The best books with creepy or terrifying creatures and monsters

Joshua Grant Author Of Pandora (The Organization)
By Joshua Grant

The Books I Picked & Why

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

By S.D. Perry

Book cover of Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Why this book?

I have always loved the hapless heroes and gruesome thrills of the Resident Evil video game series! When a friend bought me this book, I was a bit skeptical at first, but it quickly became my favorite book series I’ve ever read! It builds depth and likability into the characters and situation beyond what the games have ever achieved, and it’s just fun to spend some more time with zombies and other horrifying creatures! S.D. Perry is definitely one of the biggest influences on my early writing.

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77 Shadow Street

By Dean Koontz

Book cover of 77 Shadow Street

Why this book?

This book is all around haunting and instantly made me a huge fan of Dean Koontz. Set in an apartment complex with a long history of violence and hauntings, Koontz does a fantastic job of setting up expectations, and then subverting those expectations. Not everything here is as it seems. Throw in some disturbing creatures and an interesting twist and I was hooked!

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Bird Box

By Josh Malerman

Book cover of Bird Box

Why this book?

I was one of those people that read this one after seeing the popular film on Netflix. While I enjoy the movie a bit better personally, the book adds a lot of depth to the characters and sheds more light on the strange and creepy creatures. I just love the alien and unknowable nature of the monsters in this one, along with the downright creepiness of the people that worship these creatures. I truly can’t wait for them to make a film of the sequel!

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By Michael Crichton

Book cover of Sphere

Why this book?

I know, it’s the same guy that created Jurassic Park, but this book is downright a horror novel! It made me afraid of the ocean for years! It’s the fantastic writing and mind-bending nature of this one that makes it so suspenseful, and all the creature encounters are pulse-pounding. Just don’t read this one if you like the movie. I couldn’t even go back and watch it after reading.

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The Mist

By Stephen King

Book cover of The Mist

Why this book?

I actually kind of hate all the characters in this novella (I’m actually not a huge Stephen King fan), but the creatures and the horrifying nature of this world made me half to read it (and I wasn’t disappointed). Mist in itself makes everything creepy. Now fill that with nightmarish things flitting about and some truly grizzly deaths, and I’m liable to never go outside in the fog ever again! It’s the monsters that made this one for me, and it is a testament to King that my imagination still wonders just what were those horrid things and where did they come from?

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