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Catherine Downen Author Of Ending In Cadence
By Catherine Downen

Who am I?

Storytelling has been a passion of mine since fifth grade. I’ve always loved the way authors can put you inside of a world and introduce you to a cast of characters who feel as real as the people around you. The characters you meet inside these books become a part of you, and the best way to connect a reader to these charming and brave characters is to let them tell their story. Tell it from all of their perspectives and let the reader come to know and love each of them. Why read a book and only love one character when you could find an entire found family within those pages?

I wrote...

Ending In Cadence

By Catherine Downen,

Book cover of Ending In Cadence

What is my book about?

Jumanji meets Narnia in a brand new YA Portal fantasy.

When Ash Bane follows his sister through one of their grandmother’s paintings, they discover a vast new world on the other side. But the portal home remains out of reach unless they play the enchanted card game filled with riddles, puzzles, and mystical creatures they’ll have to defeat. Emma Delaney, a fierce and spunky scrapyard worker native to this new land agrees to help them complete the game and return home. This life-threatening game may turn out to be the least of Ash’s concerns when his heart betrays him and Ash Bane and Emma Delaney find a love that spans worlds.

The books I picked & why

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A Curse So Dark and Lonely

By Brigid Kemmerer,

Book cover of A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Why this book?

A Curse So Dark and Lonely is a fantastic YA portal fantasy novel told in dual POV. It is a Beauty and the Beast retelling where Harper, a girl from our world, must break the curse on the prince whom she meets when she’s taken to his world. The two-character POVs we get are Harper and Rhen, the cursed prince. I loved having a POV from each world; one from ours and one from the fantasy realm. That made for a very engaging read and kept the points of view unique. Rhen was my favorite to read from! The romance was five stars, and only made better by the fact that you could experience it from both characters’ perspectives. Reading this book actually inspired me to write my first dual POV novel as it was done so well here. Brigid has become one of my instant buy authors! I’ll read everything she writes.  


By Marie Lu,

Book cover of Legend

Why this book?

Legend is one of those books that feels nostalgic when you read it. It perfectly mixes all of the elements from the 2010 dystopian classics, with a wonderful dual narration. In Legend we read the story through Day and June’s eyes. Both are from completely opposite parts of society, which makes the story twice as interesting. It even has elements of enemies to lovers! What this book does so well with its dual narration, is it lets you see more of the world that the author has created, which we wouldn’t normally get had she chosen to tell the book from one of these characters. Personally, I preferred Day’s POV, and the arc his story took. 

On These Black Sands

By Vanessa Rasanen,

Book cover of On These Black Sands

Why this book?

Pirates! I absolutely love a good pirate book, and this one by Vanessa delivered. We follow the story of Declan, a broody and mysterious captain, and Aoife, an heir who flees her kingdom. This book fulfilled all my enemies to lovers wants and told a very engaging story with a plot full of twists that kept you turning the page. Not to mention the world building was fantastic! It’s a new release and I’ve already pre-ordered the sequel. The best part of this book was supporting Vanessa Rasanen who is also an indie author. 

Six of Crows

By Leigh Bardugo,

Book cover of Six of Crows

Why this book?

I couldn’t possibly make a list about multi-POV books without mentioning one of the most popular choices currently on booktok. Six of Crows has an incredible cast of characters that weaves the story together in a way that keeps you in the dark just long enough to have the big reveal shock you. I enjoyed the dark and dangerous world Leigh created, and if you’ve read Shadow and Bone—her other trilogy—you’ll enjoy getting to revisit parts of that world, and seeing them in a new light. It’s an action-packed tale where romance takes a backseat, but I didn’t mind that too much. The best part is, you can watch the Shadow and Bone series on Netflix, and find these characters in the mix!

Red Queen

By Victoria Aveyard,

Book cover of Red Queen

Why this book?

While Red Queen is only told from Mare’s perspective, the rest of the books in the series expand to include other character POVs. I found that to be a unique take by introducing us to the main character and letting her tell the story for the first book before introducing more points of view in the following books. Victoria does a phenomenal job of knowing which character in her expansive cast of characters to select for each chapter. The series is a perfect balance of unpredictable plot and romance. Pretty much any fun trope you can think of, you’ll find in this four book series (five if you count the bonus content she released after its completion). Red Queen mixed my two favorite genres, Fantasy and Dystopian, in a way that gives you a wonderful world you can lose yourself in. 

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