The best ‘opposites attract’ young love romance books

The Books I Picked & Why

My Summer In Seoul

By Rachel Van Dyken

Book cover of My Summer In Seoul

Why this book?

In just a matter of a few years the world has been overtaken by Kpop sensations. Their pretty, quirky, and incredible artistic styles have made them garner massive fans all over the world. Behind the scenes of the boy band culture is where My Summer in Seoul shines to show us what it’s like for someone who is new to the country and its culture. It is difficult, funny, sad and the romance is a breath of fresh air.

My recommendation shares a theme with my book about young Kpop/ boy band romance. However, as someone who relates personally to moving to a new country at a young age, I’m fascinated by how people with different backgrounds adjust to new environments. There are challenges with food, weather, and sometimes language, which can be daunting. The worst part is not understanding what is being said to you or about you. This book tackles culture shock deeply and the never-give-up attitude of the main character reminded me of fond memories.

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By Axie Oh

Book cover of Xoxo

Why this book?

XOXO has the elements of travel, Kpop, and young love, but what I particularly liked about it was I didn’t have the pull-my-hair moments that some Kdrama-style plots have. I enjoyed Jenny’s plot and the conflict when it was revealed that her romantic interest was more than meets the eye.

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Finding Fraser

By Kc Dyer

Book cover of Finding Fraser

Why this book?

Although Finding Fraser features an older character, Emma, her youthful quirks and adventure are relatable to a younger audience. The travel to Scotland in search of Jamie Fraser (a character from a popular series) makes this book a dose of fun. I like the adventure and mishaps along the way due to being in unfamiliar territory. The friendships and relationships bring about both the good and worst of Emma’s behavior. It’s a nice balance for this chic-lit. 

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The Layover

By Lacie Waldon

Book cover of The Layover

Why this book?

Flight attendant, Ava, finds herself in the most amazing destination ever because of a layover. She embarks on more than most people accomplish on a layover. This is such a fun book and a little on the Rom-com cliche side, but some perspectives are original because the author is a real flight attendant. 

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Opposite of Always

By Justin A. Reynolds

Book cover of Opposite of Always

Why this book?

Opposite of Always has all the elements of YA and more. There are chances taken because there are opportunities for a do-over. Jack is faced with a heartbreaking situation with his love interest and tries a different approach with each chance he is given. Did he succeed? Did he fail?  

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