The best books with characters you’d want in your crew

The Books I Picked & Why

Shatter Me

By Tahereh Mafi

Book cover of Shatter Me

Why this book?

The first three books of this series bowled me over with their unique style, fun action, snarky banter, and characters I still think about months later. While Kenji stands out with his humor, it is Warner I would want as part of my crew. In fact, I’d likely vote him in as captain and opt to be his first mate. He is the best kind of morally gray character, one you can’t help but root for by the end of the original trilogy.

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Wolfsbane (Discarded Heroes Vol. 3)

By Ronie Kendig

Book cover of Wolfsbane (Discarded Heroes Vol. 3)

Why this book?

The Discarded Heroes series holds a special place for me, as these books gave me the push I needed to face my fears and finally pursue publishing my writing. The entire Nightshade team was written so authentically, they feel like part of my extended family. I’m recommending book three specifically, because of Canyon and Dani. Their ability to acknowledge their weaknesses, take responsibility for their mistakes, and push through anything to finish their mission still inspires me.

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The Wish Granter

By C.J. Redwine

Book cover of The Wish Granter

Why this book?

Two words: Princess Ari. She loves butter as much as I do, but that is not why I love her. This character is far from perfect, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She embraces who she is and refuses to let others’ perceptions of her dictate her sense of self-worth. She is no victim, even when she literally is one. Ari would have your back at all times, and then bake you tasty pastries after your adventures.

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By Marissa Meyer

Book cover of Heartless

Why this book?

Every crew needs a brave cinnamon roll character, and Jest is your man for the job. This was one of the most heartbreaking books I’ve read recently, but don’t let that stop you from meeting this clever idealist. He always strives to do what’s right, even at the expense of his own happiness. Jest, Raven, Cath, and Hatta refuse to leave me long after I finished reading, and I’m not upset about it. 

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Winter, White and Wicked

By Shannon Dittemore

Book cover of Winter, White and Wicked

Why this book?

It is hard for me to pick only one character from this book that I’d recruit for my crew because they each bring something different to the table. Sylvie’s tenacious spirit, Kyn’s sweet loyalty, Mars’s passion, and Hyla’s bravery all could prove useful. This book was a wild ride set in a world so different from most fantasies I’ve read, but it left me with four new friends in these characters.

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