The best thriller books that will make you question reality

Alex Pavesi Author Of The Eighth Detective
By Alex Pavesi

The Books I Picked & Why

Foucault's Pendulum

By Umberto Eco

Book cover of Foucault's Pendulum

Why this book?

Long before The Da Vinci Code, Umberto Eco wrote this epic novel featuring the Knights Templar. It's the story of the employees of a small publishing house, who for their own amusement dream up a wild conspiracy theory connecting multiple historical events. It's all fun and games until they realise there may be some truth to their theory. Soon their lives are in danger.

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Endless Night

By Agatha Christie

Book cover of Endless Night

Why this book?

This is Agatha Christie's creepiest novel. A love story between a chauffeur and an heiress, who move to a majestic house in the countryside and find themselves the victims of a local curse. Strange things start to happen. But is any of it real? The shocking truth doesn't become clear until the last few pages.

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The Music of Chance

By Paul Auster

Book cover of The Music of Chance

Why this book?

Paul Auster is known for taking motifs from noir and playing around with them. Of all his books, this one works the best as a straightforward thriller. A pair of drifters attempt to hustle some millionaires out of their money but get outsmarted. After a disastrous poker game, they end up in debt to their victims, who set them to work building a useless decorative wall. It's one of those novels that reads like it could all be a dream.

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Death and the Seaside

By Alison Moore

Book cover of Death and the Seaside

Why this book?

A short, mind-bending novel about a young woman writing a story who starts to encounter incidents from her story in real life. This book is a delight. From that intriguing opening, it evolves into a tale of sadness and isolation, set against the backdrop of a fading British seaside town.

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American Tabloid: Underworld USA (1)

By James Ellroy

Book cover of American Tabloid: Underworld USA (1)

Why this book?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist but this is arguably the most believable book on this list. An account of the JFK assassination, following three fictional characters who are mixed up in it. It's a true epic of conspiracies and double-crosses, gangsters and federal agents, written in Ellroy's unique staccato style.

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