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Roger Weston Author Of Hostile Takedown
By Roger Weston

Who am I?

I have worked and lived at sea for months at a time, and I have many memories of the sea, good and bad. I have lived through extreme Alaskan storms, fished in remote coves, and worked beyond exhaustion over and over. Working at sea taught me some important lessons about life and the possibility of sudden death. I experienced the romance of the sea from a young age, and it has inspired my writing.  

I wrote...

Hostile Takedown

By Roger Weston,

Book cover of Hostile Takedown

What is my book about?

CIA Director Will Harlock has a secret: Working off-the-books, using the CIA as a cover and also working from an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, he reigns over the Firm--the smallest, most elite, and most secret intelligence organization in the world. With a handful of eclectic agents, he oversees an operation to discover what is behind a secret cargo that poses huge danger to the public. America’s future is at stake. Will America survive—or will it crash and burn like the Roman Empire?

The books I picked & why

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The Sea-Wolf

By Jack London,

Book cover of The Sea-Wolf

Why this book?

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. This is a great classic sea adventure because of the authenticity, the characters, and the conflict. I felt like I was on this voyage with the characters. I recommend this for anyone who has time to immerse themselves in a great adventure story. It’s one of the great classics of the sea.


By Dean Koontz,

Book cover of Icebound

Why this book?

The suspense of this novel captured me right from the start and kept me involved to the end.  The adventure of being trapped on an iceberg in such a terrible predicament was fully entertaining. I recommend this because it is the most suspenseful book I can recall reading, and at the same time it offers escapism into the extremities of the polar ice cap.

Deep Six

By Clive Cussler,

Book cover of Deep Six

Why this book?

I read this while living in Korea, so the sinister Asian shipping empire theme inspired me at a time when I was learning to write sea adventures myself. Deep Six also involves the Aleutian Islands, which is another place where I have lived and worked. These coincidences caused me to identify with the book, but Cussler is a master storyteller, which brought it all together.

Operation Uranium Ship

By Dennis Eisenberg, Eli Landau, Menahem Portugali

Book cover of Operation Uranium Ship

Why this book?

A true story based on Israel’s most amazing espionage strike. This is as good as a first-rate espionage thriller with the added benefit of being non-fiction. The title was the first thing that grabbed my attention because it was not only an espionage thriller, but also a sea story. For me, it was a combination of the two greatest genres into a rare and excellent story.

Nights of Ice

By Spike Walker,

Book cover of Nights of Ice

Why this book?

Spike Walker is another writer that has inspired me. Working at sea in Alaska is to tempt fate amid the savage spectacle of nature in raw form. Men are trapped on boats for weeks and even months. Even a safe journey can drive men to the edge. However, in Alaska, disaster can arise at moment’s notice—and often does. Walker tells Alaska sea stories better than anyone. In Nights of Ice, he shares seven amazing stories of disaster and survival. The stories come alive, as Walker has worked on the edge himself. Now he tells some of the greatest Alaskan sea stories ever.

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