The best books with a bite to titillate your senses

Tamara Zeegers Author Of Blood is the Life: Third of the vampire chronicle
By Tamara Zeegers

The Books I Picked & Why

Interview with the Vampire

By Anne Rice

Book cover of Interview with the Vampire

Why this book?

Need I say much about this one? Okay, hold your horses, here it goes, one, two, three… LESTAT. Yes, I know Louis is there, but he pretty much faded into the background for me when Lestat showed up. Good looking, confident, well dressed and demanding, and yes, in love with himself but even so he still pulled at my heartstrings among other things, grin. Not only is this story about stunningly gorgeous vampires but it also touches base with my second passion namely history. So, if you want to forget your woes and be taken on a sexy action-filled ride through history go on and read this!

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Undead and Unwed: A Queen Betsy Novel

By MaryJanice Davidson

Book cover of Undead and Unwed: A Queen Betsy Novel

Why this book?

Ah Betsy, I know what a name for a vampire right? This book is full of humour, vampires, among them the oh-so-sexy Sinclair, witty insights into modern-day life and love. Though it is a short read it has some very funny new twists on the vampire genre and how it translates to the modern woman and all the issues this brings with it. This series is light-hearted and will be sure to have you giggling away in the darkness.

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Carpe Jugulum

By Terry Pratchett

Book cover of Carpe Jugulum

Why this book?

Terry was not only a master at reflecting true human nature and touch upon many current issues within his Discworld novels but also a true wordsmith. Thoroughly entertaining, filled with an array of wonderful characters but now also, just when I thought his books could not get any better, vampires. This book has one of my all-time favourites characters in it namely Granny Weatherwax, the best witch that ever lived. She and her fellow witches and a befuddled priest take on the bloodsuckers who threaten the peaceful town of Lancre but be aware you will find yourself laughing out loud while reading this or any other of the disc world novels and incurring worried glances from the strangers around you. A great series to chase away the blues.

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Dead Until Dark

By Charlaine Harris

Book cover of Dead Until Dark

Why this book?

A great new view on the vampire genre. Vampires are no longer hiding in the shadows but out and proud. Feisty barmaid Sookie from a small town in Louisiana meets and falls in love with a vampire that has moved to town, bringing passion, excitement, adventure, and death into her small-town world. Thoroughly entertaining and in my opinion the books are better than the series which I also loved but must be seen as a separate entity as they veer so much from the novels that it no longer follows them which I must admit I found a pity. 

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12th Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles

By Zecharia Sitchin

Book cover of 12th Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles

Why this book?

Having had a passion for ancient history and always looking for those pesky missing pieces, you know what I mean those things that just do not quite fit or were insufficiently explained, I came across this book, and there for the first time the puzzle was completed. All those missing pieces were finally found and clicked into place. He rightfully throws much-needed questions at the consensus of not only our history but our very origins. Making us look at places, scriptures, and mythology with fresh eyes. I would thoroughly recommend not only this book but the whole series.

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