The best puppy books

2 authors have picked their favorite books about puppies and why they recommend each book.

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Book cover of The Art of Raising a Puppy

The Art of Raising a Puppy

By Monks of New Skete,

Why this book?

Opportunity abounds with a new puppy, both a potential for brilliance and the possibility for troublesome behaviors. When I adopted my second dog, Raleigh, I wanted to be sure she learned from me rather than picked up her training tips from Jackson who was always a little mischievous. I studied this book for a month before Raleigh came home and heavily relied on the techniques and insight to help guide Raleigh into being an incredibly smart and obedient dog, while also allowing her the opportunity to be funny and playful. (Another book that tends to disappear when I lend it…

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Book cover of The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

By Mo Willems,

Why this book?

You REALLY want a puppy, right? So does the pigeon! He doesn’t just want a puppy, he wants one right now. The pigeon tries convincing the reader he will take care of his new puppy. Until... the puppy appears. Maybe this is the perfect book for parents to help a puppy wanting child see what it is like to have a puppy… in a sneaky way.

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Book cover of Yes & No

Yes & No

By Elisha Cooper,

Why this book?

I grew up a dog lover, but today our family has one dog and one cat. I’ve learned to accept and even appreciate the differences in attitude between the two, and this beautifully-illustrated picture book celebrates them lovingly. We follow a dog and a cat throughout their day, as the dog responds an enthusiastic “Yes!” to all queries from the person of the house, while the cat gives a standoffish “No.” By the end, the roles reverse and we feel affection for both animals in their unique quirkiness. Cuddly and hopeful.

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Book cover of The Great Puppy Invasion

The Great Puppy Invasion

By Alastair Heim, Kim Smith (illustrator),

Why this book?

When a hoard of puppies invades the city of Strictville, the town folk are terrified! Soon meetings are called, and attempts are made to rid the town of their colossal cuteness. The concept alone is enough to make me laugh, but the execution is brilliant! I love the horrified exclamations from the fleeing townpeople as they are chased by the adorable terrors. The voice is hilarious, and the puppies are so stinkin’ cute! I could not resist their giant puppy dog eyes, and I’m quite certain you will be equally mesmerized. Dog lovers will fall head over tails for this…

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