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By Paulo Coelho,

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A global phenomenon, The Alchemist has been read and loved by over 62 million readers, topping bestseller lists in 74 countries worldwide. Now this magical fable is beautifully repackaged in an edition that lovers of Paulo Coelho will want to treasure forever.

Every few decades a book is published that…

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22 authors picked The Alchemist as one of their favorite books. Why do they recommend it?

The story of the journey of a shepherd from Andalusia to Egypt has sold more than 30 million copies since it first appeared in 1988.

It is about personal drive, taking risks, and following your dream – and how, if you do so, things fall into place to allow you to achieve it. While it might seem strange to base life decisions on a fiction book, the power of positive thinking has been backed up by scientific research.

From Alex's list on living with purpose.

This book profoundly taught me the importance of introspection and identifying what truly matters to me. I had been looking outside for peace and fulfillment, only to find fleeting satisfaction.

The Alchemist helped me understand that everything worthwhile begins within me; every individual possesses innate value and beauty. Our dreams are worthwhile and powerful forces. When we follow them, we make wonderful self-discoveries; we grow and attain self-fulfillment.

Our inward journey brings ease to our minds, peace to our souls, and healing to our lives. The book can truly uplift and empower us.

My encounter with The Alchemist dates back to my childhood in Brazil. A cherished gift from my grandmother during a time of personal confusion, it presented a transformative narrative that resonated deeply.

The tale of Santiago, a humble shepherd boy who embarks on a global quest for treasure, is an affirmation of the potency of pursuing one's calling. His adventure symbolizes a resounding theme in the book: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

It's a reminder that every bold step toward my dream doesn't necessitate a complete roadmap but the courage to…

This book is close to my heart because I am a dreamer and I too follow my heart.

It gives a message to be courageous if you want to achieve your goals or dreams. There are a few signals which universe gives us via dreams, and we should follow them. Egypt changes the life of people who go with a pure heart.

This book makes us stronger and teaches us to fight the fear within us. Life is a journey, and you cannot predict what will happen next, how much you plan, so be ready to face whatever comes and…

Existing outside the 9-5 can be scary. Sometimes you don’t know where you’re going, and other people won’t always understand.

When I was auditioning and not getting much work as an actor, this book gave me hope. Like the narrator, I went on a journey that didn’t take me where I expected to go. Acting led me to writing and eventually to creating my own freelance career that was absolutely perfect for me.

Whether the twists and turns of our lives pay off in the way we hope, or lead us down an unpredictable path, this book is a comforting…

Again, not a book someone might expect to be on my list, which is why it really should be.

One of the most beautiful layers in this book is that destiny can come from within. It speaks to us. It feeds us with dreams, ignites our passion.

Love is answered by the deepest yearnings of self toward the manifestation of those passions. A little love of our dreams, and ourselves and the destiny they embody goes miles toward a more fulfilling and collaborative life with our world and those who share this experience with us.

I dare you to re-read…

From Athena's list on when destiny calls, and love answers.

This is a beautiful, mystical fable about a shepherd boy in search of treasure. Along the way, he learns the importance of following one's heart and listening to the language of the world to find one's destiny. The book is filled with omens, dreams, and encounters with mystical individuals, and readers are left with a resounding message of hope, and a jolt of encouragement to pursue your dreams. 

From Alex's list on books for recent graduates.

This book has the largest impact on my life personally as it just confirmed for me all the things that I believe. One of my favorite authors Paulo Coelho writes in such an engaging way encouraging you more with every turn of the page. The story talks about the importance of the universe and the role it plays in our life which has been a long-standing belief of mine. The message in this book is as powerful as it is digestible, a must-read. Also, I find it incredibly easy to read which is why I always recommend this book first,…

The Alchemist is a perfect example of visionary/metaphysical fiction that transcends the boundaries of the five senses and opens readers to new thoughts and ideas. Combining the visible with the invisible, the ordinary with the sacred, The Alchemist tells the inspiring story of a shepherd boy’s journey to self-actualization. As a reader, I experienced first-hand the wisdom of the adage, “Listen to your heart” and was reminded that there is opportunity all around me if only I open my mind and heart to the omens scattered along my life path.

Oh, Santiago! If only all of us could listen to the wisdom of our hearts...if we could acknowledge the obstacles and omens on our path, and learn from them. Then, as you have, we may find that our dreams would not be so elusive. Like a fable or parable, Coelho in his simplicity of storytelling inspires the reader to search for the wisdom that will lessen the burden of the complexities of life and make it a masterpiece.

The way I look at it, Santiago’s quest, dressed in magic and fantasy, is very much like our daily journey. We all…

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