The best books about love hate

The Books I Picked & Why

Shatter Me

By Tahereh Mafi

Book cover of Shatter Me

Why this book?

Despite a polarizing writing style, Shatter Me did actually shatter me. Juliette has powers. Her touch kills, literally. The villains capture her to weaponize her in a dystopian apocalypse. Her boyfriend himself cannot touch her without being sent to the hospital. If things weren’t bad enough, the young, handsome Chief Commander discovers by accident that he can touch her… And that it makes them both feel things they don’t want to feel. Worse: when they are near each other, they have reminiscences of… something. Juliette loves her boyfriend, even if her thoughts turn toward her enemy, and she doesn’t want to want him… Hatred, guilt, and loss of control ensue.

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Sea of Ruin

By Pam Godwin

Book cover of Sea of Ruin

Why this book?

This incredible historical tale will remain with you. Married to a pirate against her parents’ wishes, Bennett gets betrayed so badly when she learns her husband’s heart is already taken, that she runs away from him in hatred. Now a prisoner to an ice-cold English officer who hates pirates, she combats both her memories of her husband and her attraction to the officer who clearly doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Because he hates her husband and women too, doesn’t he? She wishes to run away, and she wishes to never see her husband again. Until finally the three of them have to meet… 

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A Shadow in the Ember

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Book cover of A Shadow in the Ember

Why this book?

Oh, this one? It is everything. The villain is a virgin! Which deep down we all want. Seraphena is promised to him since childhood, groomed into marrying him and killing him in order to save her country. When the wedding night comes – he rejects her, leaving her behind. People blame her. If she hated him before, she loathes him even more. Until he reappears into her life to save her and they both fight this attraction. She still has a mission, and this is her excuse to try to seduce him. He is a tough nut to crack. He is actually more in control of himself than she is. As she grows to know him in his supernatural surroundings, hatred is hard to keep and so is distance…

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Poison Study

By Maria V. Snyder

Book cover of Poison Study

Why this book?

This is a classic. Fantasy, literal fantasy. Caught by the King’s army, Yelena is given a choice: death or food tasting for a senior officer – her worst enemy. Gruesome! The man’s right-hand who deals with her daily is cold, conceited but highly intelligent and she cannot help noticing him. Anyway, people say he doesn’t like women. While at first, he shows no interest in her something grows between them, something he defines as poison corrupting him to his very soul. Seems like neither of them will be able to resist… The depiction of food is a real plus.

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Call the Coroner (Staniel)

By Avril Ashton

Book cover of Call the Coroner (Staniel)

Why this book?

Daniel doesn’t care about life anymore. He only cares about finding the hitman who killed his wife, the only person he ever loved. Unfortunately, when he does find him, his hatred and contempt for the man are only matched by their fiery attraction. Can he betray his wife? With the very man who killed her? This is true love/hate, starting very much on the hate side, and remaining so for a long time, even when the passion is burning high and they have to hide from other Mafiosi. Very much a violent read, I am a fan of the guilt and of the bi trope. This very desperate, very edgy MM mafia love/hate romance will blow your mind, the darkness and the hotness are unforgettable.

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