The best books to set your faith on fire

Anna Travis Author Of The Pillar of Light: A Christian Fantasy Adventure
By Anna Travis

The Books I Picked & Why

The Blue Tower

By J.B. Simmons

Book cover of The Blue Tower

Why this book?

This book was an interesting challenge to my personal view of what happens right after death. It was really amazing the way the author wove Biblical characters into a story populated with modern and historical people, many of whom had forgotten who they really are. 

While The Blue Tower did not change my mind about whether or not purgatory is real, it was a fun, clean, ride with a strong theme of redemption.

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The Last Battle

By C.S. Lewis

Book cover of The Last Battle

Why this book?

The Last Battle stopped me in my tracks growing up. I was the kid who sat in church and flinched when the music minister joyfully proclaimed we would all sing forever when we reached heaven’s shores. I flinched because I wanted to fly. I wanted to climb mountains. I wanted Jesus to show me stars flung out where I couldn’t possibly go now.

My attention span was not built for singing eternally.

So when I first read The Last Battle, I’m pretty sure I cried with relief. I decided that if C.S. Lewis could imagine a heaven like that, then surely God would come up with something even better (no matter what the music guy said).

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The Hiding Place

By Corrie Ten Boom, Elizabeth Sherrill, John Sherrill, Tim Foley

Book cover of The Hiding Place

Why this book?

I both hate and love this story. It is hard to read because the author faced some of the most horrid things, but somehow, despite the darkness, I always close the book feeling deep down in my soul that God is good. Not only is He bigger than the dark, but He reaches down and touches the tiny lives of normal, regular people like me. Reading how he worked in Corrie’s life is like seeing a record of the fantastic touching reality, and when life throws challenges my way, I often remember the Ten Boom sisters and that not only puts things in perspective, but helps me to choose joy.

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On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

By Andrew Peterson, Joe Sutphin

Book cover of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

Why this book?

Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga is packed with action, adventure, and a family that sticks together through thick and thin. One of the things I love to read about is a core group of people that are far from perfect but are striving to live and love to a high standard. The Wingfeathers fight, they make costly choices, they fail, they grow, they laugh, and they quest together. And when everything is on the line, they do what they must to make things right again, and I think we could all use more heroes like that.

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Behind the Gates: Tomorrow Girls

By Eva Gray

Book cover of Behind the Gates: Tomorrow Girls

Why this book?

I enjoyed this series because it was a well-written, fast-paced, interesting, clean story that I was happy to share with my children (especially my daughters). Each of the four books follows the perspective of one of the four main characters, and all of these girls are strong, loyal, and have a clear sense of right and wrong. They are not ashamed to be “good,” which is a refreshing find in dystopian futures!

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