writing contemporary Western romance became the perfect fit. I love reading clean romance stories with strong female characters. My degree in Abnormal Psychology from Eastern Washington University has proved useful in my development of characters and their fears, the lies they believe, and how to overcome their struggles.  

Carmen's book list on romance that rope you into cowboys and love

Discover why each book is one of Carmen's favorite books.

Why did Carmen love this book?

These authors had me on the edge of my seat in A Fiery Match. What’s better than a Texas love story set on a ranch with exciting characters and danger? Not much. I admired Janie Olson’s feistiness and drive she obtained from her time in the Army. The way the authors polished Fire Chief Mack Griffitt's rough edges was organic and fun. Though the book is filled with tension, the matchmaking busybodies toss in a helping of humor, which made for a super balance of suspense and comedy I thoroughly enjoyed. 

By Natalie Bright, Denise F. McAllister,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked A Fiery Match as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

She left as the ugly duckling and returned a beautiful swan—only she doesn’t know it.

The day Janie Olsen arrives back home, it’s to find major upheaval amidst a prairie fire on her family ranch. When she takes charge, thanks to her years in the Army, she does more than just ruffle the feathers of the town’s fire chief—she sparks an unsuspecting match.

Fire Chief Mack Griffitt is used to calling the shots. But when an upstart, feisty woman shows up out of nowhere and tries taking charge of his fire scene, he’s forced to put his large boot down.…

Undead Ultra

By Camille Picott,

Book cover of Undead Ultra

A.M. Geever Author Of Love in an Undead Age

From the list on science fiction, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic.

Who am I?

I write action-packed post-apocalyptic and dystopian adventures—with a dash of romance. An avid reader of science fiction and fantasy from an early age, the only job I ever wanted—besides being a writer—was to be a Star Fleet Officer. I owe my love of all things zombie to my older brothers, whose influence in books, music, and film continues to this day, although my tolerance for puns and movies that are "so bad they're good" is a whole lot lower than theirs. The idea of becoming a zombie because my car runs out of gas gets me to the gas station when I'd rather not bother.

A.M.'s book list on science fiction, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic

Discover why each book is one of A.M.'s favorite books.

Why did A.M. love this book?

This book—and series—rocks! I love the resourceful main character, Kate. She has one goal: to get to her son, even if it means running 200 miles to do it. There’s a great balance between action and character development; the plot is tight and surprising. Picott's take on zombies is original, and that's hard to do. She also has a talent for making the situation go from bad to worse to dreadful to catastrophic. Every time I thought I knew where she was going with the latest cluster f*ck, I was wrong–every single time.

While listening to the last audiobook in the series, I was crying out, “No! Don’t do it!” repeatedly during the story’s climax, so loudly that my husband came downstairs to see what was wrong.

By Camille Picott,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Undead Ultra as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

A deadly outbreak. A long-distance runner.

Can one woman outrun the zombie apocalypse?

Kate’s love for running turned into a coping mechanism after her husband died. But when a lethal zombie virus breaks out, it becomes her only means of survival.

As the infection spreads like wildfire, Kate receives a desperate call from her son, Carter. Trapped in a dorm room with no way out, it falls on Kate to rescue him.

But cars have become a liability in the apocalypse—and standing between Kate and Carter are 200 miles of impassable, zombie-infested roadways.

Kate already lost her husband. Determined not…

Heroes of the Frontier

By Dave Eggers,

Book cover of Heroes of the Frontier

Céline Keating Author Of The Stark Beauty of Last Things

From the list on immersing yourself in nature.

Who am I?

I’ve loved nature and being outdoors since childhood, when I would escape our apartment complex by berry-picking in a park or sneaking onto the lush grounds of a local mental hospital. I grew up in Queens, New York, at a time of rapid development, and mourned as trees were felled for housing. I became an avid hiker, canoeist, and gardener as an adult, and serve on the board of an environmental organization in Montauk, Long Island. What we lose when we lose our connection to nature, saving our last wild places, and leaving a sustainable world to the next generation are key themes in my forthcoming novel--and personal motivation.

Céline's book list on immersing yourself in nature

Discover why each book is one of Céline's favorite books.

Why did Céline love this book?

I love camping out in the wild, so for me reading this novel was a vicarious extended vacation.

The novel centers on a woman who escapes to Alaska with her two children and makes her way across the state in a beat-up rented recreational vehicle they call the Chateau. The fantastically flawed and appealing Josie and her two children are all wonderfully drawn. Anyone who has ever gone camping will get a kick out of all the details of life in this wreck on wheels.

The novel is not just laugh-out-loud funny; it’s also profound and deeply felt. I also wouldn’t have expected a novel that makes a compelling argument that we need to address climate change to be set in Alaska, where there’s so much untrammeled wilderness. But this novel taught me that in fact, the effects of climate change are actually more harsh closer to the poles.


By Dave Eggers,

Why should I read it?

2 authors picked Heroes of the Frontier as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?


'The mirror image of Eggers's brilliantly dystopian The Circle... [A] state of the nation novel, cleansing the spirit and lifting the heart' Guardian

A hilarious and heart-warming misadventure through modern America: it's time for the family vacation...

Josie's life is falling apart - lawsuits raining down, her business down the drain and a feckless husband long gone - so she gathers up her two kids and lights out for the wilderness. The Alaskan wilderness, to be specific.

This is a story about the trip of a lifetime. It involves one battered old RV,…

Book cover of Sell Your Book Like Wildfire: The Writer's Guide to Marketing and Publicity

Joel Stafford Author Of The First 100 Days of Your Book: Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors

From the list on marketing for self-publishing authors.

Who am I?

A very good friend of mine wrote a great non-fiction book – I know it’s great because I read it –, and he sincerely asked for help saying “Joel you learned a bit about marketing, how can I get some traffic?”. I checked several “book promotion” websites and I was shocked how awful they were that day. I learned UI design so I decided that I can start my own book recommendation website, which will be at least user/reader friendly. Continuing my friend's story, I helped him trying the most popular promotion methods and I was surprised that there were a lot that simply don’t work and of course we found some that were nearly unknown. 

Joel's book list on marketing for self-publishing authors

Discover why each book is one of Joel's favorite books.

Why did Joel love this book?

Whether this is your first book, or you are already experienced, this book will give you some great value by teaching you how to increase book sales, building a brand, and making sure your book stands out in the crowd. Everything is detailed in step-by-step instructions for easy application in real life.

Furthermore, you will learn how to come up with more speaking engagements and interviews, connect with influencers and gain more notoriety and create a solid fan base that will spread the word. Everything goes in small details, so it makes no difference how experienced you are – follow these steps and your book will skyrocket.

By Rob Eagar,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Sell Your Book Like Wildfire as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Note from the author: This book, published in 2012, is outdated and out of print. For my most up-to-date, expert, marketing advice for authors, please refer to my new collection of books called The Author's Guide Series.

In Sell Your Book Like Wildfire, marketing expert Rob Eagar explains how to use the best promotional methods available to get your book noticed and drive sales. You'll learn how to: Increase your book sales by driving readers to bookstores and online retailers Build a brand that makes your books stand out from the crowd Secure more media interviews and speaking engagements Connect…

Book cover of Ellie Dwyer's Great Escape

Alyssa Padgett Author Of A Beginner's Guide to Living in an RV

From the list on living in a RV for a beginner.

Who am I?

In 2014, Alyssa Padgett convinced her husband Heath to take her to all 50 states for their honeymoon. Somehow he tricked her into doing it all in an RV. They’ve lived and traveled in an RV ever since. With her husband, Alyssa runs The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, a resource for anyone who wants to run a business while RVing.

Alyssa's book list on living in a RV for a beginner

Discover why each book is one of Alyssa's favorite books.

Why did Alyssa love this book?

This is one of the few novels I’ve read that perfectly depicts RV life! The main character Ellie ends up living in her car after a hurricane destroys her home. While she’s camping in the back of her car, she quickly becomes interested and maybe a tad jealous at all these people happily camping in their RVs where they have stoves and heaters and real beds.

This easy weekend read is short and sweet (and the first book in a series, if you get hooked). In addition to sharing Ellie’s transition into buying and living in her first RV, there are a few great insights for newbie RVers too. If nonfiction isn’t your thing, this is definitely the best fiction book on RV life that I’ve come across.

By Diane Winger,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Ellie Dwyer's Great Escape as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

You're never too old to run away from home

Ellie Dwyer, 61, is convinced bad luck comes in threes, and not just garden-variety, oh-well bad luck. How many people have to flee not one, but two natural disasters? And in between the wildfire and the hurricane, her husband of nearly forty years suddenly up and left her for no reason she could fathom, disappearing from her life without a clue to his whereabouts.

Determined to reinvent her life, Ellie sets out on a journey across the country. Along the way to nowhere in particular, she buys a camper, becomes friends…


By Rebecca Hodge,

Book cover of Wildland

Laura Drake Author Of Amazing Gracie

From the list on women at the edge of change.

Who am I?

I was raised in middle-class America by a strong woman and an alcoholic. I survived an abuser when I realized that I was the answer to my problems. I write about tough subjects but am an eternal optimist who believes a strong spirit will always ensure a happy ending.

Laura's book list on women at the edge of change

Discover why each book is one of Laura's favorite books.

Why did Laura love this book?

About a woman who rents a remote cabin in the mountains to decide; her cancer is back, and she must either fight again, or let nature take its course. There is a forest fire, and she is pivotal in saving not only her life, but the lives of others.

I loved it because it’s about a woman who doesn’t know how strong she is until faced with a situation she can’t let herself walk away from. 

This resonates in mine, and I expect many other women’s lives.

By Rebecca Hodge,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Wildland as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

For fans of Jodi Picoult and Anita Shreve comes an exhilarating debut novel of one woman's courage in the face of catastrophe.

She'll do anything to save them.
But what will she do to save herself?

When Kat Jamison retreats to the Blue Ridge Mountains, she's counting on peace and solitude to help her make a difficult decision. Her breast cancer has returned, but after the death of her husband, her will to fight is dampened. Now she has a choice to make: face yet another round of chemotherapy or surrender gracefully.

Self-reflection quickly proves impossible as her getaway is…

The River

By Peter Heller,

Book cover of The River

Pedro Hoffmeister Author Of American Afterlife

From the list on apocalyptic thrillers when you want to be scared.

Who am I?

My parents joined an evangelical cult when I was ten years old, and I was taught to fear everything, to truly believe I was an evil child, and that God wanted rule-following, humble servants who cowered before him. When I tried to rebel, I was punished and sent away to a cult camp in Colorado where a creepy pastor exhorted us daily. I finally escaped the cult for good when I was 17, but it took a long, long time to recover. Now, along with writing dark novels, I teach wilderness survival and the neuroscience of survival, and I try to apply my knowledge and skills when writing my characters in the American Afterlife series.

Pedro's book list on apocalyptic thrillers when you want to be scared

Discover why each book is one of Pedro's favorite books.

Why did Pedro love this book?

Any Peter Heller novel will work here—The Dog Stars, The Painter, etc.—but The River is really interesting for a few reasons: Heller pushes his characters into the unknown on a river that serves both as a literal symbol and a propulsive, metaphorical symbol. There’s no way to backtrack on a river, so his two friends can’t go backwards. Then we add in the imminent danger of a forest fire and the creepy people also on the river with them, and the whole entire mix is scary!

By Peter Heller,

Why should I read it?

2 authors picked The River as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?



Two friends
Wynn and Jack have been best friends since their first day of college, brought together by their shared love the great outdoors.

The adventure of a lifetime
When they decide to canoe down the Maskwa River in northern Canada, they anticipate the ultimate wilderness experience: no phones, no fellow travellers, no way of going…

If the Ice Had Held

By Wendy J. Fox,

Book cover of If the Ice Had Held

Beth Castrodale Author Of I Mean You No Harm

From the list on confronting trauma or loss.

Who am I?

All of my novels explore, in some way, how the characters are affected by trauma or loss, and how they respond to these difficulties over time. This comes partly from my impatience with the notion of “closure” and with the idea that we can ever truly find it after a traumatic event or a significant loss. I’m drawn to fiction and nonfiction that doesn’t shy away from the messiness of finding a way to live with these difficulties, or trying to. In addition to writing fiction, I’ve spent nearly ten years recommending novels and story collections through my Small Press Picks website.

Beth's book list on confronting trauma or loss

Discover why each book is one of Beth's favorite books.

Why did Beth love this book?

I love the complex, nuanced way in which this novel explores the long-range consequences of a single tragedy: in the case of this book, the death of a young man who was on the edge of becoming a father. As we enter the perspectives of his sister, the mother of his child, and (in later years) his child, we learn how lives can be rebuilt in the aftermath of a loss, a time when survivors can feel hopelessly broken. We also learn how new—and sometimes unexpectedbonds can be formed. In other words, we see that tragedies can leave more than darkness in their wake. I took hope from this book, and it provided a refreshing perspective, especially in these troubling times.

By Wendy J. Fox,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked If the Ice Had Held as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Melanie Henderson's life is a lie. The scandal of her birth and the identity of her true parents is kept from her family's small, conservative Colorado town. Not even she knows the truth: that her birth mother was just 14 and unmarried to her father, a local boy who drowned when he tried to take a shortcut across an icy river. Thirty-five years later, in Denver, Melanie dabbles in affairs with married men while clinging to a corporate job that gives her life order even as her tenuous relationships fall apart. She still hasn't learned that the woman who raised…

A House Is a Body

By Shruti Swamy,

Book cover of A House Is a Body: Stories

Charlie Jane Anders Author Of Even Greater Mistakes

From the list on short stories that could change your life.

Who am I?

Charlie Jane Anders is the author of All the Birds in the Sky, which Time Magazine listed as one of the hundred best fantasy novels of all time. Her other books include The City in the Middle of the Night, Victories Greater than Death, and Never Say You Can't Survive: How to Get Through Hard Times By Making Up Stories. She organizes the long-running spoken word series Writers With Drinks, helps to organize tours of local bookstores, and also co-hosts the podcast Our Opinions Are Correct. Her short fiction has appeared in Tin House, Conjunctions, Wired Magazine, Slate, and the Boston Review.

Charlie's book list on short stories that could change your life

Discover why each book is one of Charlie's favorite books.

Why did Charlie love this book?

A really great short story collection can sweep you off your feet and take you to a lot of different places, in a way that novels can't quite manage. And Swamy's debut collection is haunting in the best possible way. These dreamlike stories feature characters who are lost and dislocated, carried along by other people's desires, and the best of them have something to say about art as well as relationships. In one story, an artist who is descending into alcoholism gets into a relationship with the god Krishna, and in another, a "laughter artist" has perfected her laughter to the point where all laughter seems artificial. Swamy conveys the feeling of being lost but seen, in a really beautiful, arresting way.

By Shruti Swamy,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked A House Is a Body as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

In "A Simple Composition," a husband's professional crisis leads to his wife's discovery of a dark, ecstatic joy. And in the title story, an exhausted mother watches, hypnotised by fear, as a California wildfire approaches her home. Immersive and assured, provocative and probing, these are stories written with the edge and precision of a knife blade. Set in the United States and India, they reveal small but intense moments of beauty, pain, and power that contain the world.

Ghosts of the Fireground

By Peter M. Leschak,

Book cover of Ghosts of the Fireground: Echoes of the Great Peshtigo Fire and the Calling of a Wildland Firefighter

Anthony DeCapite Author Of Fireline

From the list on heart-pounding thrills.

Who am I?

I grew up reading stories of heroes, of adventures in fantastical worlds, and my time in the Marines expanded my sensibilities, adding grit and an understanding of real-world crises and conflicts. Give me compelling characters, unique worlds, and fast pacing, and I’ll be up until the wee hours glued to the page. Those are the kind of books I featured in this list, as well as what I try to write. 

Anthony's book list on heart-pounding thrills

Discover why each book is one of Anthony's favorite books.

Why did Anthony love this book?

I read this to get an authentic perspective on wildland firefighting for my novel, but I got so much more out of it than that. The book interweaves the author’s firsthand account of his crew’s battles during a hellacious fire season with the history of a priest saving townspeople from an infamous 1871 inferno. Those echoes of the past do a good job of supporting Leschak’s story, which is the real meat of the book.

Leschak is a legit badass as the commander of a helitack crew battling fires across a large region—but what I related to, deeply, was his approach to leadership, his intellectual struggle with organized religion, and his contemplative nature.

By Peter M. Leschak,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Ghosts of the Fireground as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

In October 1871, a massive forest fire incinerated the town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin. It was the deadliest fire in North American history, an event so intense that its release of energy was not approximated until the advent of thermo-nuclear weapons. At least 1,200 people perished-some in bizarre and disturbing ways-and the actual number of fatalities is unknown, perhaps as many as 1,500 were lost. Since the Great Chicago Fire occurred at the same time, Peshtigo was overshadowed and almost forgotten.

In 2000, veteran wild-land firefighter Peter Leschak was faced with a hot and challenging fire season, tasked with the leadership…

Fire in the Heart

By Mary Emerick,

Book cover of Fire in the Heart: A Memoir of Friendship, Loss, and Wildfire

Christine Reed Author Of Alone in Wonderland

From the list on outdoor adventures by and about women.

Who am I?

I got interested in long-distance backpacking in my mid-twenties, looking for an escape from the messy life I had created for myself. I wanted to reinvent myself, and a blog about the Appalachian Trail suggested a perfect solution. After 650 miles on the trail and the death of my mother, I knew I would never be the same. In the years since, I have hiked the Wonderland Trail (as featured in Alone in Wonderland) and the Colorado Trail. Backpacking has become more than an escape – it has become home.

Christine's book list on outdoor adventures by and about women

Discover why each book is one of Christine's favorite books.

Why did Christine love this book?

Mary's story shows the harsh reality of being a woman in a man's world – wildland firefighting. Her vulnerability and truth were incredibly relatable to me. The pressure to always be on, always strong, always performing, lest one moment of softness be held up as an example of why women don't belong. 

By Mary Emerick,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Fire in the Heart as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

FIRE IN THE HEART is a powerful memoir by a woman, once a shy, insecure schoolgirl, who reinvented herself as a professional wildlands firefighter. Determined to forge herself into a stronger, braver person, Mary devotes herself to fire from the Florida swamp to Alaska's interior. Filled with literal struggles for survival, tough choices and Mary's burning passion for what she does, Fire in the Heart, is an unflinching account of one woman's relationship with fire. But when she loses a close friend to the famous Storm King Mountain forest fire in Colorado, which killed fourteen firefighters, Mary faces the hardest…


By Annabel Allan,

Book cover of Wildfire

Estelle Pettersen Author Of Rainbow Desire

From the list on romance with a thrilling plot.

Who am I?

I am a big fan of romance books with thrilling plots. It’s partly how I remember the stories years later. When I wrote Flowers for Kate in the Rainbow Desire anthology, it started as a pure romance, but I added a supernatural thrill. One reader admitted checking over her shoulder in case a spectral being was there while reading the story. I love writing stories with twists and turns, and surprising readers. Maybe it comes from my childhood days of being a Scooby-Doo fan—I loved the thrill of guessing the mysteries behind each character and the villain being unmasked. I’m an ex-journalist who has published romance stories from erotic to sweet.

Estelle's book list on romance with a thrilling plot

Discover why each book is one of Estelle's favorite books.

Why did Estelle love this book?

Wildfire starts with the protagonist Stephanie Fournier working as an assistant in a boring 9 to 5 job. Yet, this book is anything but boring. Things heat up very fast when gorgeous CEO Robert Quinlan notices her, and the two become passionate. There’s a catch…she’s a virgin. Will his sudden disinterest in Stephanie mean the end of a romance? Or, can experts be seduced by amateurs? And, there is trouble brewing when another woman’s jealousy bubbles over Quinlan. Wildfire is book one in the Smoke Chaser series. It’s packed with great dialogue, a ruthless female antagonist who drops nasty surprises in Stephanie’s path, and a fiery romance that honors the story’s title. 

By Annabel Allan,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked Wildfire as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Stephanie Fournier is an assistant at a law firm in Toronto, Ontario. Her boring 9 to 5 starts to heat up when Robert Quinlan, the gorgeous CEO of the company, takes a special interest in her. At first she responds to his obvious interest with glee... and then he finds out she's a virgin.

His sudden disinterest is not only embarrassing, but awkward around the workplace, especially with an undeniable heat still present between them. Stephanie sets out to prove she's unshaken, only to entice him back into her thrall. But can an amateur really win over an expert in…

Lake of Fire

By Mark Stevens,

Book cover of Lake of Fire

Chris Goff Author Of A Parliament of Owls

From the list on mysteries on rogue women spending time outdoors.

Who am I?

I grew up in a small, rural, mountain community in Colorado, which is where I learned to love the outdoors. I explored every inch of “my mountain” with my dog, Blueberry. I skied by age three, and my father taught me to fish, shoot a rifle and drive a Jeep before I turned twelve. And I loved to read. To my good fortune, a small stone house at the bottom of our hill housed the public library. The librarian was my best friend. My favorites were mysteries, suspense, and thrillers with strong female characters, which is how I came to be a mystery writer and a founding member of the Rogue Women Writers.

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Stevens does an incredible job of whipping up a firestorm. Lake of Fire is a must-read for anyone interested in knowing what it’s like to live in the Colorado mountains. Allison Coil is a Colorado hunting guide, and the book opens with a giant wildfire raging through Colorado’s Flat Top Wilderness. It wipes out Allison’s hunting grounds and bears down on her boyfriend’s family ranch. In the fire’s aftermath, she is shocked to learn a friend, a reclusive environmentalist with an unorthodox idea for battling global warming has died in the fire. Determined to find justice for him, Allison digs into an underground group of anti-government extremists, only to have them strike back, hurting those closest to her. Allison doesn’t back down, never afraid to protect the people and places she loves. Her passion is inspiring.

By Mark Stevens,

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A giant wildfire is roaring through Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness. The massive blaze is wiping out Allison Coil’s precious hunting grounds and the flames have set their sights on the beautiful ranch owned by her boyfriend’s family. Backwoods survivalist Devo finds a body in the blackened forest. The dead man turns out to be a reclusive environmentalist with an unorthodox idea for the battle against global warming. The dead man was no stranger to Allison or her longtime friend, Trudy Heath. Allison, with help from Glenwood Springs reporter Duncan Bloom, burrows into an underground world of haters who harbor a…

A Fire Story

By Brian Fies,

Book cover of A Fire Story

Jess Barber Author Of Reckoning 2

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Who am I?

I'm a speculative fiction writer who often works within the genre of "climate fiction." I grew up in southern Appalachia; my hometown is a lovely place, surrounded by the beauty and wildness of the Smoky Mountains. It also happens to be centered around a chemical company where a large portion of the town works, including my father and, for a brief time, myself. I've been fascinated with the dichotomy of nature and industry for a long time, and have spent years exploring these themes in my own work.

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Another fire, another story, this one a graphic memoir about the 2017 wildfires that ravaged Northern California, claiming dozens of lives and destroying the author's home. It's a beautiful book, illustrated with a simplicity and starkness that pulls you inexorably forward. The night of the fire itself is present in the narrative, but the majority of the book is occupied with what comes after: the unexpected kindness of friends and strangers, the nonlinear progression of grief, the bureaucracy and absurdism of tragedy, and all the questions of how you begin to rebuild.

By Brian Fies,

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1 author picked A Fire Story as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Early morning on Monday, October 9, 2017, wildfires burned through Northern California, resulting in 44 fatalities. In addition, 6,200 homes and 8,900 structures and were destroyed. Author Brian Fies's firsthand account of this tragic event is an honest, unflinching depiction of his personal experiences, including losing his house and every possession he and his wife had that didn't fit into the back of their car. In the days that followed, as the fires continued to burn through the area, Brian hastily pulled together A Fire Story and posted it online-it immediately went viral. He is now expanding his original webcomic…