The Cowboy Who Stole My Heart

By Melinda Carroll,

Book cover of The Cowboy Who Stole My Heart

Book description

Only two things stand between Skye and the life she craves: a priceless necklace and a hot cowboy. Not necessarily in that order.

Skye Stanton enjoys catering for Aunt Judy’s reception center about as much as she likes sour milk and day-old sushi. But she’s trapped as long as Judy…

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First of all this book has a hot cowboy in it. *Swoons* As far as wish-fulfillment goes, I think most women would like to date a cowboy. Cowboys love horses, have muscles, and wear cool hats. I’m not sure why women ever stopped making men wear hats (top hats especially—every man looks better in a top hat) so I especially appreciate a man in a cowboy hat. 

However, I wouldn’t like a cowgirl’s schedule of getting up at the crack of dawn to do ranch work, which is why it’s so nice to vicariously live through this book. You get…

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