The best fiction books about former special operations soldiers fighting evil enemies

Robert Patrick Lewis Author Of The Pact
By Robert Patrick Lewis

Who am I?

I’m a former Green Beret and combat veteran of OIF (Iraq), OEF (Afghanistan), and OEF-TS (North Africa). These experiences have given me insights into things that most people never get to see or even hear about, as well as first-hand knowledge of the men who make up the Special Operations community and what drives them. After leaving Special Forces I have written three published Special Operations-focused books, both fiction and non-fiction, which has led to a life of studying everything there is to know about Special Operations, the intelligence behind wars, and the history of both.

I wrote...

The Pact

By Robert Patrick Lewis,

Book cover of The Pact

What is my book about?

Hailed as "Red Dawn with a modern Special Operations twist," "so realistic and plausible that it's terrifying," an "on the edge of your seat thriller that will have you looking in your rearview mirror for enemy troops," The Pact takes readers on a work of military fiction influenced by real world events seen lining up in the eyes of a former Green Beret combat veteran. If all of America’s enemies were to join forces to attack our homeland, what would a team of former Special Operations soldiers do in response? Read The Pact Trilogy to find out.

The books I picked & why

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I Am Pilgrim

By Terry Hayes,

Book cover of I Am Pilgrim

Why this book?

As a military fiction author, I frequently look for other authors whose style speaks to me in terms of pacing, story progression, character & story arcs, drama vs action, and of course overall quality of the story. As a man who was raised on my dad’s Tom Clancy novels, who has lived to fight directly in the world of Special Operations combat, and who loves nothing more than a good hero story, I Am Pilgrim is to this day the best novel that I have ever read. Bar none.

This story is more of a spy novel than a direct combat-themed Special Operations novel, but it exists in the shadowy world of assassinations, spycraft, hunting down bad guys, covert international operations, and the hunt for global terrorists that lovers of the military fiction genre will appreciate. If you read one book this year, make it I Am Pilgrim. You will thank me.

Enemy of the State

By Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills,

Book cover of Enemy of the State

Why this book?

In a book that was published before its time, Vince Flynn fictionalizes what some knew to be true many years ago: that the members of the Saudi royal family financed those who had a hand in the 9/11 attacks. Now that the curtains have been opened on these pieces of intelligence, this book is even more of a great read. Enemy of the State is written by perhaps one of the best spycraft authors of our time, and chronicles a former Special Operator who has been sent to Saudi Arabia to uncover the evidence of one of the greatest betrayals in history. Finding himself double-crossed and in a foreign land, he must fight and escape both the Saudi and American intelligence agencies & their networks to stay alive and bring the truth to the world.

The Terminal List

By Jack Carr,

Book cover of The Terminal List

Why this book?

Now popularized by the hit show on Amazon Prime, The Terminal List follows Navy SEAL commander James Reece on one of my favorite types of storylines: retribution. Special Operators are some of the most loving family men whom I have ever known, each a type of warrior-poet who can be the soft & gentle giant when with their loved ones, yet the most brutal and ruthless people on the planet when on mission hunting bad guys. The Terminal List showcases this reality beautifully, as Commander Reece hunts down those who are responsible for killing both his teammates and his own family.

Patriot Games

By Tom Clancy,

Book cover of Patriot Games

Why this book?

In the fight against the War on Terror, many Americans have long forgotten the war that never stopped raging against an enemy that is better funded than many of our governmental organizations, is not bound by any laws or treaties, has a virtually unlimited supply of money, weapons, and soldiers, and is located just south of our borders. 

Patriot Games is an oldie but goody, a fictional novel that sheds light on the realistic way in which our War on Drugs encompasses Special Operations troops working hand in hand with intelligence agencies and law enforcement. I have friends who have fought directly in these drug wars, and who have told me the enemy had all of their names and personal information before they even landed south of the border for their deployments. The War on Drugs is savage and is still raging very close to home, yet we rarely hear about it.

The Chemist

By Stephenie Meyer,

Book cover of The Chemist

Why this book?

Easily one of the top 5 best books that I’ve ever read, The Chemist is an excellent novel that chronicles a female chemist used by intelligence agencies to devise brutal torture methods in her run from and eventually fight against her former employers. The heroine of this novel teams up with a former Special Operator and clandestine agent in her quest for retribution, as they join forces to fight back against those who tried to get them to kill each other so that they could bury the truth of their own misdeeds.

If you’re a fan of action-packed, spycraft-filled, and retribution-seeking hero tales, The Chemist is an excellent example of all of the above.

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