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Jennifer J. Lacelle Author Of Birdwhistle Estate
By Jennifer J. Lacelle

Who am I?

I’ve always been in love with books and writing, but in high school I realized I wanted to touch people’s lives on an emotional level. A friend told me my writing had changed their perspective about an incident where their brother almost died. It made me think that if I could positively impact one person with a play, what else could I do (even for complete strangers). We all struggle with emotions, and it’s okay! We should be allowed to feel our emotions—regardless of our age or gender identity. Everyone should know that they’re not alone; emotions are universal. They are part of what connects us to each other. 

I wrote...

Birdwhistle Estate

By Jennifer J. Lacelle,

Book cover of Birdwhistle Estate

What is my book about?

Birdwhistle Estate is a young adult urban fantasy, tragedy, drama, and adventure set in Thunder Bay, Ontario. While the city exists in real life, it’s a whole new world as fiction and reality collide. The story also follows themes of loss, forgiveness, grief, and consequences—something everyone can relate to on some level. It’s a slow-burn kind of story with a rush at the end and perhaps even an ending you didn’t expect given the main character’s personality. 

The books I picked & why

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Roses and Rot

By Kat Howard,

Book cover of Roses and Rot

Why this book?

This book is such a heartfelt tale surroundings two sisters raised by a woman who cared little of their emotional states and only of perfection in the arts. While revolving around the real world, readers are taken to a mystical realm with the protagonists as they discover magic and the fae exist. It’s the struggles we all face in life that this book touches on. As an artist I can understand the need for perfection in my art, like the characters.

A Great and Terrible Beauty

By Libba Bray,

Book cover of A Great and Terrible Beauty

Why this book?

This book is the first in a trilogy by Libba Bray. I read it when I was a teenager and it made me want to write stories that made people feel, that brought their emotions to life! The story follows a girl (Gemma) whose life gets turned upside and she has to figure out what comes next. There’s magic and emotions and otherworldly happenings in this tale. I think many people, teenagers, and adults, can relate to struggling to find their place in the world. I know I do! 

The Selection

By Kiera Cass,

Book cover of The Selection

Why this book?

This book takes the readers into a dystopian version of North America: the world is no longer the same! America Singer, a poor girl from a lower caste, is selected to play bachelorette with the prince (along with 29 other girls) while the country is in chaos with rebellions. It’s a really great story that evokes thoughts about the system of the world we live in while springing us into new versions of the real world.  

The Lost Girl

By Sangu Mandanna,

Book cover of The Lost Girl

Why this book?

As you can probably see, I like books that are emotionally provocative. This book does just that! It’s just such a different kind of story where the protagonist was built to be exactly like someone else, including memories and life, just in case something happens to the original. It’s a raw look at who someone really is and how they become that person. 


By Anna Carey,

Book cover of Eve

Why this book?

This one is a dystopian novel (again) but another that’s all about survival and emotions. Making decisions isn’t always easy and sometimes we have to overcome a lot and that’s precisely what the protagonist has to do. Surviving in the new world isn’t easy and she’s got some tough, emotional changes to endure in this read. 

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