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By Jack Carr,

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'With a particular line in authentic tradecraft, this fabulously unrelenting thrill-ride was a struggle to put down' Mark Dawson, bestselling author of The Cleaner

James Reece has nothing to live for and everything to kill for in the debut thriller from…

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When I purchased this book, I did it out of curiosity about how Jack Carr, a former SEAL, depicted fight scenes. I watched the TV series a couple of years ago. I loved this book because Jack Carr loads on the details. I learned so much about guns and knives and the mentality of a soldier—details a romantic suspense writer craves.

What put this into my top three list is how the story unfolds. It’s powerful, gripping, and incredibly well-written.

And, there’s the spark of the beginning of a love story. Just a spark. James Reece’s life has been upended,…

I literally could not stop listening to this book as it is so engaging and riveting with a classic hero storyline. 

Navy Seal James Reece has nothing to live for when he discovers sinister forces were behind the tragedies in his life. This book is so powerful, so real, that I was drawn into the story as if I was right there with James Reece. 

I love this book because, in the end, good defeats evil, and you are repeatedly held in suspense. The character and the action leap off the pages to bring you into James Reece’s world.

The ultimate thrill ride from start to finish, Jack Carr’s first novel following Navy Seal Commander James Reece is one to remember. I bought this book at the airport in Anaheim, California, and started reading while waiting for my flight. A few delays and a five-hour flight later I had finished the entire book. It is a fantastically written book, laced with complex characters, government, and corporate conspiracies, and reminds us all why you must always be wary of those closest to us.

From Carl's list on to bring on an airplane/vacation.

The most recently published novel on my list, but it brings exactly the same qualities to the table – incredible action scenes which are held together by a plot that really works. I really enjoyed the story, but where the novel really shines is in the author’s obvious knowledge and expertise about what he writes. He’s been there and done that, and it shows – not only in the little details and insider knowledge he transmits, but in the wider context of how people react psychologically under combat conditions. This elevates The Terminal List above many other similar works, and…

I like reads that make you feel as though you are in the struggle with the protagonist.

The Terminal List, written by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr, follows Lieutenant Commander James Reece as he pulls the string on a deep seeded conspiracy that led to the death of his entire team. As he fights to uncover the truth, the target swings to his own back as the only thing worse than the death of his team is the world finding out why they died.

I enjoyed The Terminal List for the frenetic pace and the push through the unbeatable…

From Seth's list on thrillers that kick terrorist butt.

Now popularized by the hit show on Amazon Prime, The Terminal List follows Navy SEAL commander James Reece on one of my favorite types of storylines: retribution. Special Operators are some of the most loving family men whom I have ever known, each a type of warrior-poet who can be the soft & gentle giant when with their loved ones, yet the most brutal and ruthless people on the planet when on mission hunting bad guys. The Terminal List showcases this reality beautifully, as Commander Reece hunts down those who are responsible for killing both his teammates and his own…

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