The best books for a romantic beach read

Who am I?

I love writing my steamy, happily ever after romance novels. Billionaires are my Prince Charmings and they have a lot to offer the heroines I write. However, none of my heroines are weak. They are strong and they love the billionaires for who they are, not what they offer. I want a world full of romance, steam, and happily ever afters, so that’s what I love to write. My books are perfect for a relaxing day on the beach that will leave you feeling good.

I wrote...

Saltwater Kisses

By Krista Lakes,

Book cover of Saltwater Kisses

What is my book about?

When small-town girl Emma LaRue won a vacation to an exclusive tropical island, she never meant to get pretend married to the handsome man she met there. She certainly never meant to fall in love.

But she did. And the man was none other than New York's most eligible billionaire bachelor Jack Saunders. When the press finds out about their pretend marriage, it suddenly becomes real and Emma must choose between her dreams and the man that she met on the beach.

The books I picked & why

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Simply Irresistible

By Jill Shalvis,

Book cover of Simply Irresistible

Why this book?

The Lucky Harbor series was one of my first forays into reading romance, and they are a huge inspiration for my own writing. The heat level, the spicy scenes, the relationships, the friendships, and the settings are all something I try to write as well. I love the small-town setting and how the next book’s characters are woven in so that I feel like I’m really a part of this world. Plus, Maddy and Jax’s relationship is so sweet. Throw in that this book isn’t angsty or dark, it’s perfect for reading on the beach. I finished this book with a happy sigh... and then read the next one in the series!

I love this whole small-town romance series. The heat level is awesome and Jill Shalvis does an amazing job on her characters and romance. I always feel content after finishing one of her books. These were some of my first inspirations to write romance novels myself, and I love everything she writes!

Dare to Love

By Carly Phillips,

Book cover of Dare to Love

Why this book?

A perfect beach-read billionaire book with lots of sizzle! (Seriously, this book should come with fire warnings because you will need a cold shower after it!)

Riley is fiercely independent and Ian is incredibly protective. This makes for a difficult start to their relationship, but once they learn to trust one another, it’s all sparks and steam. The chemistry between these two characters is off the charts and the book holds nothing back. We get to see it all.

This is the first book in the series which makes it even better. I loved getting to meet the characters for the next books and get a feel for them while falling in love with Ian and Riley.

Mating Theory

By Skye Warren,

Book cover of Mating Theory

Why this book?

Skye Warren is a queen of romance and feelings, and this book is one I’ve read multiple times. I love that this billionaire romance has Pretty Woman vibes, but it’s own story. Sutton, our hero, has a tortured past and dark demons inside of him, but the love he feels for Ashleigh is so sweet and heartfelt that it breaks my heart every time I read it. They struggle so hard for their love, and the two of them together make for an emotional and powerful read. This is a story of two broken people finding one another and finding a powerful love.

No Ordinary Billionaire

By J. S. Scott,

Book cover of No Ordinary Billionaire

Why this book?

JS Scott writes the best billionaires. Every time she releases a new book or series, I gobble them up. This series is no different.

First, Dante is a tortured romance hero that is easy to love. His guilt over the death of his partner and his injury make me want to hug him close – which is exactly what Sarah Baxter wants to do! Except she can’t because she’s his doctor and she lives by her ethics. I love the connection the two of them have and how they have to help one another in their love. This book is sizzling and steamy with romance and intrigue to keep the pages turning!


By Nora Roberts,

Book cover of Hideaway

Why this book?

Nora Roberts is the absolute queen of romance. She is often the first author anyone recommends in the genre, and as such, I am a huge fan. Hideaway has a scrappy heroine, but the real reason I love this book is Dillon. He’s hard-working and protective and just right for Cate.

I also really enjoyed the other background characters and relationships. So many times romance novels focus only on the two leads (with good reason!) but it’s always nice when the characters have outside relationships, especially good ones. Dillon’s relationships made me smile and love him all the more as a romance hero.

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