The best books if you seek a peculiar romance

Who am I?

I love weird situations. I have been writing since I was four years old, and have been patiently waiting for the man who appreciates my wide range of vocal inflections. Books have always been companions for me. It helped me develop empathy for others at a young age. Reading about situations that involve people who are nothing like you helps you think beyond yourself. I think that is partly why I’ve always gravitated towards books with unique plots and characters. There’s something invigorating about a story that breaks the mold and offers something new, even if it’s a little strange. The books I’ve recommended all have heavily influenced me and my writing throughout the years. 

I wrote...

The Island of Lote

By Emily Kinney,

Book cover of The Island of Lote

What is my book about?

There is fire in Milo Hestler’s spirit, despite feeling tamped down for years. Her parents see past her, not understanding that dragging their teenage daughter from new home to new home isn’t exactly supplying friends and favor. And she’s finally had enough.

However, the adventure she anticipated when first boarding the plane is far from the one she gets. Milo didn’t ever expect to wash up on tropical sands, the tawny head of a sun-baked boy mere inches from her face. And she certainly didn’t expect to be wearing a ring that would connect her to him. And to the whole island. But the fire inside her was about to come out.

The books I picked & why

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Warm Bodies

By Isaac Marion,

Book cover of Warm Bodies

Why this book?

Warm Bodies is probably my one exception when it comes to zombie books. It’s unique to see a first-person narration in this genre, since these sorts of stories are usually about humans striving to survive. But there’s so much freshness here. We get to see inside the mind of a zombie attempting to recapture his own humanity, and stumbles upon this intricate romance with an uninfected girl. The writing is lush and poetic, and touches on so many philosophical questions regarding what it means to truly be alive.

The Silver Kiss

By Annette Curtis Klause,

Book cover of The Silver Kiss

Why this book?

I’m amazed that more people aren’t talking about this book. It falls in line with the vampire romance genre so effortlessly, and yet it is egregiously overlooked. I remember reading it years ago when I was a teenager and being totally entranced. There’s this beautiful lilt to the writing, and the plot is so richly complex. It deals with the subject of immortality in such an interesting way, comparing the endless life of this vampire to the swiftly expiring life of this girl’s mother. The romance itself is actually refreshing as well. There’s this soft, sweet gallantry that you don’t see a lot in modern work, in my opinion.

Tell Me How the Wind Sounds

By Leslie Davis Guccione,

Book cover of Tell Me How the Wind Sounds

Why this book?

This is another one that I read years ago that has stayed lodged in my brain. I enjoy a young romance that is handled complexly, instead of following typical trope guidelines. In this case, two teens meet on an island in New England, one is deaf and one is not. It is very rare to find disabilities represented in Young Adult Literature, despite the genre usually striving for diversity. And this is a very cute story. I love the idea that the girl, Amanda, has to break out of her comfort zone and learn how to connect with someone vastly different from herself. And we get to see the patience from the guy, Jake, who teaches her sign language and overall how to be more down to earth. Really lovely read. 

The Night Country: A Hazel Wood Novel

By Melissa Albert,

Book cover of The Night Country: A Hazel Wood Novel

Why this book?

So this is actually the sequel to another amazing book called The Hazel Wood, but we get to see more romance blossoming in this one. I adore this author. She has that rare ability to completely suck in a reader and paint the inside of their mind. There’s a delicious bleakness to the writing, the plot relentlessly dark and challenging. It covers so many enduring themes such as sacrifice and normalcy versus the extraordinary. And the romance is so atypical as well. There’s no true linear journey, and their feelings are compromised by these big divisive issues. Such as ending certain worlds to save other worlds.

Hush, Hush

By Becca Fitzpatrick,

Book cover of Hush, Hush

Why this book?

This is a really cool novel. As far as Mystical Being protagonists, this is the first book I’ve read to utilize fallen angels. And the author uses that theme extremely well throughout the story. And I really enjoy the main character, Nora. She is this lovely strong, snappy girl, devoid of the usual tropes of imperfection and self-doubt that you generally get with the lead girl. Then there’s Patch, her hot, ethereal counterpart. He’s dangerous and dark, but also very sassy, which is fun for a male lead.

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