The best children’s books where kindness wins every time

Who am I?

I know first hand the damage that bullying can have on children, It weighs heavy on your psyche, and emotional well-being. I was determined to find a way to teach children important values to fight the root causes of bullying. I found an old "sketch" and it was my "aha" moment. With continued tweaking, my bubbly hippo was born that I named Bentley. Sporting his red running shoes, Bentley has become a positive role model for children. He represents resilience, friendship, joy, and kindness. We all grew up hugging a teddy bear, but now it's time for the World to Hug a Hippo. The books I've picked below inspire me and will help kids learn the value of kindness. 

I wrote...

The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to be Kind

By Argyro Graphy, Michael Reyes (illustrator),

Book cover of The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to be Kind

What is my book about?

Bentley and his friends are en route to the Annual Fair when they hear a fuss at the back of the bus. A crowd has gathered around Toby the elephant, pointing fingers, and making fun of him when the bus finally stops, his glasses are taken from him. Surprised at this behavior Bentley assures Toby that this will be dealt with. Spending the day at the fair, A cry for help is heard in the distance. Will Bentley and the others offer their help? Or should they just keep on searching for Toby's glasses?

A sensitive and difficult topic to discuss, children will learn about peer pressure: different types of bullying the importance of being kind that they have a voice and can be heard how to be a good friend. 

The books I picked & why

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Hair Peace

By Dawn Doig, Savannah Horton (illustrator),

Book cover of Hair Peace

Why this book?

This is a wonderful story about self-confidence, self-esteem, and being kind to ourselves. It is easy to want what others have and oftentimes comparing ourselves brings about negative emotions. This story teaches us to embrace our differences and accept ourselves as we are.

The Adventures of Captain Polo: Pole to Pole

By Alan J. Hesse,

Book cover of The Adventures of Captain Polo: Pole to Pole

Why this book?

An entertaining and educational series where our friendly polar bear continues on his adventure teaching children about climate change and how being responsible and caring for our environment and the planet is a form of kindness that we all benefit from.

Wee Bees and The Bee Attitudes

By Marcia Papa,

Book cover of Wee Bees and The Bee Attitudes

Why this book?

An adorable book for younger children to learn proper values that help to spread kindness to all including themselves. Teaching kids to be nice, caring, and considerate will help them identify ways of being kind to their family, friends, and those around them.

Am I Really Ready for A Puppy?

By Doliah Snead,

Book cover of Am I Really Ready for A Puppy?

Why this book?

Being kind is not only doing something, but kindness is also knowing when you are not ready or responsible enough to care for something like a pet. Oftentimes we think of ourselves and our wants and overlook our capabilities and responsibilities.

Henry and His Manners

By Tracy Schlepphorst, Charlie Martin (illustrator),

Book cover of Henry and His Manners

Why this book?

When children are raised with proper social skills and values, it reflects in their behaviour towards others. This is a story about teaching proper manners and behaviors, and children will be able to identify and apply positive actions and kindness.

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