The best witch mystery books that treat the paranormal seriously

Kirsten Weiss Author Of Bound: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Doyle Cozy Mysteries)
By Kirsten Weiss

The Books I Picked & Why

Secondhand Spirits

By Juliet Blackwell

Book cover of Secondhand Spirits

Why this book?

In addition to being a fun witchy mystery with a hilarious familiar, the author treats the magical art of Brujeria with deep respect and knowledge. And the heroine’s got a lot of heart. With romance, vintage clothing, and magic, this series is hard to beat. Secondhand Spirits is the first book in the Witchcraft Mysteries featuring Lily Ivory and a great place to start this series.

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Midnight Crossroad

By Charlaine Harris

Book cover of Midnight Crossroad

Why this book?

Midnight Crossroad builds on existing mythology and folklore as well as on her more famous Sookie Stackhouse series. The Midnight books have a slightly heavier vibe than the prior series, and I love seeing another aspect of her “Trueblood” world, this time set in a small town in Texas. I found myself rooting for every member of this darkly quirky cast of characters—supernatural and otherwise.

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A Veiled Deception (A Vintage Magic Mystery)

By Annette Blair

Book cover of A Veiled Deception (A Vintage Magic Mystery)

Why this book?

This frothy, well-paced cozy witch mystery features a psychic who can pick up visions of the past wearers of old clothes. How convenient that she runs a vintage clothing store… Add a Cary-Grant handsome ghost and some very lively romantic entanglements to the great clothes and a charming small town, and you’ve got a winning paranormal mystery. The author also does an excellent job describing the experience of clairtangency—psychic touch.

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Strange Magic

By Syd Moore

Book cover of Strange Magic

Why this book?

Most authors put their notes about what the book is based on at the back. Syd Moore puts it right up front—the true story of a witch hunt hysteria in England. And once that story’s in your head, it colors everything that follows in this paranormal mystery set around an Essex witch museum. Most of the laughs (and there are plenty) come from the wry and witty heroine of this intriguing mystery, packed with information about witchcraft past and present.

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The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane

By Katherine Howe

Book cover of The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane

Why this book?

Spooky and atmospheric, this story travels between a cunning woman facing the Salem Witch Trials and a modern-day mystery set in the area. The premise is intriguing: what if there was some real witchcraft going on during the witch hunts? The author weaves into this lush, romantic novel a wealth of fascinating detail about historical witchcraft. And though this book is a standalone, it provides a good taste of her other witchy novels.

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