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Slay Book 1

By Kim Curran,

Book cover of Slay Book 1

Kim Curran is another writer that I have enjoyed for years since I read her debut Control. She writes with great immediacy and her characters are brilliant. Slay is about the hottest boy band on the planet. But they aren’t just a boy band, in fact, this is a cover for their real gig – slaying monsters. 

Who am I?

Growing up in the nineties I was a Buffy fan, although that is probably understating things. I have all the Buffy novels, which I read over when waiting for the next series to come out (this was in the days before Netflix!). For me, Buffy had the exact right mix of humour, horror, and deeper complexity, dealing with issues that really impacted me, but in a way that made them accessible. I loved the characters, I loved Buffy herself, I loved her strength and humanity. When I decided to write Raising Hell, I was influenced by Buffy, but there are differences – Ivy is no chosen one, she chose herself.

I wrote...

Raising Hell

By Bryony Pearce,

Book cover of Raising Hell

What is my book about?

Meet Ivy Elisabeth Mann. Once upon a time Ivy and her friends did a very stupid thing and now there’s a rift letting dark matter into the world. Dark matter that manifests as magic that actually works. Now every teenager with access to the Internet is raising hell. Literally. 

Ivy is doing her best to stem the tide, but there’s only so much one girl with a machete, a job working school security and a cat possessed by the soul of her own grandmother can do against the forces of evil...isn’t there?

Kill the Boy Band

By Goldy Moldavsky,

Book cover of Kill the Boy Band

I’ve covered rock, classical, a capella, and new wave in my list, so I thought I’d round it out with sugar-sweet pop. Kill the Boy Band is a darkly hilarious journey into fangirl obsession filled with quirky characters and sitcom situations that are as fun to read as they are improbable. The boy band in question is The Ruperts, a quartet of British heart-throbs with an eerie resemblance to One Direction. When four superfans score a room in the hotel where The Ruperts are staying, they hatch a plan that goes awry fast, leaving the band with one fewer Ruperts and the girls with a…very incriminating situation.

I loved this book for so many reasons, but my favorite was the deep dive into superfan culture. A lot of the book is spent questioning the nature of this culture, but in a way that's genuinely soul-searching and not condescending—the narrator…

Who am I?

I was a painfully awkward teenager, two years younger than the rest of my class and a little too “extra” to fit in anywhere. I spent all of high school desperately seeking my weirdos—people who would accept me the way I was, rabid-puppy enthusiasm and all. One night I met a colorfully-dressed trio on the street who invited me to a loft party that changed my life. That night I fell in love with NYC’s underground party scene: the high-energy music, grimy locations, and most of all the people. I had found my weirdos. When the Beat Drops is my love letter to discovering your people and finding your scene. 

I wrote...

When the Beat Drops

By Anna Hecker,

Book cover of When the Beat Drops

What is my book about?

Seventeen-year-old Mira has always danced to her own beat. A music prodigy in a family of athletes, she’d rather play trumpet than party—and with her audition to a prestigious jazz conservatory just around the corner (and her two best friends at music camp without her), she plans to spend the summer focused on jazz and nothing else.

She only goes to the warehouse party in a last-ditch effort to bond with her older sister. Instead, she falls in love with dance music, DJing… and Derek, a gorgeous promoter who thinks he can make her a star. But when a devastating tragedy plunges her golden summer into darkness, Mira discovers just how little she knows about her new boyfriend, her old friends, and even her own sister. 

My Summer In Seoul

By Rachel Van Dyken,

Book cover of My Summer In Seoul

In just a matter of a few years the world has been overtaken by Kpop sensations. Their pretty, quirky, and incredible artistic styles have made them garner massive fans all over the world. Behind the scenes of the boy band culture is where My Summer in Seoul shines to show us what it’s like for someone who is new to the country and its culture. It is difficult, funny, sad and the romance is a breath of fresh air.

My recommendation shares a theme with my book about young Kpop/ boy band romance. However, as someone who relates personally to moving to a new country at a young age, I’m fascinated by how people with different backgrounds adjust to new environments. There are challenges with food, weather, and sometimes language, which can be daunting. The worst part is not understanding what is being said to you or about you. This…

Who am I?

My debut novel was geared toward Young Adults because I’m fascinated by young people discovering themselves in different environments. Although I enjoy reading and writing other genres, I'm arguably more interested in YA. This is a genre that is in need of good writers because it is like an introduction to youngsters who pick up novels that they deem safe for their ages and consumption. It is a fun and exciting genre. I’m trying to contribute to it and hopefully lessen the bad reviews out there for YA books. 

I wrote...

Notice Me

By Emem Uko,

Book cover of Notice Me

What is my book about?

Anders joins a band in a foreign country and becomes part of the sensation. While he enjoys the adulation of the fans, the girl he’s in love with may not love him back. His public persona clashes with his private life, which poses a huge problem with getting close to the girl he wants. Notice Me reveals the struggles of young boy band members who have to adhere to strict rules while trying to navigate growing up and experiencing romantic feelings. 

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