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3 authors have picked their favorite books about the Mossad and why they recommend each book.

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By Russell Blake,

Book cover of Jet

A cracking action thriller. A friend recommended this to me, saying my pulse would rise within the first few pages. He wasn’t wrong. It shot up and barely came down. Jet is an Israeli agent who wants out, but it’s never that easy. Such a good first book that the author wrote about 20 more in the series. Guess who read them all!

Who am I?

When I was at school, reading was a chore. We were given books that held no interest and told to dissect the author’s words to find a deeper meaning. It put me off reading for years. It wasn’t until I came across a thriller that I discovered my love of books, and I’ve been hooked ever since. There’s nothing like mounting tension to get you flipping the pages, and I try to do that in my books. 

I wrote...

Run and Hide

By Alan McDermott,

Book cover of Run and Hide

What is my book about?

After her brother is killed in a faked suicide, CIA wet ops specialist Eva Driscoll teams up with ex-soldier Rees Colback, the one person who can help her find answers. Together they’re determined to uncover why members of his Special Forces squad are dying in mysterious circumstances. But with every agency in the country in hot pursuit, their only choice is to flee. The clock is ticking. They can’t run forever. It’s time to make a choice: kill or be killed…

Rise and Kill First

By Ronen Bergman,

Book cover of Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations

Ronen Bergman’s history of Israeli targeted assassinations is a stunning piece of investigative journalism. Beginning with the chilling Talmudic dictum, “if someone comes to kill you, rise and kill first,” Bergman explains how a policy of assassinations was deemed by generations of Israeli leaders as a safe and cheap substitute to conventional warfare. From the dark basements of the Zionists undergrounds to the sophisticated joint command rooms of the IDF, the Mossad, and the Shin-Bet, the author uses his unprecedented access to secret sources to tell a breathtaking story, often pausing to ponder on the morality and usefulness of secret assassinations in the fight against terrorism. A true page-turner, I found it balanced, accurate, and fascinating, a rare feat in accounts of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Who am I?

I am an Israeli military historian, addicted to stories on the unusual, mysterious and unknown. While many of my fellow scholars are interested in the daily and the mundane, I have taken a very different course. Since childhood, I've been fascinated by decisions human beings make in times of crisis, war, and other situations of partial knowledge and moral ambiguity. Therefore, I wrote on coups d’etat, military undergrounds, covert operations, and espionage. After graduating with a PhD from Harvard University, I began teaching world military history, modern Japanese history, and the history of espionage at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For me, reading about covert operations is both a hobby and a profession.

I wrote...

Fugitives: A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War

By Danny Orbach,

Book cover of Fugitives: A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War

What is my book about?

In the aftermath of WWII, the victorious Allies vowed to hunt Nazi war criminals “to the ends of the earth.” Yet many slipped away to the four corners of the world or were shielded by the Western Allies. Other Nazi fugitives became freelance arms traffickers, spies, and covert operators, playing a crucial role in the clandestine struggle between the superpowers. From posh German restaurants, Damascene safehouses and fascist holdouts in Franco's Spain, Nazi spies created a chaotic network of influence and information. This network was tapped by both America and the USSR adding a combustible ingredient to the Cold War covert struggle.

Shrouded in government secrecy, clouded by myths and propaganda, the enigmatic tale of Nazi fugitives in the early Cold War has never been properly told—until now.


By Michael Bar-Zohar, Nissim Mishal,

Book cover of Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service

Again, research is everything when it comes to creating a believable series, and while this book focuses solely on Israel, and its clandestine battles with its many enemies, it still manages to capture the overall tone of international intrigue, and the wars fought in the shadows by unknown warriors. Accordingly, it served as a template for the adventures of my characters.

Who am I?

There is an adage that urges the writer to write about what they know, and I have followed this to the letter. In addition to being an author, I have worked as a private investigator. I have also trained at two martial arts schools that specialize in Ninjutsu; Genbukan Yamato Dojo, and Bujinkan. Moreover, as a patrolman, and an ambulance driver, I have had the privilege of serving with female partners, lending me a valuable insight into the struggles that they face in otherwise male-dominated fields. But this is not all; I am also an occultist, making me familiar with things that most people would not even believe exist.😊

I wrote...

Our Man Adelaide: The Faceless Man

By Martin Schiller,

Book cover of Our Man Adelaide: The Faceless Man

What is my book about?

It is the year 1912. The Titanic is preparing for her maiden voyage, and England and Germany are locked in an arms race. Although Europe is at peace, spies on both sides are gathering intelligence in preparation for war. In the midst of this increasingly volatile situation, Sir Thomas Blackthorne and Ms. Adelaide DeMarcy of His Majesty's Secret Service Bureau, are tasked with investigating the death of a member of Parliament. In the end, it will take all of Sir Thomas's talent as a psychic, and Adelaide's skill as a Ninja, to unravel the truth, and survive…

The Kill Artist

By Daniel Silva,

Book cover of The Kill Artist

I love this author for several reasons. He paints a picture of fascinating worlds of which most people have little experience—usually the Vatican and obscure corners of Italy. His research and knowledge of such places are meticulous. He knows how to keep the tension and pace of a thriller without it becoming a superficial action story. His hero, Gabriel Allon, is an intriguing character with his own history and personal problems. He is not only a lethal spy catcher, but also a brilliant restorer of old masters, which is why he has such unusual access to the Vatican and all its high officers, including the Pope himself. What a combination of talents!

Who am I?

My writing is eclectic and covers many topics. However, all my books tend to have a thriller element to them. Perhaps it's my career as an actor and playwright which has instilled the need to create suspense in all my writings. I sometimes feel that distinguished authors can get so carried away with their literary descriptions and philosophical insights that they forget to keep the story going! It is the need to know what happens next that keeps the reader turning the pages. Perhaps in achieving that some subtlety has to be sacrificed, but, hey, you don't read a political thriller to study the philosophical problems of governing nations!

I wrote...

Number Ten

By Robin Hawdon,

Book cover of Number Ten

What is my book about?

Suspense, romance, and high action in an explosive political thriller. A junior aide to the British Prime Minister is falsely implicated in an assassination attempt, and has to fight for his life against unknown forces, using only his inside knowledge of Number Ten's operations and the help of a female insider.

“Wow! Number Ten begins in explosive fashion and maintains a high-octane, fast pace until the very last word. A glorious thriller that kept me enthralled throughout.” Linda Hill (top 500 Amazon reviewer)

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