The best paranormal romances with a ghostly twist

Kelly Moran Author Of Ghost of A Promise
By Kelly Moran

Who am I?

I adore all things ghostly, from TV shows to books to movies. I immerse myself. For me, I think it began as a young girl with poems from my grandmother’s favorite book and films or programs we’d watch together. The what-if factor and the vast unknown is addicting. It chronically makes us think or sit at the edge of our seats. I’ve even visited haunted locations before and had a couple of experiences. Romance ties into that for me. We all strive for it and hope to find it. It can be as elusive as fog. By combining the two genres, readers like me get the best of all worlds. 

I wrote...

Ghost of A Promise

By Kelly Moran,

Book cover of Ghost of A Promise

What is my book about?

Phantoms is an elite team of paranormal investigators hell-bent on finding the answers to life after death. But things that go bump in the night aren’t nearly as frightening as the uncertainty of love… “Moran has made me a super fan of this genre!” - Fresh Fiction

The books I picked & why

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Phantom Evil

By Heather Graham,

Book cover of Phantom Evil

Why this book?

So, I watch paranormal investigation programs. Religiously. The boo factor, the unknown? Yes, please! I devoured this book because it was the first of its kind to have a team of investigators like those shows with the added bonus of characters falling in love. Not to mention, it takes place in New Orleans! So much history, legend, and folklore there. It inspired me to write my own series like it. Also, Heather is one of the nicest, friendliest, down-to-earth authors I’ve ever had the chance to meet. We’ve done a few events together. The whole series is a must-read.

The Carriage House

By Carla Neggers,

Book cover of The Carriage House

Why this book?

Though this is a romantic suspense, it has that haunted house theme in the backdrop, and I was captivated. I’ve always been fascinated by a home’s history. Who lived there? What were they like? Did they die there? Do they still roam the halls? This took those elements, plus romance, and got me thinking about writing a similar book with that kind of twist. The setting is Boston’s north shore in a 19th-century carriage house, and wow. I wanted the place to be real, to go there and explore myself. There are more books in the series. Carla is a wonderfully warm and engaging author, also. She always responds to her readers.

Mimosa Grove

By Sharon Sala,

Book cover of Mimosa Grove

Why this book?

This book didn’t necessarily have a grinding spooky element so much as mysterious unknown indicators, but it’s haunting just the same. And romantic. I believe in second sight or psychic ability, that there are those out there with the true gift. Frankly, I’ve had a few “premonition” dreams myself that led me to an avid interest in the subject. The topic was well-written, relatable, and gave me many story ideas. The setting is an old ancestral home in the Louisiana Bayou, so it hit all the history and boo feels, plus it has a suspense angle. Sharon is an amazing soul with an open mind, who I met at a couple events, and I loved chatting with her.

The Haunting of Hillwood Farm

By Kathryn Knight,

Book cover of The Haunting of Hillwood Farm

Why this book?

This book takes place at a farmhouse in Massachusetts and the setting is phenomenal. It carries that haunted house vibe and mixes it with the psychic ability element, which hits all my “must-read” feels. The hero and heroine are at odds as a believer/non-believer, laying a realistic backdrop I admire. Kathryn is one of the few romantic suspense/paranormal authors who has a genuine ability to fit in the ghostly niche while still creating a HEA. Her descriptive details put you right there amidst the haunting while rooting for the couple.

Carolina Moon

By Nora Roberts,

Book cover of Carolina Moon

Why this book?

Though a romantic suspense, this book’s setting in my home state of South Carolina is hauntingly chilling and pays homage to the sins of our past. There’s just something innately real about a small-town story that could be right next door. The heroine has visions, adding the psychic factor, plus the bump-in-the-night brushes bring an almost gothic ghostly quality. Nora has been a dominating force in the romance world for decades, and with good reason. Whether suspense, paranormal, or contemporary, no one writes a story like she can.

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