The best fantasy books that have a spiritual theme

Who am I?

As an artist, I have always had an active imagination which is fueled by great imagery found in fantasy and sci-fi books and movies. When this is coupled with spiritual themes, the experience becomes transcendent for me. Given my passion for spirituality and my desire to know God more deeply, I write books with characters that ask hard spiritual questions and who ponder their place in the universe. I also write inspirational articles that challenge people to rethink their suppositions about God. Currently, I am a game programmer who is working on my second novel, a mystery thriller, in my free time.

I wrote...

Four in the Garden: A Spiritual Allegory About Trust

By Rick Hocker,

Book cover of Four in the Garden: A Spiritual Allegory About Trust

What is my book about?

What if you were the only human made by Creator and He wanted a relationship with you, but you found it difficult to relate to Him? This award-winning book challenges readers to trust in God in spite of our fears and misconceptions. A compelling, emotional, and thought-provoking allegory of one's relationship with God. In this spiritual fantasy, Creator makes one human, named Cherished. Instead of creating a second human to be a companion for Cherished, Creator desires to fill that role. Can this relationship work?

"A must-read for anyone on a spiritual journey." ​​​- Richard Rohr, OFM, Founder, Center for Action and Contemplation

The books I picked & why

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The Shack

By William P. Young,

Book cover of The Shack

Why this book?

This book is a great, inspirational read that presents God in a highly relatable way. The loving relationship among the divine members of the Trinity is delightful and attractive. The book tackles some hard questions and offers some wise answers to life’s disappointments and pain, although not as deep as I would prefer. I really liked the emphasis on a relationship with God instead of pat answers.

The Chronicles of Narnia

By C.S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes (illustrator),

Book cover of The Chronicles of Narnia

Why this book?

This book really pulls you into a wonderfully imaginative world. It is a classic good versus evil story, but what makes it unique is that the heroes are children who discover that courage and strength aren’t dependent on age or station, something we all need to learn. Aslan, the lion, is a Christ figure who is the perfect blend of power and sacrificial love. I enjoyed the humanity of the main characters and how the author portrayed humans as something noble by nature, as if we had some inherent divinity ourselves.

Hinds' Feet on High Places

By Hannah Hurnard,

Book cover of Hinds' Feet on High Places

Why this book?

This book is an allegory that shows life as full of struggles and doubts as we make our way to our spiritual destination. I fully related to the main character, Much-Afraid, and her insecurities. This book helped me to focus less on my fears and more on trusting a loving God who wants to help me to overcome my insecurities and fears.

The Singer: A Classic Retelling of Cosmic Conflict

By Calvin Miller,

Book cover of The Singer: A Classic Retelling of Cosmic Conflict

Why this book?

This book is an allegory of the Gospel story. I devoured the entire trilogy in college as I was hungry to learn anything about God during that time. The writing is poetic and rich, and the symbolism of a troubadour who sings the ancient Star-Song is well-crafted. It’s a fresh retelling of the Gospel story that has spiritual depth in its pages.

The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho,

Book cover of The Alchemist

Why this book?

This hugely-popular inspirational book is about looking for treasure and discovering that real treasure isn’t what we think. It’s a great story that makes you contemplate what really matters and turns our own journeys inward toward matters of the heart. The themes are more universal than Christian, but contain wisdom applicable to all readers. I recommend this book to spiritual seekers who need a little extra inspiration along the way.

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