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The Experience of God

By David Bentley Hart,

Book cover of The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss

Deep ideas, indeed some of the deepest ideas possible. This is state-of-the-art theology by one of the greatest living theologians who brings together essential insights from the Hindu, Christian, Sufi, Buddhist, and other religious traditions showing how all have much more in common than separates them. Essential reading for anyone interested in the nature of consciousness, because the fundamental subject matter of theology is none other than ultimate consciousness, the source of all other forms of consciousness in the universe, including our own. Hart’s writing is lively and engaging.

Who am I?

I am a biologist and I am also interested in spiritual explorations and sacred places. These books discuss some of the most interesting issues in science, and the nature of ultimate consciousness - the primary subject of theology, consciousness. I am also very interested in spiritual practices that have measurable effects, as discussed in my books Science and Spiritual Practices and Ways to Go Beyond and Why They Work.

I wrote...

The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry

By Rupert Sheldrake,

Book cover of The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry

What is my book about?

The Science Delusion is the belief that science already understands the nature of reality. The fundamental questions are answered, leaving only the details to be filled in. In this book, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative scientists, shows that science is being constricted by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. The 'scientific worldview' has become a belief system. All reality is material or physical. The world is a machine, made up of dead matter. Nature is purposeless. Consciousness is nothing but the physical activity of the brain. Free will is an illusion. God exists only as an idea in human minds, imprisoned within our skulls.

Sheldrake examines these dogmas scientifically, and shows persuasively that science would be better off without them: freer, more interesting, and more fun.


By David Eagleman,

Book cover of Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Awesomely creative think-piece. 40 very short fictional stories about what happens when you die. The framework is inspiring for anyone: coming up with 40 different answers to any one question. But they’re also just brilliant ideas and powerful little fables.

Who am I?

The greatest thrill is seeing something a new way. Remember the end of the movie The Sixth Sense, when you learn he was dead the whole time? It blows your mind and makes you re-think everything you saw. That's how it feels to learn another philosophy or a new distinction in understanding the world. I'm always seeking more of those moments, and these five books (plus mine) do that more than any I've found so far.

I wrote...

How to Live: 27 Conflicting Answers and One Weird Conclusion

By Derek Sivers,

Book cover of How to Live: 27 Conflicting Answers and One Weird Conclusion

What is my book about?

27 different answers to the question of how to live your life. Each chapter disagrees with the rest. But in this case, they’re all true, so how can you reconcile it? You’ll see.

This book is only available from the author here.

The God Code

By Gregg Braden,

Book cover of The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future

Gregg Braden is an example of one who has discovered how to live the spirituality within science. In this brilliant and insightful work, he links our genetic code to biblical alphabets to prove the unity of the human race and the idea that we are all greater than our beliefs. Braden shows that deep within our genetic code, held in the sanctuary of the DNA, is the universal message that traverses humanity—all cultures, all races, all genders: the name of God. Applying this message to our lives, we can transcend our beliefs, our biases, our conditioning to create a more harmonious condition of living for all of humanity.

Who am I?

Lilli Botchis, PhD, is a psycho-spiritual counselor, educator, and vibrational medicine developer with four decades of experience in advanced body/soul wellness and the development of higher consciousness. Her expertise includes botanicals, gems, color, flower essences, bio-energy therapies, and holographic soul readings. Lilli is an alchemist, mystic, and translator of Nature’s language as it speaks to our soul. A brilliant researcher in the field of consciousness, she understands the interconnectedness of Nature and the human being and is known as an extraordinary emissary of the natural world. Lilli has been inducted into the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller. Many seek her out for her visionary insights and compassionate wisdom.

I wrote...

Awakening the Holographic Human: Nature's Path to Healing and Higher Consciousness

By Elizabeth E. Botchis,

Book cover of Awakening the Holographic Human: Nature's Path to Healing and Higher Consciousness

What is my book about?

Awakening the Holographic Human is a comprehensive reference book on healing and higher consciousness through the use of the natural intelligence found in flowers, herbs, gems, color, the human energy system, and the astrological archetypes. It is for anyone interested in physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional healing; personal and/or planetary transformation; the development of higher states of consciousness; and actualizing human potential.

This book takes one on a journey in learning how to live in a transpersonal state, not limited by conditions and beliefs, but invoking the Mystery, the sacred, the sublime beauty of being human. Written in a beautifully lyrical style, as one reader wrote, this book is more than a body of knowledge—it is a transmission of love and wisdom. In this book, Lilli reveals the light-encoded intelligence within each of Nature’s healing gifts. She shares her knowledge so that anyone can understand the nature of their personal reality and how to expand beyond it into something greater: the holographic human.

God's Debris

By Scott Adams,

Book cover of God's Debris: A Thought Experiment

I like short books that don’t feel too daunting to read. This very readable, brief tale, described by Adams as a thought experiment wrapped in a story, reminds us how to see the world differently. Something we could all do with, to challenge our prejudices and lift us from our echo chambers. 

Who am I?

I am a film director and producer, specialising in science and history. I write books between making films. 

I wrote...

Where Once We Stood: Stories of The Apollo Astronauts Who Walked On The Moon

By Christopher Riley,

Book cover of Where Once We Stood: Stories of The Apollo Astronauts Who Walked On The Moon

What is my book about?

My most recent book – Where Once We Stood, was written for the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo Moon landing. Using the actual words spoken by the first humans to reach the surface of the Moon, it captures the first-hand accounts of an extraordinary chapter in our history. Interwoven with a unique series of illustrations by artist Martin Impey, it offers a rare insight into what it really felt like to live and work on another world; something that those who’d experienced it often found hard to convey. 

Don't Forget to Remember

By Ellie Holcomb, Kayla Harren (illustrator),

Book cover of Don't Forget to Remember

With gentle rhyming verse, Ellie Holcomb’s Don’t Forget to Remember tells how all creation reminds us of God’s love. Kayla Harren’s beautiful illustrations are more detailed than what is typical in a board book. I also recommend listening to Ellie Holcomb's song by the same title. Be warned though; you may find yourself singing it at any given moment. 

Who am I?

“I am loved and forgiven. What a wonderful thing! I’m adopted as God’s own. I’m a child of the King!” I am an author who wants to help parents write important truths on their children’s hearts. Nothing is a book I wish I had written sooner, and would have loved to have read with my own children when they were little enough to hold in my lap. I hope these book recommendations help you share God’s love with your little ones, so that when they grow up they are sure of the promise that nothing can ever separate them from God’s love.

I wrote...

Nothing: Nothing Can Separate You from God's Love!

By Natalee Creech, Joseph Cowman (illustrator),

Book cover of Nothing: Nothing Can Separate You from God's Love!

What is my book about?

Nothing is a joyful celebration of the promise from Romans 8:38-39 that nothing can separate us from God’s love: not the deepest sea, not a rumbling volcano...not even the things we do wrong! 

God, Value, and Nature

By Fiona Ellis,

Book cover of God, Value, and Nature

Many people think that modern science shows the cosmos to be an impersonal process, devoid of meaning and value. In this intricate and ground-breaking study, Fiona Ellis puts forward an ‘expansive naturalism’ that challenges contemporary atheist orthodoxy, and it led me to rethink the supposed opposition between the ‘natural’ and the divine.

Who am I?

I have spent my career writing and teaching philosophy, working on early-modern philosophers, especially that most controversial and enigmatic figure, René Descartes. In recent years my main interest has been in the philosophy of religion, focusing on grand traditional questions about the meaning of life, and on the spiritual dimension of religious thought and practice. I have argued for a ‘humane’ turn in philosophy, meaning that philosophical inquiry should not confine itself to abstract intellectual argument alone, but should draw on a full range of resources, including literary, poetic, imaginative, and emotional modes of awareness, as we struggle to come to terms with the mystery of human existence. 

I wrote...

In Search of the Soul: A Philosophical Essay

By John Cottingham,

Book cover of In Search of the Soul: A Philosophical Essay

What is my book about?

What is the soul? Does the concept still have a place in our modern scientifically oriented world? I argue that the concept of the soul is one that has a claim to be central to our thinking about what it is to be human. We are all engaged in the task of trying to understand the experiencing subject, the core self that makes us what we are. In searching for the soul, we aim to realize our true selves and find meaning in our lives. Exploring the soul in its many dimensions, historical, moral, psychological, and spiritual, In Search of the Soul aims to show how strongly the concept of soul still resonates today when human beings speak about what matters most deeply to them.

Divine Action and Modern Science

By Nicholas Saunders,

Book cover of Divine Action and Modern Science

This book considers the relationship between the natural sciences and the concept of God acting in the world. Nicholas Saunders examines the Biblical motivations for asserting a continuing notion of divine action and identifies several different theological approaches to the problem. He considers their theoretical relationships with the laws of nature, indeterminism, and probabilistic causation. His radical critiques of current attempts to reconcile special divine action with quantum theory, chaos theory, and quantum chaos are especially interesting, though he will not convince everyone! Saunders provocatively suggests that we are still far from a satisfactory account of how God might act in a manner that is consonant with modern science despite the copious recent scholarship in this area.

Who am I?

I'm a teacher, philosopher, writer, Professor of Philosophy, and holder of the Sullivan Chair in Philosophy at Rockhurst University, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. I'm the author/editor of sixteen books on such topics as religion and science, religion and politics, contemporary European philosophy, and political philosophy. I'm particularly interested in how religion and science, especially evolution, can be shown to be compatible with each other, as well as in developing an argument that there is no chance operating in nature (including in biology). My book and the books below explore these fascinating topics from almost every possible angle, and should whet readers’ appetites for further thinking about these intriguing matters!

I wrote...

Evolution, Chance, and God: Understanding the Relationship Between Evolution and Religion

By Brendan Sweetman,

Book cover of Evolution, Chance, and God: Understanding the Relationship Between Evolution and Religion

What is my book about?

I wrote this book in order to explore the challenging but fascinating topic of the relationship between religion and the scientific theory of evolution, which special attention to whether the process of evolution includes a significant (or indeed any) element of chance in its operation. Written in an accessible style for the non-specialist, the book probes the implications of evolution for religious belief and along the way discusses such topics as the meaning of chance and randomness in biology and science more generally, the difference between predictability and probability, and the absence of chance in nature. The book goes on to explore related topics of design, suffering, and morality, as well as considering some of the ways that God might act in and through creation. 


By Reza Aslan,

Book cover of God: A Human History

Whether you are religious or not, whether you like it or not, religions and God/Gods have been a part of the human civilizations as far as we started documenting, writing, and recording history and perhaps even as far as we existed. To understand the part that religion played in our history and how it had and still could have a significant effect on how we perceive the world and reality in general, it may be crucial to understand the history of religions and how they originated. Raza Aslan gives a wonderful presentation on that in this book. 

Who am I?

Mahmoud Elsayed has always been interested in finding rational answers to the big existential questions. This could clearly be noticed in his writings and philosophy. He has also worked in various and somehow diverse fields of engineering and science which allowed him to smoothly, flexibly, and knowledgeably jump from a field of expertise to another in order to make his philosophical arguments comprehensive. 

I wrote...

The Bitter Truth of Reality: The route to skepticism and the case against objective reality

By Mahmoud Elsayed,

Book cover of The Bitter Truth of Reality: The route to skepticism and the case against objective reality

What is my book about?

Reality is the one word that describes everything we live in, everything we know, knew, and will. It represents time, space, and all the other possible dimensions. But what exactly is reality? In his book, The Bitter Truth of Reality, author Mahmoud Elsayed attempts to answer this complex query by taking a journey through physics, biology, human anatomy, history, philosophy, and even religions. Hopefully, by the end of this book, the reader will find an answer to this question that sits at the top of the existential questions list.

Blood of a Fallen God

By Joshua C. Cook,

Book cover of Blood of a Fallen God

This is the first book in the Forgemaster Cycle. The audiobook features a fantastic vocal performance. Again, this is a well-realized fantasy world with a palpable history. You follow the adventures of a young blacksmith who aspires to perfect his craft in service of the fallen god of the forge. It’s an exciting adventure with high stakes and believable characters.

Who am I?

I’ve been working professionally as a writer for twenty-five years. I’m nothing close to a household name, but a number of my articles have gone viral throughout the years. I’ve had educators reach out to mention they’ve taught my work at both the high school and college levels. Writing is an occupation of passion, and the authors I’ve mentioned are all talented and passionate about their craft. It’s rare to find people who speak the truth anywhere in our society. These writers don’t just speak the truth, they make it sing.

I wrote...

The Reader of Acheron

By Walter Rhein,

Book cover of The Reader of Acheron

What is my book about?

The Reader of Acheron is a thoughtful dystopian/fantasy about a world where reading is prohibited. The book wrestles with the concept of willful ignorance, and the way an established power system can spread misinformation in the interest of servitude. The book has many parallels in our current political environment.

Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies

By Jonathan Rosen,

Book cover of Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies: Devin Dexter #1

I like a little humor with my spookiness and this book has humor to spare. Just the idea of a horde of demonic stuffed animals brings a smile to my face. Rosen does a fantastic job creating a fully-fleshed out world and filling it with interesting and engaging characters. But seriously, it's the bunnies that make this shine. Even now, just writing about them brings a smile to my face.

Who am I?

I've been writing Spooky Middle Grade for a number of years, and before that, I wrote horror for Hollywood. Living in Sleepy Hollow, spooky is in my blood, and if I didn't write creepy stories, they'd kick me out. I'm also a professional storyteller and have scared the bejeebus out of kids and adults in places like Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Rockefeller State Park Preserve, and Washington Irving's Sunnyside. Halloween is my favorite time of year. It more or less becomes a month-long village-wide celebration in October. Being inundated with all this crazy rubs off on you, and I have been well-steeped.

I wrote...

Lillian Lovecraft and the Harmless Horrors

By David Neilsen,

Book cover of Lillian Lovecraft and the Harmless Horrors

What is my book about?

Lillian Lovecraft's world is forever changed when she is accidentally haunted by a horrific entity from beyond time and reality named Frank, who likes mustard, plays with people's toupees, and is more annoying than dangerous. Frank's arrival, however, is a harbinger of worse things to come as more and more horrors from Frank's dimension find their way into our world. If that weren't bad enough, a deranged madman is trying to open a portal into Frank's dimension that will allow a giant eyeball to enter our world and devour all of humanity.

It's up to Lillian, her friends, and Frank (if he feels like it) to stop the madman, deal with the horrors, and save the world.

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