The best books with edgy, controversial, or paranormal elements but from a Christian worldview

Tracy Krauss Author Of Conspiracy of Bones: And the Beat Goes On
By Tracy Krauss

Who am I?

I love books and movies that contain paranormal, supernatural, or Sci-fi elements. I also enjoy a good romance, especially when it contains “forbidden” elements or some major obstacles. However, I don’t always appreciate work that is too graphic. As a person of Christian faith, I have often found it challenging to find books and movies that pique my interests but that aren’t preachy or full of pat answers, especially if they come from a Christian worldview. I’ve listed some of my absolute favorites that meet all the criteria: suspense, thrills, a bit of edgy content without being too graphic, and a touch of the unexpected.

I wrote...

Conspiracy of Bones: And the Beat Goes On

By Tracy Krauss,

Book cover of Conspiracy of Bones: And the Beat Goes On

What is my book about?

Canadian-born archaeologist Mark Graham unearths a remarkable discovery while at a dig in the mountains of Zimbabwe – pterodactyl remains and giant human bones buried together. Speculation leads to the possible existence of a mythical race known as ‘Nephilim’, a pre-flood people alleged to have descended from both gods and men. But skepticism and sabotage delay Mark and his team as the dig site is compromised, putting their discovery – as well as Mark’s very life – in grave danger. Deceived and framed by trusted friends and colleagues, Mark struggles to safeguard his findings and protect his reputation in order to unearth the mystery behind the bones. 

The books I picked & why

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By Frank E. Peretti,

Book cover of Monster

Why this book?

This thriller has residents reeling from multiple unexplained murders. Gore at the crime scenes along with other factors have people afraid that it’s something supernatural. The book has an unexpected outcome, and even highlights some possible creationist vs evolutionist debate. Peretti keeps readers on the edge of their seats with his unconventional setting, characters, and outcomes while maintaining a Christian worldview. It is one of my all-time favorite books. 

Jett: A Supernatural Romance

By Dana Pratola,

Book cover of Jett: A Supernatural Romance

Why this book?

The main male character, Jett, is descended from a supernatural race with rare powers. He’s done some horrific things in the past to save others and is now a recluse. Circumstances force him to allow an artist into his home on consignment. Romance ensues of course, but not without complications, chaos, and danger. I like that the characters aren’t “squeaky clean” even though this is from a Christian Worldview. The story always comes first and it is never blatantly preachy. We are also introduced to more supernatural “brothers” for future books in the series. 


By Ted Dekker,

Book cover of Thr3e

Why this book?

This suspenseful thriller keeps you absolutely guessing with all the twists and turns. For a “Christian’ book, it definitely has some elements that might raise some eyebrows and is totally unexpected in its outcome. I honestly didn’t see the ending coming. Three is an exemplary example of out-of-the-box storytelling with an edge. 

The Red Feather

By April W Gardner,

Book cover of The Red Feather

Why this book?

The Indigenous male protagonist is portrayed in a way that elevates him beyond what is commonly seen in a historical romance of this era and locale. Set in the southern USA, it is full of historical details and descriptions while celebrating a mixed-race relationship in a time period when such a thing was shunned. It comes from a Christian worldview but is still very respectful of his Indigenous culture and beliefs. We see him for the man he is and without judgment - not just wrapped in a cultural shroud. 

Flight of Shadows

By Sigmund Brouwer,

Book cover of Flight of Shadows

Why this book?

In this sequel to Broken Angel, the main character has been genetically altered (spoiler) and must now live a life of secrecy and shame. As the story unfolds we see the darkness behind the circumstances of her birth. There is hope at the end of the book, though not necessarily what one would expect. It is a book that keeps you thinking long after you finish, almost haunting in its effects. It is beautifully written and I would read it many times over. 

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