The best books on the applause for romantic escapism in my humble opinion

Emma Wildes Author Of An Indecent Proposition
By Emma Wildes

The Books I Picked & Why

Crown of Dreams

By Kimberly Cates

Book cover of Crown of Dreams

Why this book?

First and foremost, this author is so witty and her characters so engaging, you will be entertained from the first page. No wait, first sentence. The historical setting is perfect as love and war collide in a time when England upended the monarchy. Miles is the idealistic (and rash) hero, and Devlin, despite her independent spirit, finds herself swept along as he fights for what he believes in. Rich in history, adventure, and intensely romantic, I loved this book.

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By Susan Johnson

Book cover of Sinful

Why this book?

If you wish to travel far afield, have a taste for erotic in your romance (done tastefully), and unconventional heroes and heroines, this is a great story. Sinjin is wounded and wary, and Chelsea is an unconventional young woman with a great deal of determination and resilience. Their reckless passion for each other is ill-advised and they both know it, yet neither one can resist. The exotic settings and careful attention to historical detail make this a very memorable read. Don’t forget also some really hot sex scenes.

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Slightly Dangerous

By Mary Balogh

Book cover of Slightly Dangerous

Why this book?

The Slightly series has one only slightly likable hero. It is done so well. Of course, Wulfric Bedwyn, the unreachable and aloof Duke of Bewcastle, is the one I waited for anyway. I really was curious how Ms. Balogh would create any kind of romance out of such a fascinating but distant character yet she pulls it off. Enter a vibrant and unpredictable heroine that throws him at every turn, but is just so likable you are in her corner all the way, and somehow she makes him likable as well because she reveals his vulnerable side that he so carefully guards. Their romance is something she craves and he needs. My favorite of the series and well worth a read.

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Louisianna Dawn

By Jennifer Blake

Book cover of Louisianna Dawn

Why this book?

Set in a time when New Orleans was still very French, Rene is a unique hero because he serves a foreign régime and has a different mindset when it comes to the governing of a territory that is now a quintessential part of America. Blake does such a good job of putting you in the setting, and the heroine is absolutely resolute, independent, and courageous. Their love affair is so unlikely, yet made believable and there is a tantalizing mystery and plenty of action due to the unsettled and volatile time of this story.

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The Ivy Tree

By Mary Stewart

Book cover of The Ivy Tree

Why this book?

Not a historical but one of the best books I’ve ever read. A masterful blend of deception and suspense set in Northumberland in England.  A contemporary setting if you consider mid-century 1900’s contemporary. The pacing is done perfectly and the way the story is set up makes the reader step back and realize they have been cleverly enticed into one scenario when there is another possibility. The romance is secondary but necessary to the plot, so it is a true romantic suspense. Masterfully written and executed, it keeps you hanging on every single word. The ending ties into the beginning so well I was left amazed by Ms. Stewart’s compelling voice and her brilliant plot twists. 

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