The best urban fantasy books with a strong female lead

The Books I Picked & Why

Burn for Me

By Ilona Andrews

Book cover of Burn for Me

Why this book?

Ilona Andrews (a husband and wife team) is one of my instant buy authors. I love all their series but Hidden Legacy is my favorite. The intricate plots, compelling characters, and real-world feel make their books memorable. BURN FOR ME, set in an alternate Houston, Texas, introduces the reader to Navada Baylor and the Baylor Family Detective Agency. Navada is given a case she can’t refuse, which puts her in the crosshairs of two powerful Primes. Primes are the highest-ranked magic users and act as if they are above the law.

Nevada is a strong female character willing to do anything to protect the ones she loves.

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Dead Witch Walking

By Kim Harrison

Book cover of Dead Witch Walking

Why this book?

Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series is set in a world where demons, vampires, pixies, witches, and other magical creatures are real. She incorporates these characters into a world that has been devastated by a virus that brought the human population equal with the supernatural. In Dead Witch Walking we are introduced to Rachel Morgan, a witch that decides to leave her job with the supernatural police force and go out on her own as an independent bounty hunter. Now she’s dodging attempts on her life as she tries to pay the rent.

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By Faith Hunter

Book cover of Skinwalker

Why this book?

Faith Hunter’s vampire world is rich and dangerous with many creatures, all trying to rule their factions. Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker who hunts vampires for a living. Now one of the oldest vampires in New Orleans needs her to stop a rogue vamp killer.

Jane’s own supernatural ability helps her survive the witches, werewolves, and vamps, but doesn’t help her solve the mysteries of her own origins as the last skinwalker on earth.

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Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

By Molly Harper

Book cover of Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Why this book?

Molly Harper has a way with words. They are often funny in the most unique ways. Her Half-Moon Hollow series is set in a world where the vampires have come out of the coffin. Jane Jameson, the local (recently fired) librarian, has been turned into a vampire and if her mama finds out, Jane will never hear the end of it.

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Spider's Bite: An Elemental Assassin Book

By Jennifer Estep

Book cover of Spider's Bite: An Elemental Assassin Book

Why this book?

Jennifer Estep’s writing talents shine in her Elemental Assassin series. She has filled her world with supernatural creatures and humans with magic who can harness different elemental powers. Gin is an assassin, known as the Spider. She has ice and stone magic. She also runs the best barbecue restaurant in town and Estep’s masterful food descriptions will have your mouth watering for more.

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