The best historical books set in boarding schools for girls

The Books I Picked & Why

A Little Princess

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

Book cover of A Little Princess

Why this book?

It was my favorite book when I was a child and it made a huge impression on me. A great book for every little girl. The seven-year-old girl, Sara went to Miss Minchin's boarding school. After some time, Miss Minchin learns of Sara’s father's unfortunate demise due to jungle fever and he had lost his entire fortune.  Miss Minchin takes away all of Sara's possessions, makes her live in a cold and poorly attic, and forces her to earn her keep by working as a servant. But finally, there is a happy ending. I think every child needs to know this story. Sara’s features and strengths are exemplary in these hard times.

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By Molly Harper

Book cover of Changeling

Why this book?

Also a YA/Teen historical fantasy story with magic. It reminds me of a little Harry Potter in girl version that I like. It is entertaining and refreshing. The 14-year-old Sarah Smith has a secret. That she's not a member of Guardians the noble magical class that now rules the world. But as one of the non-magical Snipes who possesses magic, her secret must be kept so that she—and her family—can survive. So she has to blend in with the magical class. And attend school for wealthy magical ladies.

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Anne of Avonlea

By Lucy Maud Montgomery

Book cover of Anne of Avonlea

Why this book?

Anne is one of the most lovable female characters in the whole literature. When I read about her I feel like I’m her good friend and I’m excited about her along with the story. Anne is now 16 years old and she begins her job as the new schoolteacher in this book. It was a great continuation of her story and I love seeing Anne starts to become an adult while still keeping her positive personality. And I really appreciate the very special romantic storyline too. Anne always stays Anne, a great girl.

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Jane Eyre

By Charlotte Brontë

Book cover of Jane Eyre

Why this book?

This popular novel was well written in a typical gothic Victorian style. It is often very gloomy for me. Jane had suffered a lot as a child. Her life is hard in boarding school. It’s not easy but she finds her place in the world. Finally, her fate turns right thanks to love. It’s exciting that her love has something secret and I like this mystery in the novel. Twisted and unpredictable. The author made an innovation with Jane’s character. She is very confident and strong-willed. I think it’s a timeless work.

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By Magda Szabo, Len Rix

Book cover of Abigail

Why this book?

I can’t forget my very talented compatriot, Magda Szabó’s great writing. I am very proud of her and her success. It was hard work and lasted a lifetime for her to reach as Hungarian her books became popular worldwide. I hope one day I can follow her… This book is set in a religious school in the middle of World War II. The protagonist is young Gina, the daughter of a Hungarian General. The novel analyzes important social problems, teenager problems. At first, Gina is an outcast then we can see how she tries to fit in the class, and she makes friends. Friendship and togetherness are in the spotlight in this novel.

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