The best supernatural books to read all year long

Who am I?

I am an independent author, photographer, wildlife advocate, paranormal enthusiast, and cat mom living in Dallas, Texas. In 2012, I earned my Master's Degree in Art and Performance from the University of Texas at Dallas and have been pursuing my writing career ever since. I published my first book, Cemetery Tours, in 2013 and it will forever be the book that changed my life.

I wrote...

Cemetery Tours

By Jacqueline E. Smith,

Book cover of Cemetery Tours

What is my book about?

Do You Believe in Ghosts? Michael Sinclair does. At twenty-seven, he has spent his entire life pretending that the ghosts he encounters on a daily basis do not exist. Now, if only the dead would let him rest in peace.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem likely, especially after Kate Avery and her ailing brother, Gavin, move in next door. Kate and Gavin are haunted, and not by a dearly departed loved one. This spirit is aggressive, menacing, and harboring a dark resentment toward Gavin. In spite of every instinct advising him to walk away, Michael finds himself seeking to uncover the mysteries of Gavin's past… and falling for the bright and lovely Kate.

The books I picked & why

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By Miracle Austin,

Book cover of Doll

Why this book?

I’m a big fan of young adult fiction and I’m also a big fan of supernatural stories that take place in the “real” world. Doll follows a trio of high school students, who, tired of being bullied, seek out the assistance of Tomie’s cousin… who just happens to be a witch. As far as young adult horror goes, Miracle Austin is the best of the best. 

Seven Tears Into the Sea

By Terri Farley,

Book cover of Seven Tears Into the Sea

Why this book?

A beautiful tale of first love, summer by the sea, and sexy supernatural boyfriends, Seven Tears Into the Sea is one of my favorite books of all time. Like Gwen, I’ve always felt called to the sea, though sadly, I’ve never been rescued by a beautiful selkie boy. Nor has one ever beckoned for me to return to him. But thanks to Seven Tears Into the Sea, I at least know what it would be like if one ever did. 


By Tobie Easton,

Book cover of Emerge

Why this book?

This is another book about supernatural beings of the sea, but this time, it’s all about mermaids! Emerge is the first in a young adult trilogy that follows the modern-day descendants of The Little Mermaid. Author Tobie Easton has absolutely mastered the art of world-building and I would absolutely love to see her underwater kingdom brought to life one day. 

The Mediator #1: Shadowland

By Meg Cabot,

Book cover of The Mediator #1: Shadowland

Why this book?

Wow, where to even begin with Shadowland? Here’s the deal. I love Meg Cabot. I love everything she’s ever written. Of course, she’s known far and wide for her Princess Diaries series but as a paranormal enthusiast, the Mediator series has always been my favorite. I mean, wasn’t it every teenage girl’s dream to fall in love with the hot ghost haunting her new bedroom? I know that’s all I ever wanted.  

The Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren, Book 1: The Seeker

By Cody Wagner,

Book cover of The Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren, Book 1: The Seeker

Why this book?

It’s easy to find books about vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and witches… but very rarely do you stumble across a young adult book about sirens. Not the mermaid kind (we’ve already covered mermaids), but still sinister, manipulative, and dangerous. Despite this threatening presence, this book is absolutely hilarious and a fantastic adventure. It’s also an LGBT story written by an LGBT author who has always said that this was a book he wrote for his younger self. To let him, and kids like him, know that he’s not alone. And I just love that. 

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