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A Thistle in the Mist

By Megan Denby,

Book cover of A Thistle in the Mist

I absolutely loved this book based on true events. Don’t be fooled by the name either. This is intense as it gets. A historical thriller slash romance that made you wonder how much the heroin can endure. Believe me, you are in for a ride. 

So much heartache poured from the pages, and you keep on reading in the hopes that love will conquer, and the evil will be stopped. Every character's persona was well developed and got under your skin as you became part of their lives and struggles. One of my favorites and a book I would read again.

Who am I?

I am a very realistic person, curious by nature, who loves a good thrill. A good twist—no matter the genre—that has all the above recommendations captures my attention. A feel-good chick flick or book does nothing for my curious side but adds a twist or two and you have me hooked. Love at war is that kind of book. It has a few twists that touch on important topics and leave you with a few thoughts to think about afterward. Life is not only marshmallows and sprinklers. Life is real and I like my books like that, too. Therefore, I call myself a multi-genre author. I don’t want to be bound by one genre.

I wrote...

Love at War: A Love Story

By Lynelle Clark,

Book cover of Love at War: A Love Story

What is my book about?

Passionate about her work, war-torn South Sudan offered Sonia Main peace. A short-lived peace shaken by choices. Could Sonia let go of the past and see a future?

Curt McGee was a man bound by honour and duty. It took him away from home for long periods of time. Confronted with obedience he had to put love aside. Tau Gbadamosi had a tough time. War ravished his country. The enormous plight for help too great for one man or one fight. Faced with loyalty, he had to decide. A decision that would cost him. When a warlord sets his sight on the Red Cross nurse, all hell broke loose. Only God could stop him.

Coming Home to the Loch

By Hannah Ellis,

Book cover of Coming Home to the Loch

This is the first book in the Loch Lannick series. I love that this book is set on the Isle of Skye because I know the area fairly well. Like Colgan’s books, she has created a world that I can’t wait to travel back to. She has created a close-knit world on the loch full of highland culture and hospitality. I am only three books into the series but so far I’ve loved the heartfelt humor in each one.

Who am I?

I love everything Scottish. My grandfather was Scottish. I never met him, but mom passed the pride of her heritage and culture to me. Mom used to throw out an occasional phrase or poem that I thought was Gaelic. (I later learned it was Scotts but that’s another story.) I decided I wanted to learn the language and found a short course at a small college on the Isle of Skye and it changed my life. After that short course I committed to learning the language and enrolled in the distance learning program. I travel to Skye for the short courses between my semesters and have made lifelong friends.  

I wrote...

Hickville Crossroads: A Hickville High Novel

By Mary Karlik,

Book cover of Hickville Crossroads: A Hickville High Novel

What is my book about?

Frasier Anderson is one of the hottest teenage actors in the UK, but he’s virtually unknown in the US. Now he’s landed the leading role in a big-budget Hollywood film that could make him an international star. So how do you prepare a Scot for a role as a Texas high school student? Embed him in a Texas high school. He only has to follow three rules: No drama. No girls. And no telling who he really is.

Jenna Wiley is smart, funny, and has a few no-drama, no-dating rules of her own. Things come to a boil when Frasier’s biggest secrets hit the tabloids. Can Frasier convince Jenna that shy, goofy Ethan Smith is closer to reality than the image the tabloids have created?

The Chief

By Monica McCarty,

Book cover of The Chief

Set upon the Isle of Skye in the early 14th Century, The Chief is an exciting historical romance, with a lot of depth. The hero, Tormod MacLeod, is a man on a mission, to support Robert the Bruce in his struggle against the English. When he’s tricked into marrying Christina Fraser, a young noblewoman whose father was imprisoned for supporting William Wallace, he’s determined to keep his wife in her place. He has no time, or interest, in love. However, control slowly slips from his grip. This novel has one of the best kiss scenes I’ve ever read, and the setting at Dunvegan Castle upon the Isle of Skye is beautifully researched and depicted.

Who am I?

I’ve always had a fascination with the past. After graduating with an Honors degree in English Literature, with a minor in History, I spent years working as an English Language Teacher, while I wrote stories in my free time. Writing is a compulsion for me. It’s my escape and entertainment – my solace in tough times. Now, as a full-time author, I’m lucky enough to get to spend my days in Ancient and Medieval Scotland. I write the kind of stories I love to read: with vibrant characters, richly researched settings, and action-packed adventure romance that transports readers to forgotten times and imaginary worlds.

I wrote...

Highlander Deceived: A Medieval Scottish Romance

By Jayne Castel,

Book cover of Highlander Deceived: A Medieval Scottish Romance

What is my book about?

Highlander Deceived is an emotional historical romance set in Medieval Scotland. When Keira Gunn agrees to swap places with her best friend, and weds a man in her stead, she knows life is about to get complicated. But Keira never wanted to be a nun, and longs for a life outside the nunnery where she’s about to take her vows. Her friend is desperate—and this could be Keira’s only chance to forge a new path for herself. 

The Mackays of Farr have a new chieftain. Connor Mackay is a reluctant husband, yet he’s been betrothed for years. Now he needs to honor his promise. However, his bride keeps a secret that risks more than both their hearts.

Mating Theory

By Skye Warren,

Book cover of Mating Theory

Skye Warren is a queen of romance and feelings, and this book is one I’ve read multiple times. I love that this billionaire romance has Pretty Woman vibes, but it’s own story. Sutton, our hero, has a tortured past and dark demons inside of him, but the love he feels for Ashleigh is so sweet and heartfelt that it breaks my heart every time I read it. They struggle so hard for their love, and the two of them together make for an emotional and powerful read. This is a story of two broken people finding one another and finding a powerful love.

Who am I?

I love writing my steamy, happily ever after romance novels. Billionaires are my Prince Charmings and they have a lot to offer the heroines I write. However, none of my heroines are weak. They are strong and they love the billionaires for who they are, not what they offer. I want a world full of romance, steam, and happily ever afters, so that’s what I love to write. My books are perfect for a relaxing day on the beach that will leave you feeling good.

I wrote...

Saltwater Kisses

By Krista Lakes,

Book cover of Saltwater Kisses

What is my book about?

When small-town girl Emma LaRue won a vacation to an exclusive tropical island, she never meant to get pretend married to the handsome man she met there. She certainly never meant to fall in love.

But she did. And the man was none other than New York's most eligible billionaire bachelor Jack Saunders. When the press finds out about their pretend marriage, it suddenly becomes real and Emma must choose between her dreams and the man that she met on the beach.

A Book of Silence

By Sara Maitland,

Book cover of A Book of Silence

Of all the destinations we can and do explore during our lives, our internal landscape is the most intimate. Without silence, how do we begin to know ourselves, and to see ourselves for who we really are? Sara Maitland moved from being a chatterer to “a silence hunter,” seeking out spaces where she could live alone and savour silent solitude. Her book explores histories and landscapes of silence, from contemplatives to explorers. She nails the difference between bad silence (the kind most of us are terrified of) and the spaciousness of prolonged silence that, eventually, becomes a state of bliss. Don’t be put off by the apparent seriousness of this subject: Sara might be a religious reclusive, but she writes in accessible prose that, ironically, induces the sense you could almost be having a drink together. It’s a brilliant book.

Who am I?

Louisa Waugh is a writer, blogger, and the prize-winning author of three non-fiction books: Hearing Birds Fly, Selling Olga, and Meet Me in Gaza. She has lived and worked in the Middle East, Central and West Africa, and is a conflict adviser for an international peace-building organisation. She blogs at The Waugh Zone and currently lives in Brighton, on the southern English coast, where she kayaks and drinks red wine on the beach, usually not at the same time.

I wrote...

Hearing Birds Fly: A Nomadic Year in Mongolia

By Louisa Waugh,

Book cover of Hearing Birds Fly: A Nomadic Year in Mongolia

What is my book about?

I went to live in Mongolia because I had always wanted to see the country, and had time on my hands. I lived in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, for two years, then moved to a remote village in the Western Mountains to live in a village called Tsengel. I wanted to experience the intimate life of Mongolian nomads and their relationship with the heart-stopping seasons that have created the extraordinary landscape in which they live and die. My book is a portrait of a small community amidst the mountains that shape them culturally, religiously, and socially. And I had my own heart-stopping moments of fear, and joy, amongst these tough mountain people.

The Prisoner of St Kilda

By Margaret MacAulay,

Book cover of The Prisoner of St Kilda: The True Story of the Unfortunate Lady Grange

I couldn’t make this up: one night masked men broke into the Edinburgh townhouse of Lord and Lady Grange, gagged Lady Grange, bound her to a chair, and carried out of the house to a waiting horse. From there, they travelled across Scotland to the remote islands of St Kilda, where she was left for the next seven years. Lady Grange was by all accounts unbalanced and difficult to live with, so her husband decided to have her abducted, and told his friends she had died. The west of Scotland at the time was essentially a different country from Edinburgh society, complete with an English-Gaelic language barrier. This story is so outrageous that it is difficult to believe it is true. Pair it with any edition of Johnson and Boswell for another look at life in the west of Scotland in the eighteenth century, and read their versions of the…

Who am I?

I dropped out of law school to pursue a PhD in music at the University of Glasgow and to write the history of the flute in Scotland. Essentially, I wanted to know that if Scotland was a leader in Enlightenment thought, and if there were hundreds of publications with flute on the title page, and since the flute was the most popular amateur instrument in the eighteenth century, why was nothing written about the flute. I obsessively read Scottish mythology as a child, and was always drawn to the stereotypical wild misty landscapes of Scotland without knowing much about it. 

I wrote...

The Flute in Scotland from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century

By Elizabeth Ford,

Book cover of The Flute in Scotland from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century

What is my book about?

This is the first (and only) book devoted to the flute in Scottish music history. It explores the rich history of the flute in Scottish musical life through people who played it, made it, and offers in depth analysis of surviving flute manuscripts.

This might sound dry, but it has pictures, and has been called “required reading” and “groundbreaking.” I suspect this is because the common misconception is that no one in Scotland played flute, that flute in traditional music is an Irish thing. I debunk that, along with the other myth about ladies not playing flute. The flute’s use in Scottish music gets moved much earlier than previously thought along the way. 

Private Property

By Skye Warren,

Book cover of Private Property

I am a sucker for dark, broody, and mysterious heroes. And Private Property is a promise of rough emotions mixed with shattering sensuality that will take the reader to the most unexpected and amazing journey. I was so consumed by the mystery, deeply entangled in this dark story that took over my head and soul. Mr. Rochester is a brooding billionaire consumed by secrets and our plain Jayne is an innocent nanny. Both characters’ souls are broken in a way that only the other can fit the empty spaces of their souls. Enter here a permanent and continuous storm, salty air, and a gothic contemporary mansion. There is something forbidden and hunted about the storyline that woken up goosebumps on my skin.

Who am I?

I am a voracious reader who loves to escape my hectic busy life with a good book when I don’t have the opportunity to do so in person. I’m a sucker for a good love story with a little angst and mystery. I read all genres but sexy romantic thrillers are my absolute favorite. I love them so much I started writing my own sexy stories in this genre. It has become my passion. I currently have three published books, Mr. Black, Mr. Stone, and Mr. Bennett, books one, two, and three of A Black Stone Series. My fourth book, Luke, the first book in my new Cross Security series is scheduled for release later this year.

I wrote...

Mr. Black: A Black Stone Series - Book 1

By Nancy Brown,

Book cover of Mr. Black: A Black Stone Series - Book 1

What is my book about?

Was it a teenage crush, love at first sight, or just pure and simple lust?  It was only one weekend and he walked away claiming that if the stars aligned, fate would bring us back together someday.

Fast forward fifteen years, he’s back and his sights are set on me. Unfortunately for us, there is a terrorist out there. He also wants her and will stop at nothing in order to make her his.

The Cowboy Who Stole My Heart

By Melinda Carroll,

Book cover of The Cowboy Who Stole My Heart

First of all this book has a hot cowboy in it. *Swoons* As far as wish-fulfillment goes, I think most women would like to date a cowboy. Cowboys love horses, have muscles, and wear cool hats. I’m not sure why women ever stopped making men wear hats (top hats especially—every man looks better in a top hat) so I especially appreciate a man in a cowboy hat. 

However, I wouldn’t like a cowgirl’s schedule of getting up at the crack of dawn to do ranch work, which is why it’s so nice to vicariously live through this book. You get to date the hot guy but you don’t have to clean stables. Win-win!

Oh, and mixing up a guy with his twin brother and making a fool of yourself—also fun to read about.

Who am I?

Why do I have expertise on embarrassing moments? I wish I could say I just enjoy watching other people occasionally squirm and nothing humiliating has ever happened to me. That would be such a lie, though. I’m an embarrassing moment waiting to happen. I rode to the vet with a cat who wanted to cling to the top of my head. I got stuck in a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I (nearly) locked myself out of my house in my pajamas. The only good thing about having embarrassing moments is that you can use them in your novels. And I do.

I wrote...

Just One Wish

By Janette Rallison,

Book cover of Just One Wish

What is my book about?

She’d go to the ends of the earth—or at least Hollywood—to save her brother’s life. Annika Truman has never considered "genie" as a career option, but maybe she should have. She’s convinced if she fulfills her little brother’s only wish before his cancer surgery, he’ll have a better chance of pulling through. The trouble is, Jeremy wants the actor who plays Teen Robinhood to pay him a visit. Steve Raleigh is handsome, cocky, and most likely unreachable. And worse, Annika only has a couple of days to find him and convince him to visit her brother. Still, she has to try.

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