The best books in paranormal steampunk to experience the other-worldly in the gaslit world

Who am I?

I find joy in niches and steampunk is not cut from the ordinary cloth. I was originally challenged to produce a story that incorporated magic into steampunk. The resulting character, Kassandra Leyden who can speak to the dead, brought to life an alternate history where a deadly plague made the British Empire emigrate to the Americas and begin anew. The style and fashion of steampunk in modifying the ordinary appeals to the maker in me. I am an avid renfaire attendee and create and sell garb, which now includes steampunk elements. I hope you enjoy these choices and discover what steampunk has to offer as a genre. 

I wrote...

Spirit Seeker: The Kassandra Leyden Adventures

By Jeff Young,

Book cover of Spirit Seeker: The Kassandra Leyden Adventures

What is my book about?

Kassandra Leyden was the daughter of extraordinary parents. Her father, a well-known adventurer until his wife vanished without a trace, now drinks his life away, while his daughter grows up. But the abilities that made her mother so valuable to the government of New Britain are the inheritance Kassandra never expected. Only a rare few can hear past the walls that separate the living from those who have passed on. Together with unlikely allies, Kassandra will defend both the living and the departed against exploiters of spirits, makers of killer automatons, megalomaniacal bomb builders, and more.

The books I picked & why

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By Gail Carriger,

Book cover of Soulless

Why this book?

When your soul affects how you deal with paranormal creatures such as vampires and werewolves that inhabit the world, the absence of one could be a benefit. Alexia Tarabotti is going to use that completely to her advantage. Delightfully detailed, humorous, and full of Victorian fashion and decorum, Soulless is merely the first installment in a series to explore.

A Master of Djinn

By P. Djèlí Clark,

Book cover of A Master of Djinn

Why this book?

Fatma el-Sha’arawi of the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments, and Supernatural Entities is on the case when a mysterious dark figure causes a mass murder. Could it truly be the same person who once brought the Djinn into the world or is there something more afoot? Full of wonderful characters in a fully developed world of Arabic Mythology and steam-powered glory set in an alternate Cairo. 

Boneshaker: A Novel of the Clockwork Century

By Cherie Priest,

Book cover of Boneshaker: A Novel of the Clockwork Century

Why this book?

Briar Wilkes will brave the warrens of a steampunk Seattle in order to find her runaway son. Twisting passages are full of the undead animated by a mysterious gas liberated by a drilling machine created by her deceased husband. But Seattle is a city that doesn't give up its secrets or those who venture within easily. 

Infernal Devices

By K.W. Jeter,

Book cover of Infernal Devices

Why this book?

The subtitle to the work, “a Mad Victorian Fantasy” goes a long way to explaining the style of Infernal Devices which follows George Dower inheritor of his father’s clockwork business. Dower bumbles where his father was a genius but that doesn’t stop him from getting involved with time travelers, automaton doppelgangers, and fish people selkies. A romp full of purple prose from one of the progenitors of the term “steampunk.”

The Affinity Bridge: A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation

By George Mann,

Book cover of The Affinity Bridge: A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation

Why this book?

The first in the Newbury and Hobbs series finds our intrepid pair of investigators trying to tie together an airship crash, a mysterious plague among the less fortunate of London, a spate of murders that leaves Scotland Yard clueless and the reappearing ghost of a police officer. A London on the verge of a technological leap forward provides a backdrop for a Holmesian investigation. There’s plenty more ahead in the series for those who enjoy this one. 

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