The best steamy romantic suspense books for savvy readers

Who am I?

I'm a contemporary romance writer who does some series in paranormal romance and some in romantic suspense. I know lots of romance is about the fantasy and I write to that, but I want each of my romances to have you walking away believing in real-life love, too. I want heroes and heroines who could walk right off the page! I want to acknowledge smart women finding men who love a snappy comeback and a sharp brain. My favorite stories come together when our heroine is the only one who could solve this crime or mystery. I was first invited to write RS in the Dark Falls series and I shockingly won a Maggie for my first book. I loved the genre so much that I went on to build a whole series of my own!

I wrote...

Crash and Burn (Wildfire Hearts)

By Savannah Kade,

Book cover of Crash and Burn (Wildfire Hearts)

What is my book about?

Sebastian Kane knew from the moment he saw Maggie that she was the one… Unfortunately, so did a serial killer…

Maggie has already walked away from sisterly betrayal and an engagement gone wrong. Was walking into redemption the smartest choice? Her Aunt’s creaky old boarding house reveals hidden treasure that points to a serial killer. The FBI and Sebastian Kane aren’t the only ones with their eyes on her. But Sebastian’s hesitation cost him dearly, and new-in-town Maggie is already dating a fellow firefighter. But even his loyalty to the brotherhood can’t keep Sebastian away when danger is on Maggie’s doorstep.

The books I picked & why

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Concrete Evidence

By Rachel Grant,

Book cover of Concrete Evidence

Why this book?

The Evidence series will pull you under from the first page. This is the kind of romantic escapism that we love, but with the smartest, most reliable heroines. These women are scientists, always prepared and making the best choices. They are pulled from their everyday work into a maelstrom of intrigue and romance. And the heroes? Exactly the kind of men smart women love!


By Laura Griffin,

Book cover of Flight

Why this book?

This is the second book in the Texas Murder Files series and Griffin is the author who brought us the Tracers books (another great series. Go read it!) In Flight, Miranda is desperately trying to take a break and recoup from a far too stressful job. We can all relate. But when she stumbles upon a murder, her skills as a forensic photographer mean her break is over. Local Detective Joel is just the hero we need and the tension builds slowly and wonderfully. This is great romantic suspense!

Hot Response: A Firefighter Romance

By Shannon Stacey,

Book cover of Hot Response: A Firefighter Romance

Why this book?

Cait has her hands full, the last thing she needs is a playboy like Gavin. The only thing firefighter Gavin takes seriously is his job. Even so, he’s been a challenge. But maybe they can rub each other the right way? When these two finally get over their mutual distrust, the sparks fly. You can always count on a Shannon Stacey book to keep you up all night. This is a perfect opposites attract/hot firefighter romance!

Carolina Moon

By Nora Roberts,

Book cover of Carolina Moon

Why this book?

This one is a classic but it holds up. It has my favorite opening line ever in a book and Tory Bodeen is exactly the anti-heroine we all need. She’s back in town to clean up old business and maybe her family name. But the rumors swirling around her won’t let go, and it doesn’t help that she can hear everyone’s thoughts…. Including those of Cade, the boy she was ripped away from. The connection between Tory and Cade is one of the best Roberts has ever written. My personal copy of this book is worn from re-reading! 

Sugar Daddy

By Lisa Kleypas,

Book cover of Sugar Daddy

Why this book?

Kleypas is better known for her historical fiction, but her contemporary series knocks it out of the park. There’s never been a better enemies to lovers pair than Gabe and Liberty. This book also has wrong side of the tracks vibes as well as rags-to-riches gold. Their reasons for hating each other are sound—not the kind of ridiculous drivel we sometimes get served. Secrets abound, and when these two finally feel like they’re finding their footing, Liberty’s first love comes back… and then it really heats up! Sugar Daddy isn’t what you expect when you open the book, it’s so much better!

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