The best books that I never wanted to end

Who am I?

Why do I have a passion for getting lost in books? I guess it’s something that I’ve loved since I was a kid. Finding a world, a life, a life so incredibly different from mine. And, good writing that draws me in and makes me completely forget who I am. These are books that you don’t just read, but they envelop you. And, as a writer, it’s something that I strive to do for my readers. 

I wrote...

Dire's Club

By Kimberly Packard,

Book cover of Dire's Club

What is my book about?

Dying isn’t just hard on the ones left behind, the regret of unfinished lives weighs heavily on the terminally ill. That’s where Dire’s Club steps in, a specialty travel agency that takes a small group of dying people on one final adventure—so they can be free of guilt, be more than a diagnosis, and find a way to confront life…and death.

A life coach with a death wish, a rock god, a telenovela star, a grandmother living her life-long dream, and a young tech genius round out this group of strangers facing death together. But when tragedy strikes, their bond is shattered. Lies and fraud surface, forcing the dying to come together to save someone’s life. Everybody dies. The lucky ones have fun doing it.

The books I picked & why

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Utopia Avenue

By David Mitchell,

Book cover of Utopia Avenue

Why this book?

I’ve long been a fan of David Mitchell, so I’ll happily pick up whatever he writes. He’s one of those authors that tends to string his books together, like a little wink and a nod to his loyal readers, and there’s that wink and nod here, but you don’t have to be a reader of his to enjoy this one. Utopia Avenue is about a 60s era British band that never was. It’s fiction, but written so deftly that I seriously hopped on Spotify to make sure my parents didn’t educate me about this band. This is one that you want to keep going long after the climax. 

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors

By Sonali Dev,

Book cover of Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors

Why this book?

This clever trio of books – Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors, Recipe for Persuasion, and Incense and Sensibility – are probably the best re-telling of the classic Jane Austen books. Sonali’s world is built around the Raje family, Indian royalty now living in San Francisco. The only thing better than her rich characters and beautiful writing is the beautifully diverse tapestry of characters. 

Meet Me in Another Life

By Catriona Silvey,

Book cover of Meet Me in Another Life

Why this book?

I’m going to try really to not spoil this one…This is the story of two people who seem to be locked in life together, and not just locked in life, but repeating life. Sometimes they are friends. Sometimes they are lovers. There’s even a life where they are parent and child. The scenarios repeat – a bit of a Groundhog Day-ness to them. Then you quickly realize this is a cleverly disguised sci-fi, but despite all that, it’s the soul-mate-like connections that make us human. 

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

By V.E. Schwab,

Book cover of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Why this book?

This is a book about something that I think we all worry about – even if we never admit it. Being forgotten. Addie makes a deal with the devil for a life of freedom (and a rather long life) but in return, she’s forgotten as soon as she’s out of someone’s sight. Until she isn’t… This beautiful book is about loneliness, but it’s also about hope and love. 

Oona Out of Order

By Margarita Montimore,

Book cover of Oona Out of Order

Why this book?

This book poses a very unique question – if you suffer the end of something (say a bad breakup) before you experience the beginning, would you? Oona has an incredibly strange affliction – every year on her birthday she leaps either forward or backward in her timeline. She might go from 21 to 56 and then back to her 30s. (This totally appeals to us 80s kids who loved Quantum Leap) I found myself looking for hidden pages to keep the story going and thought about this book long after I finished it. 

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