The best lesser-known YA/NA books with amazing science and futurism

Who am I?

As a massive nerd from a very young age, I have always gravitated towards science and sci-fi stories. When it comes to YA and NA novels, most tend to be dystopian fiction or borrow heavily from fantasy. Hard sci-fi scenarios and real scientific speculation are hard to come by. When well-researched science meets an awesome storyline, that is my definition of perfection—what I love reading and also what I strive for as a writer

I wrote...


By Su Vida,

Book cover of Komoreby

What is my book about?

Follow the tale of Evanna, a petite gamer girl, when she moves to a glamorous eco-city called Komoreby. Reunited with her childhood bestie at the prestigious Komoreby High, it's the adventure of her life!

When the very first day spirals to rock bottom, she thinks life can't get any worse—until a school tour of the city's gargantuan particle collider takes a bizarre turn. Now she's zipped into a warped new reality with draconian rules that control her every move. To find her way home, she must delve into a rabbit hole of quantum physics and navigate a social web with a mysterious rocker guy she's relentlessly drawn to. 

The books I picked & why

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The Invasion

By K. A. Applegate,

Book cover of The Invasion

Why this book?

This is an underrated gem of a story with a massive world, heartwarming characters, and a gripping plot spanning 55 novellas. It starts out like an episodic children's book with a trippy premise and colloquial language. Underneath the fun sugarcoating, Applegate tackles deep themes of morality and war. The story evokes strong emotions from laughter to tears, while the characters carve out a special place in your heart. It also contains real futuristic concepts such as bioforming, genetic engineering, simulation hypothesis, and astrobiology.


By Alastair Reynolds,

Book cover of Revenger

Why this book?

This space pirate adventure is a masterpiece set in outer space. It comes with a spunky heroine glazed with a touch of anti-hero. This no-nonsense tale rolls out in a suspenseful trajectory from the very beginning. It's packed with action, artistic unity, solid science, and a fascinating glimpse into the distant future.


By Stephen Baxter,

Book cover of Raft

Why this book?

Raft is an amazing hard sci-fi story that one cannot help but binge-read. It's set in a fascinating, intricately-crafted universe that is sci-fi gold. It immerses readers in an alternate reality where the very laws of physics are different; the effects of which manifest in strange, unexpected ways throughout the story. There are dynamic characters, artistic unity, and real-life social parallels despite the story's dystopian society.


By Michael Crichton,

Book cover of Timeline

Why this book?

This is a sci-fi-archaeological hybrid packed with action and history. It incorporates fascinating quantum physics with a creative spin. The futuristic tech in the story takes the reader on a ride through time and space to a bygone era steeped in realism. The breakneck pace of this story will make you binge it in one sitting.


By Robin Cook,

Book cover of Terminal

Why this book?

This medical sci-fi thriller is an exploration of the darker side of biotechnology. It follows a med student as he unravels the strange mystery of multiple cases of medulloblastoma and how a prestigious medical center is claiming a 100% remission rate for this type of cancer. Readers sink into the medical world and are kept at the edge of their seats as this mesmerizing tale takes them on a wild ride from start to finish.

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